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1,2,3 Magic??

Is this a good book?? I noticed they have a few variations, like christian, etc.

If you used this can you give me a real quick run down of it?? If it's too complicated that's fine too. I think it must be a couple warnings and then something.

Pretty sure I am going to order the book, but just curious if you liked it, used, or what not!


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Re: 1,2,3 Magic??

I just read it, it's not that complicated, just get it from the library. Basically they get 3 chances to stop misbehaving (whining, needling you, throwing things, whatever), kinda "3 strikes you're out" thing. You decide the timeframe, it is not 3 for all day, more like 3 chances to behave in this context, 3 chances in the next context, etc. If they get to #3 then they get a timeout for X minutes in their room alone (with the door shut I think?). If they do something really bad you go right to #3 and put them in their room (or their isolated time-out space).

One of the things they talked about was sitting down with the kids and telling them that this is the new system and explaining how things were going to be working. I found that it was not really applicable to under-three's, and only maybe applicable to 3yo.

Something else mentioned that I had started doing myself at 18mo and works great with littles is a 1, 2, 3 count to get them to START doing something (as opposed to the STOP counts above).

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Re: 1,2,3 Magic??

I don't know why it works, but it really does work! My 5yr old with autism and auditory-processing issues has always been a challenge to discipline; literally, NOTHING worked. I read 1,2,3, Magic and thought "This is way too simple; how the heck am I going to actually get him to stay in his room?" The first time I "counted" him, he looked up like he was curious about this new game... but he went to his room when I got to 3! After a few days he got the hang of it, and it dawned on me that I hadn't yelled in days!
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Re: 1,2,3 Magic??

I used this system before there was a book on it- from what I know of the books published now.

My oldest daughter is now 16 years old and it worked like magic. With HER. Maybe I was more patient back then. Or more inventive with what happened when we got to 3. I do remember that we got to 3 twice...that was it. She is living with her father several states away now...(he and I did not want to uproot her, plus the schools are better.) Even at 16 if I seem even the slightest bit disappointed in her behavior, her father says it changes automatically. I attribute this to the constant use of the 1,2,3 system.

The best thing about it is that once your child has it down pat, you can use different ways to let them know the numbers. Holding up a finger, tapping, or whatever works for you in a public setting as to not embarrass your child. I am a firm believer that disciplining your child in public should be done discreetly, no child should ever remember Mom yelling at them in public. My children and I were at a cookout when a father yelled at his son and swatted him for something very minor, they were mortified. The little boy was distraught that his friends saw him being spanked...

For some reason, the system these days works better in public with my kids than at home. More than likely because the baby is naked, the dog is eating the snacks the others spilled, the 3 year old is swinging from the walls, the 5 year old is accusing the others of whatever she can think of, and the 8 year old is writing...(but behaving). They know I'm crazy distracted and might even forget how to count ;-)
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