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Tips for my 12 month old?

My son turned 12 months Sept 7th and I'd like to slowly begin the potty learning process. I don't plan to go all crazy or think he'll be out of diapers in 6 months or anything. I just want to get the ball rolling and get him acclimated to the potty.

I dabbled in EC around 8 months but it didn't last long. No poops, only pees caught. I can now tell when he's pooping, and I'm slowly learning to notice when he pees. He always pees after waking up. I'll be picking up a potty seat (most likely a Baby BJORN) but for now I'm stuck with the big potty.

Any tips for how to go about this with a year old boy? Should I just sit him on the toilet when I think he needs to go? Or? Any and all advice is appreciated!!



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Re: Tips for my 12 month old?

I like to sit my boys backwards on the big potty - facing the toilet seat... the stuff goes where it is supposed to and it mentally prepares them for facing that way when they start standing I think it's awesome you are starting that early! We started PLing with all our kids by 18 months. They love the independence!

If you have him wearing something (undies) so you can tell as soon as he wets, just rush him in to the potty and stick him on there to reinforce that it goes in the toilet If you are already able to tell by his body language, you're that much ahead of the game. You can remind him to tell you when he has to go -- ("peepee/poopoo goes in the potty" "tell mommy when you have to go"). I taught my son the "sign" for poopoo (which became the universal sign for potty), so he could show me (he wasn't very verbal then) and it worked great for us!

Good luck!!
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Re: Tips for my 12 month old?

I think getting acclimated to the potty early is great! We started at 7 months, started catching pees and poos, and within a few months she was not only realizing what she was doing (and why we were cheering) but we could tell she was starting to pee and poo on purpose. I don't think it matters whether you use the toilet or a potty chair. We used a potty chair for about 6 months but she now wants nothing to do with it... only wants the "beeeeg toilet." lol We use one of those toilet seat rings. And they're cheaper than a potty chair anyway!
I agree that babysigning is a great tool for this age. And just making it fun. We used the potty when I thought she might need to go, and also just sat her there for a few minutes whenever we changed a diaper. We would sing songs and read books to make it fun. And when she pottied we would clap, cheer, be silly and dance around.
My DD is 15 months old and day trained (a few accidents here and there but wearing panties all day and telling me when she needs to go, even out in public). Most of it depends on the baby and when they are ready, but early introduction to the potty certainly helps out! Good luck with yours!
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Re: Tips for my 12 month old?

I was just wondering the same for my DD who turned 1 on September 5th! She loves to be independent and it getting into the stage where she wants to do things herself. She also is absolutely fascinated with the toilet, mostly she wants to play in it, but she still wants to be near it.

I was thinking of getting a little potty to keep next to the big one and having her try it out, just for fun to start. I already leave the door open/ let her come in when I'm in there, so she has an idea what it's for and she's interested.

I'm not planning on pushing at this point, but she is getting pretty predictable with her poops and less frequent with wet diapers (she starts getting mad now at a wet/poopy diaper too), so I'm thinking it might be interesting to try guiding her a bit and see how she reacts.
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