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Re: Chores

Originally Posted by jls~Kain~Drake
I don't have my 2.5 yr old do anything yet...should I be? Reading this thread I feel like I'm slacking!

I wish my mom would've required more out of me. Mom was the type where everything has its place...and the house was embarassingly dirty if the newspaper was on the couch, ya know? But she didn't really make me do anything. I remember having to make my bed and clean my playroom (throwing everything haphazardly into toy boxes)...and on a rare occasion the dishes. Late elementary school I learned how to mow...and had to do that regularly...then my parents divorced (9th grade) and I lived with my dad...had to do EVERYTHING. Laundry, dishes, bathrooms, entire house except his room, mowing, weedeating, dog poo, you name it! I think at moms I just had to keep my room in some kind of decent shape. As for now..I'm 24yo..dh and I own our own home...I do everything. Laundry, dishes, 80% of the cooking, all the yard work except for trimming trees because he's a goob and likes to climb, work on cars...whether it be changing something I can change or making the appt and taking it wherever for whatever, *all* the house cleaning, everything regarding the children, everything regarding the dog...and I even have to make his dr appts AND take him. I even drove myself to the hospital in labor at 5am and him sleeping in the pssngr seat - but that's a whole other thread! Oh, and because he couldn't watch the 2yo & carry the rundown/in pieces picnic table to the brush pile...I mowed (walking, not a rider) with the 2yo on my shoulders or hip for 1/2 of our large yard. And to clarify in case it soundslike I was putting him in danger - he was safe & secure But he *is* 35lbs or was quite a chore. And I'm sure it was much easier for me than it would've been for dh to watch him while he moved the picnic table (straight line from pt A to pt B)

SO, what should I be teaching my 2yo and what should I expect him to understand? He's really smart but I find my self saying, well he's too young for that so I won't even try.
No, please don't feel like you have to question your self. Just take the clues from your child. They are naturally interested in what is going on. Want to know what you aer doing.
I will bet he is helping and you just don't realize it.
Does he help find the lost pacifier, or bottle or favorite toy of his sib? Does he get you things? Get in the way when you are doing things?
If not just start including him in these things. Soon you will see that he WANTS to help. Then you give him what he can handle.
The next one may respond sooner. Just don't ever expect from one what the other has been capable or incapable of. They will each have their own strengths. Focus on them in these ways.
I sooooo, hope I don't sound like I am preaching. I am just giving my own experiences. AS I have seen on another thread I could be flamed for this and it is not my wish. I just did not want to see you regretting your self. AS moms we have to realize that its a learning process. Every single day! We can do our best on the knowledge we have and rethink as we go along.

I just wanted to add that your DH is a butt (no disrespect intended) I think many of them go through times like this. I think it is one reason God gave us so many children. The more we had the more involved DH had to get. I would end up in the hospital with asthma and he got to be at home with 6 kids. It realy turned him around. He was so worried about me and the baby that he had to keep things together but he says he found a new respect for me. I just smiled gave him a hug and "Thank you God!" Any way you do have your hands full! Teach your boys to respect you and wait on you.
Sorry I'm rambling on. My heart just went out to you. I like ya.


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