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Soft solids SQUISH!

DD will not eat anything off of a spoon. She clamps her mouth shut and turns her head. That's fine, I gave her mushy solids. Chunks of banana or avacado or soft cooked carrot...

She can't get them to her mouth. She gets them half way to her mouth and they squish out of her hand.

DH got her some gerber puffs- that and cheerios are about the only thing she can get to her mouth reliably. I've tried rolling things like bananas in mashed cheerios to give the food some grip and that didn't seem to help. The only thing she will accept is some pureed food from 'finger feeding' i.e. using my finger as a spoon.

Any solid suggestions? TIA

ETA: DD is 8 months...


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Re: Soft solids SQUISH!

same problem here, but my ds will let me "help" the finger foods get into his mouth, at least. I don't have much advice, just and let her keep practicing!
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Re: Soft solids SQUISH!

Eh, she's just 8 months old, don't sweat it, she just may not be ready to have much in the way of solids and they're really only for practice until after a year anyways.. If you're planning on bf'ing past a year, they say 75% of calories should still be from breastmilk at a year old, and your dd is still a ways off that.

So I'd let her have cheerios, arrowroots, that kind of thing if she's interested in chewing on them, otherwise just let her lead the way. Some kids could care less about soft solids and would prefer to go right to more table type food stuff. And if you waited until 6 mos to intro solids, most kids can handle small bits of whatever you're eating without the worry of intro'ing things one at a time unless there's a family history of allergies.

So that's my advice.. let her have the foods she is able to eat if she's interested, otherwise just try periodically and beyond that don't push it. The clamping her mouth shut and turning her head is refusal, so she just might not be ready yet.
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