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Introduce your Preemie(s)!

Hey All!

Thought it would be nice to have a spot to say hello and give a small introduction. There is such a wide spectrum of prematurity, and this could be a great spot to connect within!

So... Hi, I'm Cori! My kids are listed in my siggy, but my first was born at 39 weeks (8lb 12oz), my 2nd and 3rd (twins) were born at 28 weeks (2lb10oz and 2lb12oz), and my 4th was just recently born at 41.5 weeks (9lb4oz).

My preemies were born due to preterm labor and malpositioning. I have a history of prodromal labor, and it had started pretty early with my twins. I had to go to the hospital at 23 weeks for it, and then had another 5 great weeks of gestating (without bedrest because my cervix was still high, firm and closed), had my 28w u/s, saw a funneling cervix, got my 1st betamethasone, woke up the next day in labor!!! I got my 2nd beta shot just about 8 hours before they were sectioned. They attempted to stop/stall labor, but with a pre-exisiting heart condition, terb. wasn't an option, and baby A stuck his foot down into my cervix (at 5cm, bags intact) and they did a STAT section to avoid him rupturing the bag and prolapsing before we could even talk about mag. sulfate.

My twins spend 54 and 61 days at Children's Hospital in St. Paul, MN. I would love to write more about their NICU stay- but I have to go tend to the newest babe right now! I'll edit soon!

**Trying to edit, not sure how long I will have to write, so it may be incomplete!

Ok, Carter was my Baby A. He was footling breech, made just a peep at birth and quit breathing all together. He was ventilated in the OR and rushed away. He was extubated the next day and we were able to hold him on day 3. He stuggled with sodium issues and had several false positives on his NB screen (adrenal stuff). He had a PDA that took 2 rounds of Ibuprophen to close. Besides these few things, he really only battle 'preemie' related things-no serious complications, no ROP.

Chloe was born with more gusto than Carter- she was placed on CPAP and did well for 1.5 days. She started have a LOT of troubles and during a surfactant application, her lung was punctured and collapsed. They drew air quite a few times and ended up with a chest tube, being put on a Jet Vent (breathing upwards of 120 breaths per minute- her chest just vibrated). She was on that vent, and then the regular vent for almost 2 weeks. She was on pain meds and didn't even open her eyes for 3+ weeks. She really struggled with RDS/Breathing/Feeding/Aspirating/Refluxing...

I breastfed/pumped and supplemented with donated milk for 7 months- and once we realized that their failure to thrive was a combo of milk and soy protein interolerances, we switched them to Neocate. Thank God for insurance! At 7 months old, they weighed 7 and 8lbs each, Chloe didn't vocalize at all, was hypertonic and cried for 18 hours a day. Carter was hypotonic, severely delayed- and both looked like skeletons! Within 2 days of being on formula, Chloe started babbling a little, the reflux was getting better and we saw a few improvements in Carter as well. Solids were a terrible battle. They have been seen by MANY GI doctors and specialists, and we were just one visit away from needing to fly out of state to another specialist. Neither one would tolerate ANY food proteins. They thought that both had Eosinophilic Esophogitis (an allergic disease). We've gone through scopes, biopsies, stool samples, RAST, blood work... every test in the book, and everything came back clean (because we were already on the elemental formula), and so as a last effort, we dove head first into solids, dairy, soy... all of it, you name it- were told to try and look past many of the symptoms, and that we would repeat EVERY test we had already done to see what was going on- and guess what... they are tolerating EVERYTHING!!!

Developmentally- they are behind for both actual and corrected age. We see the NICU follow up clinic quite frequently to repeat standarized tests and gauge their therapies (which are almost none right now!!!). We have had bi weekly home nurse visits to our insurances max, OT, PT, spec. Ed. through the school district, feeding clinics... and now we are only down to spec. ed. and feeding clinic for them! They didn't roll until 7ish months, sit until 13-14ish months, crawled at 14ish, and now at 17ish- we are just starting to see some signs of walking in the near future (actually, Chloe took a few calculated steps today!!!). Right now, they weigh upwards of 23-24lbs. Carter is pretty tall and Chloe is VERY short. They look nothing alike now that they are chubby and full of rolls!

I'll try and post some pictures soon too!

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