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What is a birth plan?

And did most of you do one? I've never done one with my kids...obviously since I dont' really understand what it is. I just go to the hospital and have my babies
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Re: What is a birth plan?

You can google it. I did one with both the girls. The doc's kinda frown though when they see them. Its basically a prewritten statement of your expectations reguarding labor and delivery. I can email you a copy of what mine looked like if you like? Just let me know.
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Re: What is a birth plan?

I love birth plans. When you walk into your sOBs office with a birth plan they suddenly realize they are not dealing with a dumb woman that is going to jump through all the loops that the sOB says to jump through.

Having a birth plan means you have done research, that you have educated yourself in what you feel is right or not right for you and your unborn during labor/birth/after.

A birth plan is exactly what pp said.. your expectations and limitations on what you wish your labor/birth/after to be.

For instance,
*When you give birth, many sOBs may not tell you they are about to mutalate your vagina. If you have in your birth plan that you would prefer oil massages, stretching, NO cutting of your vagina... ect. Hopefully the caregiver will think twice about cutting your vagina.
*The hospital staff do not ask.. "ok mama, you just gave birth 3 minutes ago, is it alright if we put a chemical into your baby now?"

There are a lot of things that care providers do during labor/birth and after that I do not agree with.. all choices are a personal one! Who better to make personal choices about YOUR BODY then YOU?!?!?!?


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Re: What is a birth plan?

I looked at mine as how I wanted my labor to go, but I tried to keep an open mind that it may not go that way. They have some forms online (if you search hard enough, I've lost mine awhile ago) that have some suggestions on what you may feel strongly about. Do you want an epi? Like the pp said: circing, episiotomies, IVs, whether you plan to bf or not is a big one, etc. Think about all the things you REALLY want to have happen or not happen and write them down for them. That way they won't have an unhappy mama (if they can help it) and you may feel more fulfilled with your birth experience.
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Re: What is a birth plan?

it's something for the doctor to wipe her brow with as she ignores your every request. LOL
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Re: What is a birth plan?

It will also depend on your doc/midwife how they treat the birthplan. My OB/Midwives for my DS's birth gave me a birthplan to fill out and we discussed it beforehand. It gives you an opportunity to make some decisions before the heat of the moment. Obviously, things may not go how you want them to but, while in labor, you may find it hard to decide what you want and are more likely to just go along with whatever the doctor says. There are instances where you just need to trust your doc to do what is best but, for me, it was much nicer to have my doc/midwives aware of my preferences and try, while keeping me and the baby safe, to go with them. Also, make sure your partner is aware of your preferences as they will be in a better position to intervene when things come up.
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Re: What is a birth plan?

Yep, what she said. Although, my hospital actually has a printable "fill in the blanks" type birth plan on their website that they ask you to just print off and bring in with you.

I think a lot of hospitals are realizing that if they don't starting relaxing their policies, moms are gonna start flipping out on them. LOL.

I didn't do one with either of my girls and am not all that much into it now, but i will probably print off the paper from the hospital website and take it with me. It asks about things like circ'ing your son (if you're having one) and if I happened, by some fluke, to be put under for an emergency section, I'd want them to know not to give baby a bottle, etc.
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