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How do YOU eat healthy?

What are your basic guidelines or simple things that you've implemented to eat healthier? For example, here's mine -

I mainly drink just water.
I started making our bread with a bread machine (its cheaper and there are no preservatives).
We try to add more fruits and veggies to our diet (need more recpies and ideas on this!).
We have tried to get whole wheat pasta/ bread and dont really like it, lol. Sometimes I'll mix 1/2 and 1/2 regular/ wheat pasta.
We've cut down on sweets/ sugar/ snack foods.
I've been trying to get recipes for things instead of buying it in a box or can - like macaroni, brownies, etc. (most times its not as hard as I thought to make it from scratch, is cheaper, and has no preservatives!)

How about you? Inspire me! lol
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Re: How do YOU eat healthy?

I drink watered down juice. I try to drink water, but I just recently found ONE kind that I like.
I am vegitarian. we have a family history of issues with animal cholesteral.
I like wheat, and I try to eat it. but my husband doesnt like it. but I do have him buying wheat buns now
I try to snack on granola instead of chips. again my husband isnt much help here.
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Re: How do YOU eat healthy?

I dont buy sodas at all b/c *I* dont drink them. DH & DD have them occasionally when we go out or DH buys them.
I have fruits & veggies delivered every week, that way we always have healthy things & try new ones.
I make my own bread sometimes.
We eat alot of salads loaded with veggies b4 meals. That way we get the good stuff & dont over eat.
I try not to buy prepackaged foods &
I really dont buy junk food thats the easiet way to avoid it
Tia~ mom to 3 girls
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Re: How do YOU eat healthy?

Oh jeeez LOL

For DD I try and buy mainly all organic for her. And, I try to cut out dyes in her diet. But sometimes its just easier LOL

I buy whole wheat everything. I find no taste difference between regular pasta and whole wheat organic pasta. TJs has it for .99 (organic too).

NO SODA IN THE HOUSE!!!!!! We have organic juice, water or milk, and choco organic soy milk. DH hate that LOL I dont mind so much.

Lots and lots and lots of fruits and veggies (fresh and sometimes frozen I stay away from canned as much as possible since inthe canning process they tend to lose their nutritional value).

I keep freeze dried fruits and veggies on hand for a quick, easy, healthy snack for all of us.

I try and avoid any boxed foods. I find you can make whatever is in the box (tuna casserole for example or those rice a roni things) in the same amount of time with your own ingredients, less salt and fat, tastes better and you control everything. Its cheaper, and better for you in the end. I do however keep some on hand when they go on sale for quick meals, or if DH gets hungry he can whip something up. Or whatever. But, I try to avoid that.

I rarely ever buy beef. Ever. I buy free range chicken, fish, ground turkey in place of ground beef. Lean meats!

I dont buy cookies, cakes, brownies, etc..I mean on occasion I'll have some around but I dont make it a habit. Especially "junky" ones. I do buy some vegan cookies that a local market sells and they are all natural, all organic, preservative free so I feel A-Okay eating them

I try and shop on the outskirts of the grocery store (unless I'm in whole foods or trader joes LOL) produce, deli, and fresh breads. And never go in hungry LOL

Water water water water! I also found the love for flavored carbonated water. It spices it up a little bit. But it does have aspertame in it so I try not drink a lot of it all the time. But after drinking 60 oz of water a day - you need some TASTE! LOL

I think that is it...
Jena. Fabulous Mama To 3 year old Riley Nicole & 7 week old Logan Parker born @ home.

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Re: How do YOU eat healthy?

I go in spurts, but for the most part:

*I exclusively drink water
*We only have all natural or organic whole grain bread in the house (I just bought a bread machine, though, so I'm going to try my hand at making my own once I become a SAHM)
*When I use milk, it's raw milk
*Most of our snacks are organic
*No artificial colors!

I have a long way to go. With working 2 jobs right now, I still need convenience foods. I don't have the time to plan and make from scratch most of the time. But we try to have high quality and/or organic foods on hand to make this easier.

DD eats healthier than I do (lots of fruits and veggies, real oatmeal, etc) but that's mainly because when money is tight, I put it toward her stuff instead of mine.
Carrie ~ B.A. English Student ~ Wife of Brian ~ SAHM to Margaret (b. 6/16/2005) & Ethan (b. 5/27/2007)
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Re: How do YOU eat healthy?

We drink spring water (from a local spring) or mineral water
Raw milk or almond milk
Organic and local cheese, butter, veggies (as much as possible)
free ranging antibiotic and hormone free eggs, chicken, beef
wild caught salmon
We prepare most all things from scratch, except our bread (I do sometimes make bread)
My big vices are tortilla chips, chai tea, and occasional desserts when we eat at my husband's aunts house!

I also just try to be grateful for all the food I consume. If I can't feel good about eating it, I don't eat it. This is something that is really important to me, but I'm far from perfect.
Elizabeth, Mother of Baby Kaya, Jude and Angel Bennett

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Re: How do YOU eat healthy?

For myself recently, (trying to slim down) I have been eating grapenuts for two of my meals. Then fruit, (apples/oranges/grapefruits) and veggies (salad/carrots) for fillers, to keep my need for food down. Then I eat one meal, try to eat it in middle of day, it's best not to eat a lot in the evenings.

For my children I've got bowls of fruit out for them to snack on. And I've started buying cornflakes, and frosted flakes and mixing them. That way the get the sweet they think they need, and yet not a total sugar rush. Water! - My daughter (3) has taken on a very good habit, she asks for water at every meal. My parents think it's funny, but it's good for her.
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Re: How do YOU eat healthy?

We try and eat something of every color every day... we got lots of different fruits and veggies in our diet that way
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Re: How do YOU eat healthy?


Wed o eat sugar, but try to stay away from high fructose corn syrup...also NO TRANS FATS! They not only hurt your heart, bu there is significant risk of heart disease and hardening of the arteries. A good site is Also, we have in the past used the ZOne - it is very very good - I dropped a ton of weight by just changing my diet! AND it is not a diet - you eat more food actually, you just balance fat, carbs and protein...

Good luck!

Happy New Year!
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Re: How do YOU eat healthy?

I belong to a pre order buying coop to get natural and organic foods in bulk and/or somewhat more inexpensively, by the case, sharing cases etc. ( Doesn't work for all types of items, but helpful in some instances.

We get almost exclusively organic on the fruits and veggies which potentially have the most pesticides, but dd who won't take vitamins drinks vitamin fortified kid orange juice instead. DD and DH are 100% vegetarian (except for fish), I am 90%.

Make own bread and baked goods...about 3/4 of what we consume for baked goods. No bread machine, but a stand mixer works nicely for us or I knead by hand. You can add in lots of good stuff: soy flour, extra wheat germ, etc. This helps me diversify DDs diet without letting her in on it. Also make whole wheat choc chip cookies or muffins. and sneak ground almonds into it. She won't eat nuts but she'll eat those and has no idea about the nuts!
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