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Weird skin stuff... hormones???

Very soon after DD was born, I started having issues with the skin on my feet- I got huge scaly calluses on my heels and big toe. I chalked it up to a significant reduction in activity and maybe reduced blood flow to the area?? Or maybe hormones?? I had worked full time up until I delivered DD (very active outdoor job, on my feet a lot), and when DD came, I was mostly just walking around the house getting baby stuff done. I was grossed out by it and broke down and bought one of those "Ped-Egg" things I'd seen on TV. It grosses me out even more because it's like a tiny fine cheese grater. Yuk. But it did the job awesome, and I only had to use it a couple of times.

So, fast forward to recent time (almost 2 years later). In the last 2 months or so, I'm getting tons of skin tags, which I know are commonly developed in pregnancy but GEEZ!!! And recently my feet are funky again but in a different way. I'm getting slivers of loose skin on the underside of my big toes and the ball of my foot. It's like a hangnail but on the opposite side of the toe!!! Man, when they catch or rub the wrong way, it feels like I've stepped on a pin- it KILLS!!! I've tried cutting them off, but can't seem to get low enough without it getting painful to remove, so most of the time they just redevelop since there's a little lip left behind. I also tried the ped-egg again, but it just seems to tear them around and I ended up with more of these little slivers- it's awful!! I've never had any significant foot issues, and like I said, I'm grossed out by it, but I don't know what else to try!! Sorry if it's TMI, I know a lot of people are weird about feet... myself included!!

I've tried moisturizing, and I did a self-pedicure (no polish) twice in one week without making a difference. I used an effervescent foot soak in hot water, a walnut scrub, and a lotion with shea butter. I've tried with and without socks. Most days I don't wear socks and my stand-by shoes are my birkenstock sandals. I don't suspect anything medical like fungus, so I don't think any medication is needed, but I'm at the point where I'm desperate to get rid of this. It's especially hard since I can't hardly reach my feet to work on them any more!!

Any suggestions ladies??? Again, sorry if TMI....


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Re: Weird skin stuff... hormones???

SOCKS....when I worked I had the softest feet in the world...It sucks in the summer when you're just walking around the house barefooted, you're guaranteed calluses...The skin peeling on the underside of your big toe is my biggest complaint during summer...during the winter I have cold feet so I wear socks everywhere and have zero problems...put a thick cream of your feet every night and socks over the top...It's gonna be miserable hot, but it works...You've gotta keep socks on and I suspect your Birkenstocks are pulling oils out of your bare feet...It's ultimately a moisture issue...It's doubly bad when you're preggo and your body is dehydrated all the time for baby anyways...The ped egg works great to remove calluses, but don't use it on your toes...

Oh cut the skin tears off your toe carefully, and put ointment and a bandaid on it...if you don't they tear in a triangular shape deeper into your toe and hurt like a beast...

So the routine I suggest for tonight: Cut skin tears off toes-apply ointment and bandaids to toes-remove calluses with ped egg- heavily cream your feet-Put on socks...
In the morning put more cream on, and put your socks back this for a few days...It works for me for all the same complaints...
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Re: Weird skin stuff... hormones???

I always use a cream that contains urea and then wear socks to bed. DH gives me a good foot rub with my cream as long as my feet are clean If I don't do this I get yucky feet for sure.
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