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What do you give your 9 month old (about) to eat and drink?

My DD, Zosha, is 9 months old now. She has always been EBF and I started solids at 7 months. She likes to eat the strained stuff but if I give her anything with even a slight chunk in it she almost pukes and then spits it out. Is this normal? Also I started her on an Avent Magic Cup and she likes to drink. I only give her water and chamomile tea. But I have also noticed that she is peeing huge amounts now escpecially at night and is leaking through a FB stuffed with an infant PF, a Punkin Butt Hemp and a CB OS! It is unbelievable. So I think that maybe she is drinking to much in the day from her cup. She also nurses about every 3 hours still too!
Tell me what you do with your DC who is about 9 months, I would love to hear! Thanks, Danni


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Re: What do you give your 9 month old (about) to eat and drink?

Mine are 8 months, they'll eat peas and chunky stuff. They refuse to take thing from spoons anymore because they prefer to self-feed so chunks it is, LOL. They live on cheerios and other kinds of cereal, gerber puffs because that's what they're happy eating. They'll eat them all day, LOL. Anyway, all babies are different and for only eating solids for 2 months I don't think the choking thing is a bad sign or anything, she's just getting used to getting the chunks down. Mine won't drink out of sippy cups very well so it's hard to say if your baby is drinking too much, but if she's still nursing that often I think she's fine. That'll make her pee a lot, too. Mine nurse every 2 hours still and seem fine with it without much water or anything so maybe it's just the extra fluid intake that is making her pee that much. If you don't think she really needs it and she's peeing all over the place you could think about offering her less water or something unless she gets mad, LOL
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Re: What do you give your 9 month old (about) to eat and drink?

I didn't start Arden on sonlids until 9-10 months (he is almost 11 mo now) and I started him on cooked/softened finger foods. . . bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, soft peas (out of the husk), squash, rice, beans, etc. . . I also do soy/dairy free oat "o"s (organic cheerios w/no additives)

He still nurses ever 2-3 hours, and eats some food here and there when we do. . . he also drinks about 1 sippy cup of water a day. . .

My theory is, if they can't pick it up and eat it, they aren't ready for it. . . and we stay away from ALL soy until after a year. . . from what I understand they are linking it to peanut allergies . . . .
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Re: What do you give your 9 month old (about) to eat and drink?

Lulubird was still on mama's milk at that age. exclusively.
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Re: What do you give your 9 month old (about) to eat and drink?

Hannah eats orange veggies and only 2 fruits, applesauce and bananas. She hates green vegetables and all the other fruits. She also hates cereal. She does eat things with texture, in fact she prefers it. To drink she gets breastmilk and one bottle of watered down juice a day. The juice is because she has constipation issues, and refuses to eat the fruits that would help with that.
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Re: What do you give your 9 month old (about) to eat and drink?

My soon to be 9mth old eats everything.. he nurses every 4 hours.. and eats a full 3 meals a day.. whatever we eat he eats.. It saves a huge amount of money and he is use to regular foods..

I dont think something is wrong with your dd for wanting no chunks in it.. she just doesnt like it yet
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Re: What do you give your 9 month old (about) to eat and drink?

All my kids where on table food and refusing anything pureed even mashed potatoes and apple sauce by 9mn. Asterix totally refused and skipped pureed foods and went straight to bit size pieces at 6mn. But my BFF 3 DC would have choked to death!! They didn’t go onto very small bite sized table food till 11-13mn. OMG!! I did the Heimlich on her ODS at 18mn for a piece of candy my ODD (they’re 3 weeks apart) was able to eat for months no problem.

Every kid is so different!!! I strongly believe in taking their lead when it comes to food. They’ll let you know when they’re ready to start and when they’re ready for the next ‘stage’ of foods.

Asterix skipped to table foods ay 6mn but at 11mn still eats solids only as a snack. I just posted a thread on this.
He’s always been a supper soaker. So much so that when we have those what do you use as a night diap threads, most of the diapes listed are strictly day use for him. 2 inserts is a day diap for him. He can’t use pockets at night because I can’t stuff them enough. His night diap is a OC Dream-Eze with a hemp doubler folded so it’s 8 layers under 2 layer wool (Babyology, Stacinator, Little Beetle). He’s actually staying dry all night now and as soon as he wakes floods this. He gets changed 20mn after waking and then needs another change 30mn later and again 30mn after that. He’s a pee machine in the am!!! And he’s only BF at 11pm and then 6-7am!
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Re: What do you give your 9 month old (about) to eat and drink?

My oldest dd never ate more than a handful of cheerios or puffs until 13months or so and I couldn't even take her fully off formula until 16 months because of how little solids she ate. Now at 18.5 months she's an eating machine. I worried incessently about it and now in hindsight it was all for nothing. She ate when she was ready but there were somedays I thought I'd have to send her to kindergarten with a bottle of formula in her lunch.
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Re: What do you give your 9 month old (about) to eat and drink?

Cassie likes squash, carrots & bananas. So far I haven't tried any puffs or more solid food. I gave her a sippy with water and she threw it, lol.
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Re: What do you give your 9 month old (about) to eat and drink?

My 9 month old has 6 teeth and the boy will eat anything you put in front of him.

He was exclusively breastfed for 3 months until my milk completely dried up due to my stpid thyroid disease. After that, just formula until he was about 6 months old. We started giving him baby food then and he already had 2 teeth. now he wants nothing to do with baby food!! He drinks juice sometimes. He's already starting to lose interest in formula (that worries me a little bit). It seems that all he wants is what everyone else is eating!!
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