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Growth Spurt? Illness? Teething?

My EBF son is 2.5 months old today, and while for a while he was going every 2.5-3 hours eating during the day and then 6 hours at night (the longest stretch) he has been eating non-stop and crying for food almost every hour for the past 3 days. What is going on? He sleep has been crappy too. Today he took his normal 3ish hour nap, but has been waking every 45m-1h to nurse and then go back to sleep.

Also, he has been drooling alot and having green stools. He had a bad cold for the past two weeks (when the green poop started) and now he is on the mend but the poop remained along with tons a drool. What could that be? I don't think I have an oversupply anymore (I don't hear him choking and my OAL has calmed as well). I called the doctor and he said not to worry about the poop, but I can't help it!


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Re: Growth Spurt? Illness? Teething?

I wouldn't worry about the poop, it's pretty normal esp if they are recovering from a cold. As far as the feedings he may be having a growth spurt. When he nurses is he actually eating? Are you watching for the suck/swallow relex? Is he fussy at the breast or just wanting to eat often? If he is indeed eating and isn't fussy then I would say it's a growth spurt. If he's fussy he may have an ear infection that is causing some discomfort when you lay him down to nurse (does he have a fever?). If he isn't actually eating then perhaps you need to check his latch?
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Re: Growth Spurt? Illness? Teething?

I am by no means a BF expert, so keep in mind this is just a suggestion.

It sounds like it may be foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. I had this when DD was around the same age as your DS. The foremilk is less fatty, therefore it could be less filling. The hindmilk has more fat and keeps baby full. We started block nursing, or only using one side each feeding. This allows baby to pretty much empty the breast and get to the yummy hindmilk. I noticed a difference right away. Her poo returned to *normal* and she established a better schedule. Good Luck!
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