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Re: Hypospadias-Surgery or No surgery?

We don't have a hypospadias issue per se, but my DS' urethral opening is almost the length of the head of his penis. His stream of urine is VERY strong and wild, but we've taught him how to control that. We won't be doing any corrective surgery until he's older - I want to see how he copes with it the way it is first, and if it continues to grow as he grows, or if it seems to shrink some as he gets older. It's definitely not a now or never thing, and I think waiting until your son was a bit older to better regulate pain medication & is PL'd would be easier.


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Re: Hypospadias-Surgery or No surgery?

I say to wait.
Have you by chance seen this site?

Now my story:
Two of my three boys have mild hypospadias. When my 4 year old was born our doctor told us that as long as the opening was on the correct side of the head of the penis that he would recommend waiting until closer to puberty to see if it needed to be repaired. He said that in some cases as they grow the opening will actually move closer to the correct position. He told us that in a handful of cases where the parents did decide to have surgery in the first year the new opening moved to be not in the correct position by the time the child was around 5-6.
You stated that it was within mm of being in the right place, I would say leave it alone.
The only of my boys that has ever had a UTI so far is my oldest and he is the one who has the normal penis.
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Re: Hypospadias-Surgery or No surgery?

My son has this, as well as chordee and penile torque. When we where first told he'd need surgery (his is more severe than your son's) we where told we could have schedule it any time before 3yrs. Though we knew of his condition before we left the hospital with him.
We've chosen to wait just long enough for LO to be able to communicate how much pain he's in post op. We do have to be super diligent about diaper changes and keeping his privates really clean to prevent UTI. He also has to see the ped urologist monthly. We've decided to go ahead and get it scheduled soon, now that LO is just about 2 and pretty good with communicating with us.
All that said, I say wait. If your LO was prone to UTI, you'd know by now at 8m. Make sure to wipe at every diaper change and teach him good personal hygiene after using the toilet when he's PL, like wiping the tip after he urinates and hand washing before and after. It is a tough decision, make sure to communicate with your husband and the ped urologist.
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Re: Hypospadias-Surgery or No surgery?

It's a few mm...realistically, your son will probably not have any issues from being left alone. There's no guarantee he'll get a UTI, and if he does, a course of antibiotics is a lot less painful than cosmetic surgery. General anesthesia carries risk, so no, I would not endanger my child for something so small and insignificant that will not affect his quality of life. The small risk of an easily treated UTI versus the guarantee of pain? Easy decision.
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Re: Hypospadias-Surgery or No surgery?

My nephew had is repaired. If you are going to do it you may want to think about doing it sooner than later. Sooner he wouldnt have any memory of the procedure Not that it changes the discomfort.

My nephew had hypospadias that was diagnosed at birth she had a second opinion done when he was 2 and the chordee was also diagnosed which was signifigant when he had erections.

In the grand scheme of things its not a huge deal but what about potty training? Is he going to be peeing all over? Its very frustrating to a little boy to pee on himself.
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Re: Hypospadias-Surgery or No surgery?

My brother, who is no 22 has the same thing. My mother left him intact just incase they had to do surgery. His too was a mild case. He hasn't ever had a problem with it. He i fine and everything is in working order...giggle

My mom use to tell us all stories that he never had to use the guard on the potty when training him as "it" was pointed down. so it was aimed

Well i hope i have helped a little bit, If you ahve any questions please PM me, and if dont no the answer i would be glad to ask my mother, she is a LPN/LVN also..

*i did not read the other responces*

But i would wait, chances are he will be fine. And if so later in life he does need it, than he will be a bit older, can handle the surgery and all the general anesthesia, and the recovery better. And make the choice for him self, or have some idea about what is going on.

But i would honestly just wait and let it play out.

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