View Poll Results: How far to space kids:
Less than 18 months apart 18 10.84%
18-24 months apart 55 33.13%
More than 24 months apart 93 56.02%
Voters: 166. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

3 - 4 years imo.


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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

I don't know if this makes a difference to you or not but it is a proven fact(and many speech pathologists will tell you this) that children with siblings less than 2 years older than them can have speech difficulties. I know that my girls have their own secret language that only they can understand.

There are advantages to both and disadvantages to both.

Advantages~Your kiddos are close in age so they have a built in playmate, they can share clothes(if in the right seasons) because they won't be out of style, you don't have to adjust back to the baby phase because you are still in it

Disadvantages~You are much busier and it is harder to divide your time, you don't get out of the baby phase so(for me) it was like I never got to "miss" having a baby before I had one, it can be hard on your body physically, pregnancies spaced closer together tend to have a higher risk of difficulties, they are closer in age(built in playmate) but they also have a built in fighter as well b/c alot of the times they want the exact same things since they are so close in age.

With that being said...I have a 5yr old, 3 yr old, 2 yr old and almost 1 yr old. The only thing that I would have changed about the spacing is my last baby. I wish that we would have waited until now to have her(I am wanting a baby TERRIBLY!) We will not have any more babies(I got my tubes tied~personally I recommend it to NOBODY!!!!)

Good luck in TTC! It will be perfect however it works out!

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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

Mine are 21.5mths (exactly) apart. I wouldn't change a thing! Any closer I think I would have felt DS lost mommy time, but any further & I don't think they would have been as close as they are. Already you see the bond between them growing. It's amazing. DS PT'd when DD was about 6mths, so it wasn't too long with 2 in diapers. He might have PTd sooner, but we didn't put the effort in with DD coming. Then again... he may not have! He's a pretty stubborn little guy! lol
I agree with most though - whatever works for you guys is perfect. My bff has 2 that are 19mths apart & is pg with #3 who'll be another 18mths, and she thinks it is just perfect! GL & just make sure DH is on board so you'll have his help, instead of his resentment!
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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

For me, personally, I couldn't imagine having kids closer than 2 years apart. DD is now 25 months old, and maybe within the next year, we'll think about TTC #2. I'd like to think that she'll be my little helper given how much she likes babies. I do at least want her fully weaned (just nursing at bedtime right now), out of diapers during the day (um, nowhere near that right now, lol), and STTN (check, for the most part). I get twinges of baby fever now and then, but that's all they are for now. I'm an only child, so I don't know what it's like to have siblings close in age, far apart, etc. DH is one of 4, and he has sisters that are 19 months, 12 years, and 15.5 years older than he is. As an adult, he's been close to all of them.

That being said, if you want your kids closer together, more power to you. Whatever works for you all. I know someone whose two youngest daughters are 11 months apart (the last one was a surprise pregnancy AND a 2-month-early preemie). It blew my mind for her to have a newborn and a baby not yet walking at the same time. That wasn't their plan, but it's worked out. Whatever you decide, good luck!
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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

I want somewhere between 2-3 years. Give the oldest enough time to be the baby and be helpful with the 2nd.
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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

My kids are nearly 4 years apart [ 3y 9m ] and I think it is way too much of an age gap. The transition was easy because DS was already so independent when DD made her arrival, but it saddens me that there probably won't be a time where they have the same interests. Atleast not for several years.

DH & I already decided that we want there to be no more than 2 years between #2 & #3.
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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

I'm the middle child, and I love my family spacing. My brother is 9 years older than me and my sister is 4.5 years younger. It was great growing up because my brother was past the jealous stage, and was very nurturing. I still remember my mom being pregnant with my sister, and it was so exciting to be able to comprehend that a baby was coming, getting to have "family meetings" to discuss names, etc. Also, we're a co-sleeping family so the spacing meant that I was no longer in my parent's bed full-time when my sister came along. We weren't super-close when we were young, but I've always liked my siblings (except when my brother went through a rebellious stage at age 19), and it's fun now. I'm 20, and I can still go with my sister to high school football games and I have two little nieces from my brother and his wife. My dad says he loves our spacing, because he gets to be a grandpa, dad to a college kid and dad to a high school kid.

At this stage in my life, I only want one child. However, that'll probably change, and I know that I won't have more than two unless there is some sort of vas/tubal failure (for moral reasons, I won't have more than two). I'd prefer about a 4 year spacing, but a lot depends on what DH wants. I would never TTC before 2 years though, because I wouldn't want to risk my milk drying up.
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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

My kids are 2.5 years apart, and I think its nice. Sometimes, the girls don't want to play with Matthew but the majority of the time it's fine. He learns a lot from them and really loves to be around and to play with them.

I am DYING to have another baby right now, we are waiting though.
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Re: Opinions on how far to space kids apart...

My girls are 8 and 4 and I LOVE the age gap. DD1 had 4 solid years to be doted on by herself, a time that I treasured. And then she started preschool just before DD2 came. It was great for her because it gave her her own space and her own time to play with her friends. It also meant that I had lots of time alone with DD2 to dote on her. I also really liked giving my body a break.. pg for 9 mos, nursed for 2 yrs, and then I had my body to myself for about 15 months before getting pg again.

I wondered if they would be able to play together, but I needn't have worried because they are best friends. They play SO well together & fight very little. Obviously their individual personalities play a big role in that too, but the age difference certainly hasn't caused any problems.
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