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Re: Any advice/thoughts?

Don't do sugar water! I can't believe people are still suggesting this. It's completely normal for your newborn to lose weight in the first week, then slowly gain it back, which sounds like exactly what is happening. I wouldn't give the formula credit for him gaining weight back, unless you stop supplementing and he stops gaining. At my DD's first appointment she was lower than her birth weight and her doctor basically said "great! she's probably already gaining back the weight she lost in the first few days."


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Re: Any advice/thoughts?

My sil is going to be bringing me an infant scale she has...I don't own any type of scale. This way I can keep track and make sure he is gaining weight. Hopefully I get it tomorrow!
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Re: Any advice/thoughts?

My DS did this too and it took him a month to regain the weight he lost after birth. I learned from my first child that supplementation is a slippery slope (especially with someone like me who struggles with supply) that ended up leading to weaning at 4 months and no more BM after 6 months. With my DS (2nd child) no matter what anyone has said I just keep nursing him. He's on the small side, but he is healthy!

ETA: You're doing a great job. My one piece of advice is offer the b00b all the time if he doesn't want it he won't take it. Also make sure you nurse him undressed and tickle his feet, change his diapers when switching side anything to keep him awake.
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Re: Any advice/thoughts?

Originally Posted by Colleen+1 View Post
Yeah, the sugar water doesn't seem like a good idea. It's not like his bms are at all hard. From what I read, the sugar water was for constipation? I know my sil gave her son it, but I don't like the idea of it. His bm was very runny yesterday when I changed him, and there was a lot there, same thing as the night before. For whatever reason he is just pooping once a day. Lots of wet diapers though.
It really sounds like he's doing just fine. My LO wanted to sleep through feedings too, I kept tickling her feet etc. And her feedings were often 40 minutes, then I had like 20 min and back again! It's hard, but know it won't always be this way!!
Originally Posted by Colleen+1 View Post
Dh tells me "mom said she would tell you to give him sugar water, but she knew you probably wouldn't" wth does that mean?!.
She knows you are strong willed and won't do crazy ideas like sugar water? Who knows, be glad she's not pushing it!

Enjoy your little sweet newborn!
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Re: Any advice/thoughts?

My daughter nursed for what seemed like hours- sometimes 30-40 minutes at a time when she was up to a month old! I thought I'd NEVER get off the couch. I learned to nurse in the sling, so that helped, and she just started getting faster.

I would not supplement, especially so early. Starting a bottle that early can make the baby not want to nurse because it's so much easier to get something from a bottle. This exact thing happened to a friend of mine. Nurse as much as possible! My daughter had a side that she preferred, and I think it was because one breast requires more suction than the other. When she got a little older she didn't care, though, because she was stronger. I just made her nurse on both of them until it got easier.
It will get easier!
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Re: Any advice/thoughts?

I received similar advice about supplementing before I even left the hospital! I wish I had known then what I do now! I obsessed over my son's weight for the first few weeks of his life, but there was no need. As a first time mom, I was (still am!) paranoid and worried way too much about whether he was getting enough.

We also had the really long feeding session and difficulty staying awake. Changing his diaper in the middle of the feeding usually made him mad enough to wake him up.

DS also preferred one side over the other. My LC explained that one side probably has a faster flow than the other. Once she said that, I was like OH, duh! He preferred the slower side when he was little, but now chows down on both!

You're doing a great job... try not to worry too much and enjoy the time with your little one!
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Re: Any advice/thoughts?

I supplemented with a total of 4 ounces when my baby was 4 days old, and again with about 2-3 ounces a day for weeks 2-3 because of a similar situation - I now think the supplementation was pointless, it was just that my pediatrician was obsessed with those stupid charts. Just keep bfing on demand, and if possible, pump a little in between and feed that back to your baby (although my babe had a poor latch, you say that yours doesn't, so the pumping may not be necessary). Whatever you do, don't supplement enough to hurt your supply. Always offer formula AFTER you have nursed for 15-20 minutes on each side.
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Re: Any advice/thoughts?

My advice is that you successfully grew that babe for 9 months on the inside, you can successfully grow it on the outside too My DD1 would nurse for 2 hours straight every 2 hours, day and night for the first couple of months. It was hard but she gained 1 lb a week. She was early and 5.5 lbs at birth. Stay far away from formula. It will only hurt at this point and not help. Good luck and try to relax and have faith in your body. You can do this!
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Re: Any advice/thoughts?

Just nurse, nurse, nurse, wake him if he isn;t eating for more then 5-10 minutes on each side and don't let him go more then 3 hours, round the clock until he is back up to birth weight.

Stop pupplementing now, that will just mess up your supply and nis nursing skills and take him back for a weight check in a week.

Just keep nursing!
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