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Added birthstory and pics of Gavin Jay!! **LONG!**

Gavin was born breech at home on July 6th, at 5:21am.
8lb. 8oz., 19in long with lots of beautiful, dark brown hair.

His brother & sister are already so in love with him!

************************************************** *******

Thanks for reading!!

Wow! What an eventful week this has been!!! Here’s the countdown to finally having baby Gavin with us:

Tuesday night (6/29): I thought I was having regular contractions so my Midwife (Robyn) came to check on me. By the time she got here they had stopped, but I was 5.5cm, 100% effaced and baby was at -1 station. She also became concerned that the baby was breech.

Wednesday: I got an u/s appt. and it was confirmed that he was breech. I immediately started doing everything I knew of to try to get him to turn. I got on hands & knees, put my chest to the floor and stuck my butt in the air, played rap music and put a light down low on my pelvis, Dh even put the end of the loveseat up on the couch so I could lay upside down!! I also made acupuncture and chiropractor appointments for the next day.

Thursday: I went to my appointments and both people were really confident that he would turn within a couple days. But, later in the day I realized that since I was already so far dilated and baby was already so low, there probably wasn’t much of a chance of that happening. We talked things over with Robyn and our families and decided that we still wanted a homebirth. Robyn also got a hold of another Midwife in the area who has even more experience with breeches and she agreed to be there also. And we decided that we needed to do it at my parents because they are closer to this other Midwife (who is about 3 hours from our house).

Friday: We headed out to my parents house and stopped at Robyns on the way to meet the other Midwife. We confirmed our decision to continue with the homebirth and they stripped my membranes to try to get things going. I had consistent cramping and contractions for about 2 hours after that, but once I got in bed everything stopped.

Saturday/Sunday: More contractions, but nothing consistent.

Monday: Woke up at 3am with contractions that stopped after an hour. Had them again for about 2 hours in the afternoon, then stopped again. Went to see Robyn at 5:30 so she could strip my membranes again. I was 6cm. In the 40min it took to get back to my parents house, my contractions went from 8min apart to 6min to 3min! I called Robyn and she and her assistant decided to come over to check me. She got here at 7:30 and I had already dilated another cm! The contractions were pretty weak, so they went to get some dinner and DH and I went out for a walk. By the time they got back I was ready for the tub. Unfortunately, labor seems to slow for me when I’m in the tub, so I only stayed in until about 9:30. After this, things just seemed to drag on & on. My water broke around 2am and everyone thought it was going to happen very quickly after that, but I was still only 9cm with a lip. It took the rest of the night to dilate the last cm. Whenever I needed a break, I would get in the tub for awhile and take a little nap. At some point, I heard someone mention an episiotomy and I asked if that would help get him out quicker. They said yes, so I said “please do it!”. I was just so miserable. I’m not sure when it was that they finally said I could push, but it seemed like I pushed forever. At one point they got a little concerned with his HR, so they put oxygen on me and had me breath through a contraction and then push through the next one. Once his butt finally started coming through, everything happened so quickly! I felt them cut me (good thing they did since his butt/thighs were 14cm and his head was 15cm!!) and someone was pushing on my stomach. Then they pulled me to the side of the bed (so they could let him dangle and get his head out easier) and next thing I knew, he was on my chest! It was crazy! I had to keep reminding myself that it was over! His apgar was 7 & 9 and he was perfect! Didn’t need oxygen or anything! He latched on right away and was hardly even crying. It was amazing! So, with the episiotomy and tearing, I ended up with 30 stitches (which has NOT been fun!), but overall I am very satisfied with this birth. I don’t know if it’s because I knew better what to expect (about labor in general) or because I had some great Midwives who were helping me through the whole thing (helping me breath, rubbing my back, etc.), but I really have no regrets this time. It is exactly what I was hoping for…to kind of “make up” for last time. Although I’m serious this time when I say I don’t want to do this ever again!! LOL!
Cora, Mama to my THREE miracles, two by birth and one through adoption.
Always missing the one we lost.
Gavin Jay is here!!

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