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How to Buy/Sell on Diaperswappers

We are glad that you are interested in buying/selling/trading in DiaperSwappers' For Sale Or Trade (FSOT) area! To help protect buyers and sellers, the FSOT area is now opt-in.

Here is All you need to know about BUYING, SELLING and TRADING on

How To Buy:

Check feedback. Below each person's username is a "Feedback" link. Click that, and you will be taken to that person's iTrader page. You can see the feedback which that person received for their previous transactions, including any neutrals or negatives, and the one-line comment for each one. You can also see if the feedback for that user is from them buying or selling.

Check join date and post count. A deal too good to be true from someone who joined a month ago with just a few posts probably is.

Ask the right questions. Here is a post on the types of questions to ask. If you think you've asked everything about the condition of your coveted item, check that post to see if you've missed anything important to you.

Use the search function. The FSOT is divided up into categories by type of diaper as well as several "off topic" for-sale categories, and you are welcome to browse, but if you know what you'd like then you can use the search feature of the forum to find what you're looking for.

Communicate with your seller. If you ask for payment information but will need to be away from your computer for two days, let them know so that they don't pass you by and go on to the next buyer while waiting for your payment. Remember that in order to send Private Messages, you will need to have made a minimum of 6 posts in any non-FSOT (For Sale or Trade) Forum.

Know the PayPal rules. Here is a link to explain how to send a PayPal payment. We encourage the use of PayPal for transactions on this site to provide protection for the buyer and seller.

How to Sell:

Join the Sellers group. To join the Sellers group, you will need to apply. Here are the new procedures as of 10-30-2015:

Choose the right subforum. Most items that you'd like to sell will fit best in one subforum. Please limit your threads to one thread per subforum.

Communicate with your buyer. Let them know if you will have shipping delays or if any other unusual situation comes up during your transaction. Many a "bad transaction experience" could have been prevented if the parties just communicated with each other. Remember that in order to send Private Messages, you will need to have made a minimum of 6 posts in any non-FSOT (For Sale or Trade) Forum.

Know your payment options. We recommend PayPal. If you use PayPal, you must accept the payment as goods - never personal.

Always get Delivery Confirmation. This can easily be done if you ship through PayPal, but if you need to go to the Post Office to get it, save the number so you can provide it to your buyer. Purchasing Delivery Confirmation is a REQUIREMENT to sell on this site.

Disclose condition accurately. Pictures are helpful. A word description is helpful. Using the "GUC" or "EUC" acronyms are generally not helpful, because one person's "excellent" used condition is another person's "good" used condition. But saying things like "the elastic still has plenty of stretch... it is 6" when unstretched and stretches to 10 inches" will easily let the buyer know what they can expect, even more so than "elastic is good."

Leave original description/photos in listing after the sale. You don't have to just leave them as you originally posted them... you can gray them out or move them to post #2 in your thread or move them to the end of your post or whatever, but please leave the original description and photos in your thread, in case there is a transaction dispute, instead of just deleting your entire post and typing "SOLD" in its place.

Refund double payments promptly. Be sure that you give your buyer enough time to pay before you move to the next person in line. Many users are not online during the weekends. Give the buyer a set time by which to pay before you move to the next person in line (if you have more than one person interested). Then send another PM letting them know that you've moved on, if applicable. But then if the first buyer didn't get the message and sent PayPal anyway, refund it within 24 hours and PM the buyer again. Whenever money changes hands, feedback can generally be left. Refunding within 24 hours will protect you from receiving negative feedback for an "incomplete" transaction.

How to trade:

Often, two parties will decide to trade product for product instead of buying or selling. Many of the same things for buyers AND sellers will apply to both trade parties. Here are some additional trading tips.

Hold off on using the item until both parties have received the packages. Let's say Susie sends Jan a diaper and Jan sends Susie a dress, and Susie wears the dress the same day she receives it but stains it/tears it/otherwise damages it. Some time after that, it's noticed that the diaper is lost in the mail and never arrived to Jan. At that point, Susie should send back the dress - but it's no longer in the same condition it was when Jan sent it to Susie, and greatly complicates the transaction. Both parties should hold off on using their received item until the other party also receives their item.

Ship at the same time. With rare exceptions, each party should send their end of the trade at the same time, no more than a day or so apart from each other.

General FAQs for FSOT:

What do all these letters mean? (FSOT, OBO, EUC etc)

Can I sell my items auction style on DS?

Do I have to put pictures in my FSOT post?

What if I think someone is charging too much or misrepresenting an item?

Can I sell coupons or formula checks on DS?

Can you please explain the "no price inflation"?

If I have an issue with someones FSOT post, can I tell them?

Can I cross-post my FSOT items?

HOw many times should I bump my FSOT posts?

Can I search for people to buy my FSOT items in my ISO thread?

What if I have a question on what price to ask for an item?

Some helpful hints on what to look for when you are buying.

We have a transaction forum where you may post questions about transactions HERE.


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