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Re: Which diapers have you had worst experiences with?

I have had horrible luck with natural fibres My poor ds has been fighting ammonia burn for quite a while. I think it's mostly the fact that he needs to be changed more often than daycare does - although they are getting better about it, and now change him every hour and a half instead of 2-3 hours. They said that maybe he should be in sposies as he is soaking wet when they change him; but I told them he would only be that wet if he had 4-5 pees in one diaper and that he wasn't changed enough. We has switched to pocket diapers for daycare - Kangas and AMP and I have made suedecloth and microfibre inserts for his GM Ones as the regular inserts weren't holding enough. Still addicted to wool at night and at home of course


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Re: Which diapers have you had worst experiences with?

I've been lucky and loved most of the diapers I've bought.

My experience with pockets is that AMP and FuzziBunz sized (medium) are my favs, my HH and BG are middle of the road, and my least favorite are SwaddleBees (found the suedecloth was a bit rough, the velcro rubbed on his tummy, and they leaked the most often).

I have two AIO and I don't like them just because of the long drying time.

Love my MEOS bamboo diapers but dislike needing a two step process on my wriggling babe so we use those at night with two bamboo inserts and pockets during the day!

Long, rambling answer!
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Re: Which diapers have you had worst experiences with?

Fuzzibuns were my least favorite diaper. All my other diapers were snap as well, but for some reason I literally hated them. Sorry I cant be more specific
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Re: Which diapers have you had worst experiences with?

I have tried two pockets and always get leaks with them.

Fitteds work well for LO and the AIO usually do too.
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I have tried A TON!!! Started with Prefolds & bummis covers but was new to CD & with a colic newborn gave up because of poop explosions!
Fast forward 8 months & my co-worker introduced me to ragababe. I bought a few & didn't love the AIO. It fit great but the soaker got stinky really quick. I liked their 2 step better but @ $35 a diaper, I couldn't justify it. Then I tried fitteds & wool but couldn't find a fitted that held my heavy wetter for more than an hour & wool got very expensive. I then switched to thirsties duo pockets & liked them but couldn't get a good fit on my son. I used tiny tush one size pockets & really liked those but got tired of pockets. Eventually found tots bots & love them!!
The only thing I have kept from my original stash is flip organic prefolds & flip covers. A very reliable & affordable option.
BUT this is a dislike thread & I am rambling. Here are my not favorites:
Fuzzibunz - too hard to stuff & fit weird.
Thiristies AIO & duo pocket - couldn't get a good fit & didn't care for the microfiber
Sbish sized fitteds - got really stiff & not that absorbent.
MEOS - not absorbent enough.

I know there are a lot more but those ones stand out
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Re: Which diapers have you had worst experiences with?

I find it funny how many people hate Kushies and yet there's always Kushies for sale used at cheap prices...must be the cute prints that keep people buying them and giving them a try!

I bought a set of 5 for $5 at a garage sale and only two of them were worn. I took them home and washed them, put them on my son, and realized after half an hour why they were so cheap! Zero absorbancy. And the hidden vinyl layer must be completely crap at offering any sort of water resistance. I do like the fit on my bigger boy and the flap pocket idea (somewhat like a BG Freetime). I'm hoping to be able to pimp them out with some hemp and microfiber aand fleece to make them into stay-dry fitted diapers to wear under wool...only reason I'm bothering is because the prints are so cute and the velcro is oddly strong.

Good thing I didn't buy them new because that type of leaking turns newbies off cloth diapers forever.

I didn't like Kissaluv size 0's but that was because they didn't have enough absorbancy for my heavy wetter (even as a newborn) and he needs stay-dry inners. I bought 14 of them which I sold a few weeks later for pretty close to what I paid for them, so I don't feel too bitter about it. They seemed like a quality good product...just weren't right for my baby, and they weren't overpriced for what they were.

I am probably the most bitter about my BG OS pockets that I bought that had very poor quality aplix (as others have said) and are very shallow in the rise (not really a OS diaper at all). I sold them at a huge loss and I had 16 of them. It didn't stop me from giving the Freetimes a try....they are okay, but not worth the outrageous price tag (IMO). I got them with snaps because I had already experienced BG's aplix failure, and I'm hoping I will be able to resell them soon at a good price as my son has outgrown them already, too. I wish they'd be more honest in their supposed size/weight range on BG products.

I expected to dislike Kawaii diapers, but picked up 2 intially on eBay because they were so cheap I figured I'd try them, and found them to hold up well in the wash and fit my son the majority of my stash is HD2 dipes.

I also halfways expected wool to be a flop in my household because I'm kind of lazy and busy at same time...but turns out that I love it and don't find washing it and lanolizing it to be too bad time-wise.

I think the silver lining to my BG experience was I realized that just because something is a big brand name and has lots of fans, that doesn't mean it will be great or worth the money....and that has kept me from spending money trying out "trendy" expensive fitteds that some people seem to collect or uber pricey woolies that are basically just interlock track pants and aren't even handknits.
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Re: Which diapers have you had worst experiences with?

I haven't tried any diapers with PUL but do have some experience with flats and prefolds.

For flats I don't like my hemp baby flats. They developed pinhead size holes all through the fabric. They are also next to impossible to get my pins through. Not to mention the feel very rough to me. I rarely use them. Like maybe once every 2-3 months. At $7.50 each they were an expensive flat. With all the holes in them I just don't see being able to sell them so I keep them on hand. I have thought about cutting them up to sew up some fitteds with them.

Also my swaddlebees cotton print flats have the serged edges separating from the fabric. I hear their new bamboo ones are also having the same issue. In my house these have been relegated to emergency car diapers.

The only other issues I have had were with the fit of traditional sized prefolds. Although they were fine on my skinny older child they did not work at all on my chunky monkey. Since we either pin or snappi I have to be able to get them to go around my kiddo. Since most premium diapers are 12-13" wide I would struggle to get them around my son's 22-23" waist when he was 4 months old.
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