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Coming back to homeschooling!

They have not even been in school for a half year and after attending our children's conferences tonight we have decided to go back to homeschooling. Aiden is behind in reading (which we knew from the start) but they have him in two classes where he is doing the exact same thing and is bored (they are teaching him the things he already knows!).

Will's teacher is just crazy. He marks Will as satisfactory in reading and then tells us that he shows us the evaluation tests that shows he's reading above grade level. He then says that Will was marked as very good in spelling (the highest they mark) but not 2 seconds later tells us that he has noticed that Will misspells a lot of words and needs to work on it. The real killer was that he got a C on his math test because he couldn't show him the strategy he used to solve a math problem. Now he didn't give Will the math problem and tell him to solve it - he sat Will down across from him and one the table were many manipulatives and a white board and verbally said to him "Show me the strategy you would use to solve the problem 40-27." He said he gave him two chances and he couldn't do it - that Will just sat there and looked at him and it totally shocked him. I specifically remember this because Will came home all upset and said he did bad on his math test because he couldn't show him a strategy to solve the problem. I asked Will what a strategy was and he said he didn't know. When I came home tonight I asked Will to write this problem down and solve it and within three seconds it was solved! It was the same problem for the test. It was absolutely crazy. Because Will didn't understand what he was asking (apparently the blank look on his face didn't clue his teacher in that he didn't understand what he was asking) he got a C on his math test - he got every single question on the test right besides this.

Andrew is doing excellent and according too his teacher and what she showed us Andrew cannot learn anything in math this year because he knows everything they will be teaching already. She is trying to get the enrichment teacher to work with him but she isn't sure she can because enrichment isn't supposed to start until 3rd grade. He's also in the upper levels for reading and writing and is going to the higher classes for this when they switch.

We have decided that we are going to pull them and bring them home since Will and Andrew aren't really learning anything and while Aiden needs the extra help in reading they are teaching him the things he already knows - twice! They will do much better at home and learn more. We discussed this already when Will came to me and said "Mom if you wanted me to learn this year why didn't you just put me in 4th grade!" but we wanted to hear what the teachers thought before we did anything. So they didn't even make it a whole year before we decided to go back to homeschooling. Now its time to look for curriculums and prepare my home again for homeschooling! We will more than likely pull them at Winter Break and they won't go back.


Ericka - Homeschooling Mom to Will (8/02), Aiden (1/04),Andrew (8/05) Zachary (4/08)
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Re: Coming back to homeschooling!

Congrats on your decision! 3 of my 4 kids are in public school and I'm very happy with one school (that 2 of my kids attend), but I will be homeschooling my oldest. I was hoping to hold out until the end of the school year, but it may be winter break for us as well.
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Re: Coming back to homeschooling!

Congrats!! I'm looking at pulling my son as well.

We were just gonna do it but I think I'll pull him at winter break as well...that'll give me time to get everything in order and let him say bye to his buddies.
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