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Preschool - should I ask them to wipe his face?

Henry started preschool (8-12, 5 days a week) on Monday. He loves it, and I am so thrilled that he is getting to be with other kids, since I have no friends IRL with kids within driving distance. That's the only reason I wanted him to go to preschool - to play with others his age.

Its not a very structured curriculum and I'm fine with that - I don't expect them to teach him a thing at this age.

Its a full time daycare, with a preschool option, and Henry is the only kid in the 3 year old class that isn't there all day. Because its a daycare, they feed him breakfast and lunch. He never comes home hungry, so I think its great - we all know how hard it is to cook 3 meals a day that a toddler will eat!

But - here's my beef. He comes home every. single. day. with a disgusting face. They only drink white milk, and he always smells a little soured, and has a crusty face. I've seen baby wipes sitting in the classroom, so I know they have the ability to wipe his face, they just don't.

Since I pick him up right after lunch anyway, I'm tempted to just let it go. But, the crazy-overprotective-currently-pregnant mama in me just cringes every time I see him. I don't mind dirty clothes, but a dirty face - ick!

What do y'all think? Should I bring it up with his teacher, or just let it go? I don't want them to label me amongst themselves as one of "those moms", you know?


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Re: Preschool - should I ask them to wipe his face?

Is there any way to tell if the other kids are the same way, maybe just by observation? If they are, I would definitely bring it up. If it's just your kid, you might want to ask why that keeps happening.

My two cents: I would never leave a kid's face disgusting, unless by chance we were cleaning up just as the parent arrived and the parent said that he/she would take care of it. I ran a 1 year old room (babies from 12-24 months) for several years, so I do have experience with this.
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Re: Preschool - should I ask them to wipe his face?

I used to run a day care center and washed off all the hands and faces after lunch before naps.
If you are picking up after lunch I grab one of their wipes and wipe him off myself. They see you do it enough they may start doing it when they see it needs to be done.
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Re: Preschool - should I ask them to wipe his face?

I think it would be perfectly fin to ask them to wipe his face- or even to remind him to do it and help him with it. I used to work in a 3 yr old classroom and I wouldn't think of leaving a kid )especially sending him home!) with a dirty face.
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Re: Preschool - should I ask them to wipe his face?

I think you should approach it like this....
Henry is having trouble getting his face wiped/cleaned properly after meals. Could you guys help him with that?? Thanks so much!!
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Re: Preschool - should I ask them to wipe his face?

I would mention it politely. I worked my way through college at 2 different daycare/ preschool centers. The parents who were obscenely polite and asked nicely got things done for them that we told rude moms we weren't allowed to do. (extra snacks, changing their clothes for mom before family pictures, special potty training treats etc.) Now I consider cleaning faces after meals to be a requirement, not an option. If they have a good reason for not doing it for him, ie at the Montessori school we were required to let them do all that (and much more) for themselves, go with the flow and clean him yourself before you leave and they will eventually get the picture and have him clean before you get there. But they may not have noticed it ( with a bunch of other kids around the quiet ones often get missed for things like this, at least at first, when they are still working the bugs out for the new school year.)

It took My daughter's Preschool 2 weeks last year to figure out that the same little girl had an accident right before pick up every day. She was only "preschool potty trained" she still wore pull ups at home. (one of the requirements for this preschool, because they are not affiliated with a daycare and don't have daycare licensing, is that all children be fully pl'd)
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Re: Preschool - should I ask them to wipe his face?

When you get there, are some kids still eating? Because they might do a potty/cleanup at nap right after you leave. DD's preschool did it when they went down to the bathrooms. But I would politely just say that your son is having trouble using his napkin and can they please try to remind him to use it.
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