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Re: 28 month old not talking

Originally Posted by jeebee View Post
I think by 2 they're expected to say at least 50 words and at least 2 word sentences.
Yep, that's what the doc asked me. I just took my son for his 2 y/o well visit on Monday. I'd consider my son a later talker he's just started putting two words together in the last couple of weeks "Daddy's Car" or "Mommy's home" (which sound like "Das-cah" and "mas-hoe") and he has probably about 50 words all together, though they're hard to understand if you don't know him.

OP, perhaps you can sell it to your sister that there are services provided by the state but they have to *know* about her son. He may very well qualify for early intervention and she's shooting herself in the foot by not seeking care for him.


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Re: 28 month old not talking

A follow-up is really important if he says no understandable words, because he could have developmental apraxia of speech. One of my cousins' sons had this. He is a smart little boy and he understood everything people said to him and could follow directions, but he could not talk. He had to have speech therapy for quite a while.
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Re: 28 month old not talking

You have some really great advice here already. However if the mom's not concerned, then you shouldn't really be either though. Sometimes if the mother is responsive without the child being verbal, there really is no reason for the kiddo to talk. KWIM? If it isn't hearing or a physical problem, then he'll probably be fine.

My son was a very late talker (like almost 4) and only my dh and I could understand him. Now he's a teen and speaks eloquently.
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Re: 28 month old not talking

Our pediatrician is very good about telling us where our son should be developmentally at each stage b/c she specializes in kids on the autism spectrum. At our 2yr checkup she said they should have 2-3 word sentences. DS1 is 27 months and he has always been slightly advanced in speech but he uses 6 word sentences. My friend's daughter is a month and a half younger and more on track for 2-3 words. Our pedi said they should have 50 words by age 2, be able to say what sounds animals make, and count to 5 or 10. If you are close with your relative I'd mention something about it. We started reading to DS1 A LOT when he was 18 months and I really think it has helped a ton with his speech.

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Re: 28 month old not talking

If he thinks he's saying the correct words to you, than it could be what he's hearing. Tubes in the ears are common at this age and help enormously!
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Re: 28 month old not talking

My son is 20 months and was evaluated for speech therapy. We start next week. He doesn't say any words. He tries, but it is gibberish. He has had multiple ear infections as an infant and had tubes put in his ears at 7 months. Mostly I started therapy b/c he is getting very frustrated when I don't understand him. The speech therapist gave me an option of starting therapy or just continuing to work with him at home. Since our insurance covered therapy, I opted for that right now. We'll see how the summer goes.

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Re: 28 month old not talking

To the OP - does your state have a Birth to Three or some such other program for free help? Maybe your SIL is concerned about finances and she doesn't realize she can get speech therapy for him for free? You could broach the convo like that.

My ODS will be 2 in July and says about 5 works and gibbers constantly. He had a hearing test, tubes put in and his re-eval is in a few weeks. I am concerned but mostly frustrated because he understands everything we say. He can do 2 -3 step tasks like "go get your shoes and then sit in the chair to put them on". So I know he can hear us, but he just doesn't talk intelligibly. He signs often and signs almost complete sentences like "More to eat please".

I don't often bring up my concern about his speech to others and maybe she is just that way? Could she have followed up his appt w/out you knowing?

I'm just trying to see it from all sides.
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Re: 28 month old not talking

At 28 mnths my son had about 5 words. He could understand everything we said, followed directions exceptionally well, would do sing language adn other gestures. I took him to be evaluated, they checked his hearing and a bunch of other stuff. He scored really high in motor skills and everything else, he was just behind in speech.

He did a few months of speech therapy and I babysat other children for three months. He started talking really well by age 3 and hasn't stopped talking since. His vocabulary and sentence structure is amazing for his age. Just the other day he was with me for my dr appt and the dr made the comment (since he didn't stop talking her ear off from the time she came into the room) "I can't believe we were worried about his speech!"

You just never know. It wouldn't hurt for him to be tested. I was certainly glad to know that there was nothing wrong with my son, that he would talk in his own time. It was hard when everyone else's child was talking and mine wasn't...
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Re: 28 month old not talking

I agree that it wouldn't hurt for him to be tested but keep in mind that kids are so unique. My 2.5 year old was a talker big time. She had 10 to 20 words by 12 months and now holds full conversations but I know plenty of other kids that have little to no speech until closer to three. You can approach it in a kind way to your sis and then let her take it from there. Even if you are concerned, she is the parent and the final decision is up to her. It is very likely that he is a late bloomer and will come around when he is ready.
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Re: 28 month old not talking

Thanks for all the advice!! I have actually thought about keeping him one day a week (he and my DS love to play together anyway) and seeing if being around other kids might help. He's with his sitter (an older woman) 6 days out of the week and some evenings and it's just him and her; he has no siblings.
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