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Re: S/O of night feedings older babies

Originally Posted by tcmt81 View Post
I appreciate your post.. but I also don't think my DD was at risk of striking because of the night weaning. I didn't really elaborate in my post, but DD had stopped giving me "I want to nurse" signals when I picked her up. Ie. she wasn't rooting, eating my shirt, pulling my shirt etc, she would just wake up crying and immediately I would offer her food. I just decided to rock her instead of offering. I also think there is some mommy intuition involved, and I felt that it was ME who was choosing to feed her instead of her asking.

You are right though, it may be the completely wrong approach for the OP.
What this post shows is that you were watching your baby's signs and following them. That's a really good thing to point out to the OP. If her baby isn't asking to nurse, there's no reason to nurse and her results may be similar to your own. On the other hand, if her baby is asking to nurse, she should watch for those signs and then take into account the possible consequences of ignoring her baby's request to nurse as pp's have already pointed out. Good follow-up post.


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Re: S/O of night feedings older babies

My 2 year old still nurses at least 2 times a night.
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Re: S/O of night feedings older babies

I had a similar post the other day, you probably already found it. I thought it funny (ok not funny but I can't think of another word now) because last night dd was up almost every hour fussing! So that's what I get, huh? Lol... So I guess let that be a lesson to me for complaining
It's frustrating and even though this is my 3rd I still get unsure of myself. I think you've gotten lots of good advice here. It's nice to have such supportive women here to come to
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Re: S/O of night feedings older babies

thanks everyone!! it has been alittle better, I think there are sometimes when she wakes up that she dosent want to eat just wants to be held, I will have to watch her signels better but I do think most of the time she does cause she is a very distracted nurser!!! I have a necklace I am going to start to wear more!! thanks everyone!! it nice to know I am not doing anything wrong and its normal!!
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Re: S/O of night feedings older babies

At 15 months my DD was still up every 2 hours like a newborn (worse than a newborn! LOL)! She also sleeps in my room and her ped told me that once she was weaned she would stop waking at night to nurse, but neither she nor I were ready for that! I tried CIO, but seriously, 1 minute feels like FOREVER when they are right next to you! LOL To cut down on her night wakings I stopped offering to nurse at certain times. I felt that waking up 5 times a night at 15 months was TOO much! So, I decided before 11pm (going to bed at 8pm) I wouldn't nurse her. I would stand next to her crib and pat her back and soothe her however I could without nursing. Then I figured I would nurse her once between 1am and 3am, but if she woke again I would, again, stand at her crib and pat her until she went back to sleep. Then I would nurse her one more time after 5am. After about a week she would only wake for those 3 feedings, which was much improved! I had been SO tired getting up 5 times a night, but 3 times a night I could swing! Eventually, around 22 months (and without any more interference from me), she just started sleeping through the night! It was shocking because she had only sttn a handful of times in her previous 22 months and then she just DID all on her own! Now, at 25 months, I know, once she goes to sleep, she is OUT for the night, even if we go in and out of the room, even if we are talking right next to her bed, even if DH takes a shower in there.....she just does not wake up! I guess she just had to get to that point on her own. It was worth the wait to have a wonderful sleeper now!
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Re: S/O of night feedings older babies

I liked the No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabath Pantly and used it to sloooooowwwwwlllly help encourage better night-time sleeping. With that said, my son was like 16 months when I started it and I was pregnant with not much milk left. It did work great, even with co-sleeping, though, and there was never an upset crying night. We both felt good about it .
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