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Post your first breastfeeding experiences story here

I know it was helpful for me to read other momma's birth stories while I was pregnant. So post your 'how I started breastfeeding' stories, words of encouragement and advice so that newbies can read them and know what to expect.

My DS was born at 9:15 pm on a Friday at 6 lbs 10 ounces, he latched on within a half hour of birth, he sucked/fed for 40 minutes. Latching on the first time took a few tries and some advice from my nurse and Mom. The nurses asked me twice during this time to take him off so that they could clean me up and move me to post partum and I just ignored them, LOL.
He was very sleepy that night and I only woke him up twice to feed him again, after the second time I woke him up (around 3am) I put him on my chest skin to skin to sleep instead of in the bassinet. I figured if he was hungry I would know that way. Then I woke him up every 2.5 hours to offer the breast all day Saturday and spent most of the day in skin to skin contact. Saturday night he cluster fed like a champ from 1:30 am- 7:30 am straight and spent most of Sunday sleeping (again on my chest skin to skin) and cluster fed again Sunday night from 10 pm - 5 am straight, this is when I learned how to BF in sidelying . We left the hospital Sunday morning and he was 6 lbs 4 ounces. My milk came in on Monday and the major cluster feeding stopped and we settled into a loose schedule of feeding every two hours during the day, almost every hour in the evening and every three hours at night. At his check up on day 5 he was 7 pounds, 1 ounce. I had sore nipples after the cluster feeding episodes (like rug burn!) but no pain while feeding. I used a nursing pillow and breast compressions the first 8 weeks. Issues we dealt with while nursing: My DS went through a really fussy feeding period around 5-8 weeks where he would pull off all the time and scream, esp in the evenings. In talking to other momma's alot of them experienced the same fussiness for variable periods of time.
Now we are dealing with distracted eating which makes NIP a real pain (literally) but other than that BF'ing has been easy. Sometimes I pump and give him a bottle when we are going someplace where I know I wont be able to find a quiet place to nurse. He only takes 5-10 minutes to nurse every three to four hours during the day and wakes up once at night (he goes to bed around 8 pm and I wake him up around 10:30 pm for a 'top up' and then he wakes up around 4 am).
I found BF'ing to be an amazing bonding experience and it made me feel good about my post-partum body, not to mention all the health benefits!


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Re: Post your first breastfeeding experiences story here

I had a rough time getting started. I have flat nipples and DD ended up having a shallow latch and a short tonuge. In the hospital, the nurse said I was doing good and reccomending a nipple shield, DD wasn't able to latch on to that correctly because it was too big for her little mouth and that is the root of most of my issues. Anyways, after struggling to get her to latch with the shield I tossed it out and tried having DD latch normally, we went to my LC plenty of times each time getting an A for everything except that it was still hurting for her to latch. The pain kept getting worse and by wk 3 I had large open sores and it was very tramatic anytime she needed to nurse! I finally went to a different LC who told me that I quite possibly had thrush and that our latch was perfect, but with nursing every 3 hours it wasn't going to heal fast enough. Sure enough I went to my PCP the next day and got nystatin for thrush on my nipples, within the next week, it all started to hurt less, and by wk 5, the sores were starting to show new skin. After that, things were "a breeze" like I had always heard it was going to be. After reading and hearing so much "if it hurts, you're doing it wrong" I didn't expect what happened to me and it was a wake up call. I wasn't doing anything "wrong" DD and I were just facing a lot of bumps and thankfully she's 8 months and we're still goin strong!
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Re: Post your first breastfeeding experiences story here

Good thread

It's a little fuzzy to me, because DS was born at 3:16AM. I know once we were all cleaned up, and everyone left the room for us to bond (DH even left to go get our stuff!) there was one nurse there, and I kept asking her to show me how to nurse - like I was afraid to try it on my own. He did get to breast before he fell asleep though, so that was good!

DS latched on really well to my right side, and nursed really well through the next day, but my nipples got so tore up, so quickly that I was wearing nothing in the hospital room, and people kept coming in and saying "I'm so sorry" but I didn't care at all (Funnily, my next door neighbor said she did the same thing! So it was a little odd to me that they were all so surprised to find me topless!).

My OB (who was amazing) wrote me a script for APNO before I left because nothing else was working. With that, my left nipple healed within 1 week, but my right for some reason took a lot longer - until DS was 2.5 mo old.

Since then I've had a few plugged ducts, but otherwise had a great nursing relationship with DS

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Re: Post your first breastfeeding experiences story here

I'll revive this thread, which I bookmarked a few days ago because it was a neat idea, but I couldn't post because I couldn't reach the keyboard while nursing...

My DS was born at 3:17am on a Sunday morning. I was allowed to have skin-to-skin contact, where they laid him across my chest (above my breasts) minutes after he was born (he had to be suctioned first due to meconium staining). However, when I asked to feed him, I was told I had to wait until the doctor was finished stitching me up (2nd degree tear). At that point, he was taken off me, cleaned up, weighed (7lbs, 11oz), swaddled, and handed to DH to hold. I was watching the clock because I wanted to feed him in the first hour, but it took 1.5 hours for the doctor to finish stitching, and that was the most painful part of my delivery (besides the tearing itself, which only lasted a few seconds). Finally, around 5:00, I was asked what I wanted to do (for the first time since arriving in the delivery room) and I said I wanted to breastfeed.

So the nurses stripped him back down to his diaper and helped me to get him latched on (thankfully he was still awake). I had a moment of deja vu, as if I had done it before (I think I had just received excellent information to prepare me), but I found it really hard to hold him up and hold my breast and I wondered how I was going to be able to spend so much time in that awkward position. The nurses told me that he had latched on like a pro and that I was making plenty of colostrum (I wondered how they knew that). I think we did 10-20 min on one side before switching to the other. He was given his vitamin K shot while nursing, which resulted in a scream, but he did not come unlatched. When he was finished nursing, they put the eyedrops in, which I thought would sting, but he didn't seem bothered at all, and he went right to sleep.

We moved into our hospital room at 6:30am and we all slept until 8am, when a nurse came in to check on us and told us to wake him up to feed him. She helped me to latch him on (it felt wrong to me, but she said it was right) and told me to do 20 min on each side and to keep track of which side I started with so that I could start with the other one the next time (this was all made to sound very important at the time) and never to go more than 4 hours between feedings. So we continued like that through our hospital stay, although on our second night he wouldn't settle, so a nurse went to get vitamin D drops to help "fill his belly."

We left the hospital on Tuesday morning and continued to feed for 20 min/side and to wake him if he slept more than 4 hours until Thursday morning, when he refused to latch on. It was also the day of his 5-day doctor appointment, so we took him in to meet our family doctor, who weighed him in at 7lbs, 1 oz. I told the doctor that he had refused to nurse that day, and he told me to call the public health nurse about the nursing and to come back in another 5 days when he should be back to his birth weight.

I called the nurse when I got home and told her that not only was he refusing to nurse, but my breasts had gotten hard and lumpy! She identified that my milk had come in and changed the shape of my nipple so she recommended that I use a warm towel and hand express milk to soften the nipple before feeding. I did this, and he latched on, but only for 5-10 min at a time. She told me that this was because milk was more filling so he needed less of it. He eventually started feeding for longer time periods, but to this day, he rarely eats from both breasts at a feeding. Also, I have learned not to time feedings or time between feedings because it just causes more stress (of course, he rarely sleeps more than 4 hours at a time now, but if he did, I wouldn't wake him). I also don't really care which breast he gets at each feeding. I try to determine which one feels more full, and if I can't tell, I go with whichever is most convenient.

He is now 5.5 months old and EBF. At his 10-day doctor's visit, he weighed 7lbs12.5oz. At 5.5 months, he weighs 17lbs.

ETA: What would I change? Obviously, I would have liked to get him to breast within the first hour after birth, although fortunately the wait did not hinder our BF relationship. Next time around, I think I will request no vitamin D drops in the hospital because I would like baby to receive ONLY breastmilk/colostrum for the first 2 weeks at least, and then I will use the kind that just uses one drop and doesn't contain extra ingredients. I won't worry so much about timing, but I know it is recommended to wake baby to eat until birth weight is regained.
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Re: Post your first breastfeeding experiences story here

I'm Subbing, so i can come back and write my story as a 16yr old first time mommy with my nursing story...* little man is up my bootay so no way i could right it at the moment..*
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Re: Post your first breastfeeding experiences story here

Yep...I'll be back to post mine too!
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