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DD has a fear of certain foods...

I'm wondering if anyone else has any experience with this. We've always talked about my DD as if she were a "picky eater." But I think it goes beyond that and it worries me.

She ate pretty well as a baby, eating pretty much anything--but she always had an issue with textures. She would gag on anything that wasn't fully pureed for much longer than most kids, and certain textures (like avocado, beans, grainy textures) just didn't work for her. She nursed until almost 3, so I figured she was pretty well rounded out with that for a while and didn't fret too much.

As she got older, I realized one day that she only ate "kid foods" that I swore my kids wouldn't eat! Pasta, bread, hot dogs/corn dogs, chicken nuggets... When it comes to fruits or vegetables, she eats certain things, but won't even TRY others.

Like strawberries. She is so terrified of strawberries, I can't get her to even touch one, let alone taste one. The only green food she'll get near is broccoli (go figure!) and if her brother accidentally gets an edamame bean on her (he loves squeezing them out of the pods) she'll start screaming like there's a spider on her face.

She eats almost no fruits or vegetables and won't try any foods with mixed ingredients (soups, etc). She is truly afraid and will freak out and scream if we push too hard. She will only eat processed meats (salami, ham, bacon, hot dogs, pepperoni) with the occasional allowance for chicken that we buy roasted (so it's nice and juicy but with no real flavor).

Of course she'll eat almost any kind of sweet treat you offer her, but even then she's got her limits. And she won't look at it if it has fruit in/on it!

She's about to turn 5 in a few weeks, and this has been ongoing since she stopped eating baby food. I'm starting to think she has a deeper problem that I should be addressing.

Anyone have any experience with this at all?


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Re: DD has a fear of certain foods...

Yes. My daughter was the exact same way, and she outgrew it. She turns 7 next month, and she will at least TRY most foods now.

I also understand that sometimes there are foods that just creep any given person out. I have a borderline phobia of eggs. I can remember my mom used to make me eat them, and I would just cry and cry and vomit because I am just so disgusted and creeped out by the thought of eating or even being near eggs. When I was in Basic, my battle buddy put eggs on my tray at breakfast in the chowhall one morning, and I literally threw it at her. That's how real this is. My husband keeps eggs in the house for him and the kids, but warns me before he cooks one so I can leave. Then he opens all the windows and turns on the fans so the smell can go before I come back. He and the kids know to wash their hands and brush their teeth before coming near me if they have eaten eggs, because I CANNOT be around that.

All in all, it's not that bad. I do my baking vegan style, and I'm pretty good at it. (It helps that I had a lot of Hare Krishna friends when I was younger. They don't eat eggs, and taught me so many awesome recipes that don't even call for them, and how to sub them out.) It's really not too hard to stay away from eggs.

My point is that if she actually does have a strong food aversion, it's not that hard to work around, and for her sake, PLEASE don't make her eat anything she's totally skeezed out by! LOL It's a horrible memory to have, trust me.
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Re: DD has a fear of certain foods...

Some kids with sensory issues present with similar food issues. Does she have other sensory sensitivities? If so and you feel that it needs to be addressed, OT can help. Ds1 went to OT for 14 months due to issues with foods. Many specialize in this area of OT.
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