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Re: 5-6 weeks pregnant, empty sac?

I had an US and 5 weeks and the sac was empty, had another at 11w6d and there's a healthy baby in there with a strong heartbeat. it's hard to knwo for sure, it could just be too early to see, or it could be a blighted ovum....I agree with pp's, too early to really come to any conclusion. thinking sticky bean thoughts for your friend.


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Re: 5-6 weeks pregnant, empty sac?

Blighted ovum is possible, I have had one. But its far too early for that diagnosis. Usually blighted ovum means a completely empty, sometimes misshapen and too small for dates gestational sac. Her HCG levels would be too low for dates and rising too slowly as well.

As I mentioned, I had early (6wk) u/s's with two of my kids, my oldest ds and the youngest. Both times all we saw was a very small sack and the halo of a yolk sac. Both are actually very positive signs. I did a little research and found out that there's almost never a yolk sac present in a blighted ovum. We think that the reason that they couldn't see a fetal pole or hb that early in my pregnancies because of the way my uterus is tipped. The techs had a very hard time seeing all the way to the back of my uterus when I was early-pregnant and I had to practically stand on my head to get the shots they did get, even by transvaginal u/s. We were able to see a baby and a hb with all of our babies by week 7-8 when we had the follow-up u/s's, with a normal abdominal u/s. Tell her not to give up hope!
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Re: 5-6 weeks pregnant, empty sac?

Originally Posted by RebekahG77 View Post
Sometimes at 5-6 wks it's just too early to see anything. It may end up in a miscarriage, but it also may be fine if she has another u/s in a few weeks.
VERY common to see nothing but a sac at this stage. Uterus shape can have something to do with it...
Originally Posted by justjess View Post
when i was 8-9 wks and had an US they cld barely see a speck in there, ended up baby was hiding and since my uterus is tilted they had a hard time getting a glimpse. however the next time he was VERY present! wishing your friend luck!!!
This was my second pregnancy, and third. I did US on myself (worked for an OB, she was fine with us using the machine) at 5 weeks and saw nothing but a sac on both attempts. Boss tried again two weeks later and there was baby, hiding behind some uterus.

Tell her to wait it a bit, time WILL tell.
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Re: 5-6 weeks pregnant, empty sac? UPDATE!

updated in first post
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Re: 5-6 weeks pregnant, empty sac? UPDATE!

Really sorry to hear that Jen. I would wait too (and did) for the natural m/c over an imediate D&C. Just have her watch for signs of infection, but really she should be fine to wait a few weeks. I have a freind that had a BO with her first pg but didn't even know it till after she m/c'ed. Her OB didn't do u/s till 12 weeks and for her that was over Christmas time. She ended up m/c'ing Christmas day. She did just fine waiting it out obviously cause she didn't even know what was going on. Huge hugs to your friend. I feel terrible for her and was going through the exact same thing this time last year.
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Re: 5-6 weeks pregnant, empty sac? UPDATE!

My ultrasound at 5 weeks they found the sac nothing else. They scheduled me for another one at 6 weeks 5 days and they found a heartbeat (the tech said it was the earliest she had ever found one- but before she found it told me not to be alarmed if they found nothing at all that it may still be too small to see. I think they had the baby measured at 3mm)
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Re: 5-6 weeks pregnant, empty sac? UPDATE!

I went in for my 8 week appt and when doc couldn't find an hb, he ordered a transvaginal u/s. There were two sacs present but not hbs in either. Sacs were measuring about 6 weeks but I KNEW that wasn't correct. We waited 2 weeks and the sacs grew but still empty. This was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and with traveling 5 hours and being out of town for those 5 days, I didn't want to miscarry during all the festivities. My doc gave me all the options and I opted for the D&C. It wasn't as scary as I thought (the drugs induced some pretty hilarious comments out of me I guess) and I felt more comfortable to enjoy my holiday.
Sorry to hear about your friend. Good news is that I was pregnant less than 8 weeks labor (yeah-probably should have waited a bit longer) and my DS is 22 months. I found myself pregnant again without any issue.
IMO it's just nature's way of ensuring our babies are healthy by helping the body to recognize when development isn't going along normally.
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Re: 5-6 weeks pregnant, empty sac? UPDATE!

I had a blighted ovum with my last pregnancy and it was devistating. My dr gave me the option to have a d&c or take a pill that would help me miscarry naturally. Well, after 2 weeks and 3 rounds of that medicine and still not miscarrying...I decided to go with the d&c. God forbid...If it ever happened again...I would go for the d&c right away. The waiting to miscarry was definitely far worst than just having the proceedure done so I could move on. to your friend
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