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Angry Hospital Bed Rest

Hey Mamas,

This is kind of a rant but I could use some moral support. I had my baby shower on Sunday and that night my husband and I were trying to organize all the gifts. I went to the bathroom and noticed I had some spotting. I called the doctor and she said to go right away to labor and delievery.

Background - I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa sometime around 24 weeks, I'm 33 weeks now. I know sometimes the uterus can grow and move the placenta out of the way of the cervix, but mine isn't going anywhere.

So now it's Wednesday and I haven't seen any blood since Monday morning. The fetal monitoring all looks good. The only issue is that the ultrasound showed that the amniotic fluid is on the low side of normal. The dr didn't seem too concerned about it, said that it could have just been the way the baby was positioned and told me to keep hydrated.

My beef is that none of my doctors wants to make a decision about sending me home to do my bedrest there. I guess they worry about me not being compliant at home and that my condition is unpredictable... I could start bleeding again at anytime. However, if I have to stay in this hospital room for another 4 weeks until my scheduled c-section at 37 weeks, I will go freaking insane.

Also, I'm pretty sure I can't afford a month long hospital stay. Who the hell knows how much they are charging me for my meals and my stool softener (sorry about the TMI). I also really miss my dogs at home and they miss me. My husband says they aren't eating as much and they aren't as active as normal. I just get so lonely during the day when my husband can't be here and i just wish i could be in my own bed.


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Re: Hospital Bed Rest

I'm sorry you are stuck there. Who is the main care coordinator? Talk to that one about your care plan. Ask your RN too...they dicuss your care plan daily in report.
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Re: Hospital Bed Rest

Hi mama, Bedrest is no fun. However as an experienced labor and delivery nurse, a previa could bleed very heavily and you may not make it to the hosiptal in time to save the baby. You are right where you need to be for fetal monitoring and close by medical help. Ask can you take a w/c ride outside or have family bring magazines, crafts, books, or games you can play. Good luck.
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Re: Hospital Bed Rest

Your main concern needs to be keeping you and your baby safe. With a complete previa and a history of bleeding that is usually in the hospital. Sorry mama, I know it's not ideal... I do know that I would be a nervous wreck if I was at home though.... I'd be paranoid that I'd start hemorrhaging and both the baby and I would die
Try to enjoy having your meals made for you, not having to do laundry, or clean. Catch up on your reading, make stuff for the baby, nap..... It's only a few more weeks YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!
AND it'll be good for the dogs to get used to having attention from others, soon enough your focus will be on the baby and they will go through more adjusting then.
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Re: Hospital Bed Rest

Hugs, I have had bedrest in the hospital. It is no fun! Hopefully you can just relax some. Maybe your husband can bring a special blanket or pillow. Can you arrange to have friends come visit? I have had pizza delivered to my hospital room. That was really fun!
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Re: Hospital Bed Rest

Mama, I'm so sorry to hear all this but above all, you & baby need to be healthy and safe. When I was bleeding early on I was placed on modified bedrest at home & let me tell you, I would have [I]preferred[I] the hospital. Sure, the bill would have sucked, but I would have had the peace of mind. Two weeks of not knowing sure was scary.
Hopefully things resolve very soon.
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Re: Hospital Bed Rest

So sorry you have to be in the hospital
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Re: Hospital Bed Rest

ughh.. that does NOT sound like fun!

I had a complete previa with my last pregnancy. My placenta wasn't going anywhere either. We had ultrasounds every 3 weeks or so and miracle of miracles at the 36wk one, the placenta had literally moved inches from where it was making it only borderline. They decided the c-section wasn't necessary and I was allowed to deliver naturally.

All that to say that there IS hope! Hang in there, you never know what will happen. It sounds like you've got quite a way to go so it very well may move still. Until then, hang in there. Hopefully they decide let you rest at home where you'll be more comfortable. If so though, please do be compliant. Previa really is nothing to mess around with.
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Re: Hospital Bed Rest

hang in there.. with whats going your defintiely in the best place. With placental issues, things can go from okay to life threatening VERY quickly.. I nealry lost my 3 week old due to a complete abruption 9we both bled out.. and in the TWO MINUTES it took to deliver him after the complete abruption, he lost at least ahlf his blood supply. He was born with no heartrate and not breathing, and required 3 blood transfusions and 13 minutes of CPR to rescusitate him. If I had not been at the hospital I'm pretty sure we wouldnt ahve our baby right now.

I spent 10.5 weeks in the hospital (admitted at 22 weeks, delivered at 31 weeks 6 days).

With DS2 I spent 8 weeks in the hospital (he's now 22 months).

Its boring and lonely, but in the end the inconvenience is worth it if it saves your baby's life (and potentially yours as well).
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Re: Hospital Bed Rest

I wasn't in the hospital for 4 weeks, but I was there long enough to feel badly for you Read a book/series of books, learn how to knit (or knit something for the LO if you know how), etc.
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