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afraid to start CDing

Hi all. I'm sure I sound like a wimp, but I've had my hands full with a special needs 3-year old son that was never cloth diapered and our new little daughter who's already 2 months old. I was so excited to CD her. I bought tons of flats and prefolds, and I made about 20 wool soakers. But I'm so busy and stressed now (mostly from our son who's really pushing us to get 99% of the attention), that I guess I'm afraid of the added work CDing will create in laundry. We're in an apartment with a tiny stacked washer/drier, and though I planned to line dry, I don't know if they'll allow it here. We're also in the process of moving this summer. So we're busy.

I guess I'm looking for encouragement, tips to make this transition easier and the process smoother. One of my main concerns is all the fruit flies we get - can't seem to get rid of them and they are attracted to our son's diaper pail. Which would be cleaner and smell better - a wet pail or dry pail? Any tips for getting rid of the bugs? Also, how do I keep my son out of it? He likes to play with the trash can and he can get right through baby gates. I'm afraid he'll make a nasty mess when I'm not looking if I don't lock it ip some how. Is there a lockable pail?

Thanks for any advice.


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Re: afraid to start CDing

Wow, you have some challenges there. I say try it. If you was every other day I think you could do it in your small stackable set. Especially, if you have flats and prefolds which are easier to keep clean than any other type like microfiber or fleece. I use a dry pail with a liner and have no smell issues. I also have a sprayer but with your son it may not be a good idea. If you rinse all the diapers even the pee ones it may keep the fruit flies away. Keep the diaper pail in the bathroom next to the toilet so you can just rinse them in the toilet and plop them in the pail. Then you can keep the bathroom door closed and your son can't get to them.

Oh just an even better thought. Use your washing machine as your diaper pail. Just rinse your diapers and put them in their dry.
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Re: afraid to start CDing

We use a dry pail for our infant, and honestly it smells better then I remember my boys diaper pails/garbage (taken out daily) did.

As for the added work for me it's 3 loads of laundry a week, and it doesn't feel like much. I've kept my stash pretty simple with flats/prefolds, pul covers and a few pockets....all which wash easily and dry fairly quickly (except some of the pockets)

I'd say try it for a couple weeks and then decide if it's too much. It might be, but you won't know if you don't try.

as for keeping your DS out of the bathroom, can put a little hook and eye on the top of the door? We've done this before. If not because your in a rental maybe you can find a locking garbage can. Our pail is a kitchen garbage can and it works well.

Good luck
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Re: afraid to start CDing

I found cloth easier.

The pail stunk less (it also got cleaned out more often since I wash every 3 days but would only throw out sposies every 4-5 days lol) I use a dry pail with 3 dryer sheets at the bottom and a pillow case as a bag.

I really dont have that much more laundry. I wash diapers at night if I dont plan on putting dipes in the sun (usually i dry in the dryer). if i wash during the day, its usually after breakfast when DS is playing outside in the yard. for you, it may be when both lil ones are napping. if 3yo doesnt nap then maybe he could help? You said he wants attention and this could be his chance!

cloth diaper may sound like alot of work but its really easy. no more stress about buying diapers or getting the kids ready to run to the store realy quick to pick up a pack of sposies.

i think you should try it. if you really find that its hard, you can stop. but i doubt you will :] once you start, you cant stop!
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Re: afraid to start CDing

I say...go for it I would use a hanging wet bag (love my palnetwise bag), its zippered and hangs wherever you put it, and I haven't had any stink issues and that should stop the bugs. I hang all of my dipes inside in the laundry room (I only use pockets and hybrids) and they dry overnight and I dry the inserts in the dryer and everything is ready in the am.
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