View Poll Results: How long does it take your LO to go to sleep for naps/bedtime?
Less than 15 minutes 40 49.38%
15-30 minutes 18 22.22%
30-45 minutes 7 8.64%
45 minutes-1 hour 9 11.11%
longer than 1 hour 7 8.64%
Voters: 81. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: How long does it take for you to put your LO down for nap/bed?

My kids are 10 months and 2.5 years. My 2.5 year old we just potty, brush teeth and tuck in bed with hugs and kisses. My 10 month old I nurse, put pjs, on brush teeth and lay in his bed. Some nights he wants me to rub his head for a few minutes, other nights and just put him in bed say goodnight and walk out.

ETA: But my 10 month old doesn't sleep through the night. He can be up multiple times to nurse. But he just nurses and then goes back to sleep.


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Re: How long does it take for you to put your LO down for nap/bed?

My son is 15 months and it usually takes us less than 5 minutes. I rock for a couple minutes then lay him down. Not ever day is that great though some days it takes 15 minutes if he doesn't want to sleep
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Re: How long does it take for you to put your LO down for nap/bed?

bed time is worse for hte girls all 3 in one room but normally ifi stay ontop of them no more then 20ish min but more roughly 15-30 i guess it depends on the day and there napping but i have always been stric and never budged on with nap or bedtime so its ingrained int them
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Re: How long does it take for you to put your LO down for nap/bed?

My LO is 11 months old now and she has just in the last month, been going to sleep, on her own in her crib. I nurse her for about 10-15 minutes around 9:30pm. Then when she starts squirming, I take her to her room. I turn on her sound machine ("summer night"), kiss her, and lay her (on tummy) in her crib. I lay her blanket over her and pat her back a few times, tell her goodnight and I love her, and leave the room.
I watch on the video monitor and she usually doesn't move. She just kinda rocks her butt (don't know how else to put that) a little bit and is asleep within minutes.

It used to take over 2 hours. I'd rock and nurse her to sleep. She'd toss & turn, scream, cry, name it. Finally after a couple of hours she'd pass out at 2-3am and I'd put her in the pack n play next to our bed. She'd wake again about 5-6 hours later and be up for the day. It was so stressful and exhausting!
We tried cosleeping, but she'd fight that too. She'd also wake every few hours and I couldn't sleep well because I was always worried about either my DH rolling on her or her climbing out of bed.

Finally, one night I was tired of fighting her. I told my DH that I was putting her in her own bed in her room. As soon as I laid her in her crib, she stopped fighting and snuggled up with her blanket I was a little sad because I thought I was loosing something by not co-sleeping or keeping her with me. She did fuss just for a few minutes when I left the room, but within a minute or two, she'd snuggled back up with her blanket and fell asleep.

I soon learned that we all sleep much better with this arrangement. I went from getting less than 4 hours of sleep and her only getting 6. To her sleeping 10-11 hours straight! I now have time in the evenings for myself and am getting my own much needed sleep
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Re: How long does it take for you to put your LO down for nap/bed?

DD (3y) doesn't make a peep after we lay her down, sing her a song and give her kisses. DS (4y) is another story. It takes an hour or more of him screaming for us to come to bed (he sleeps in our bed, which is a whole other issue I'm not happy with, but getting him to sleep in his own bed results in 3-4 hours of screaming and getting up and waking up his sister). I don't know why he reacts so poorly to bedtime, but he's fine at naptime, in his own room no less!
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Re: How long does it take for you to put your LO down for nap/bed?

I voted less than 15 because I guess that's what describes us although if there were an other I probably would've picked that. My kids are 3, 2 and 3 months I don't actually ever lay my kids down for a nap. We prefer they nap when they please and where they please. When they get tired they either go lay on the futon in the play room, couch or their beds whenever they please. I have a lot of bad memories as a child being forced to nap (I rarely ever actually took a nap and I think it's why I have a lot of sleep issues as an adult) and didn't want that to be what happened with my own kids. I guess we unintentionally trained them to be that way. We started with a "whatever goes" approach to sleeping and napping and all 3 of them have ended up with the same exact sleeping patterns. The baby usually falls asleep after eating and I will just lay him down somewhere close to me. At bedtime the baby falls asleep and then he is swaddled and put in his crib and the older two just get tucked into bed and that's that.
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