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Not totally sure if she's ready???

Hi Mamas,
I need some advice. My girl is almost 20 mths and I think she shows all the signs to be ready but it's just not happening, kind of. She understands what her potty chair is and when she has an accident on the floor she looks at it and says "My potty mine. NO NO" so I think she understands what it is. I tell her she needs to go on the potty not the floor and she's seen me, pop, and grandma go. Three days ago I decided to try the naked approach. She won't sit on the potty (throughs a fit) if she doesn't have to go, if she's getting close she'll sit for a little bit. I've got her to go on it a few times, usually with the sound of running water or sticking her foot in warm water, but she won't tell you when she has to go and she's not like clock work about when she goes.If she has a diaper on she will tell me when she went, she doesn't like to be in a dirty diaper usually. She can hold it for a couple hours and she makes it through her naps with no peeing. She doesn't want to wear her cds, she pulls the cover off but can't quite figure out the snappi. She seems so close, I don't know if I should give it a rest for a while or keep trying? I don't know if she recognizes the sensation, it's pretty much all of a sudden she usally not always squats where she's at and goes. What do I do?


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Re: Not totally sure if she's ready???

I think she sounds good to go. Just give it a shot. Maybe get her a different potty too? What kind are you using right now? We started with an Ikea potty which DS didn't like. I don't think it was at all comfy. So then we got him a cushy Toy Story seat that goes on the big potty. My DS has never even seen Toy Story but he loves Buzz . He was much happier sitting on that! We started off doing lots of bare bum time and putting him on the toilet frequently. He had accidents here and there but I don't think he liked it when that happened. Very quickly he had fewer and fewer accidents and then we started wear trainers (non-waterproof) or sometimes just sweatpants around the house so that he could get used to having something on his bum without peeing in it. DS got better and better at holding it and now we're at the point where we can go days without an accident. He still very very rarely tells me when he has to go but I put him on the toilet every 1 to 2 hours and he controls his bladder in between. He also stays dry for his naps now and we even went without a diaper last night because for the 5 nights prior to that, he stayed dry all night long.
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Re: Not totally sure if she's ready???

Just as learning the numbers is a process so is potty training. Keep trying the naked approach (as much as you can handle) and then put cd's back on. I would say 2-3 accidents and then give yourself a break. She needs to feel could try undies or trainers and it not make such a mess.

Try a reward for sitting on the potty until the timer goes off...1 minute..then 2 a few days later. SMALL reward. I sit with my boys and read books etc. I've also heard but haven't really tried my son lots of liquid and then making a day or two of fun sitting on the potty activities when I know he'll need to go. That will make some potty success happen. I move the potty around alot and give it for him to sit on if he's watching a show on TV. I also take him to sit on potty when he's been dry for a few hours in his diaper.

I give him a warning that we are going to the potty in 2 minutes. I also have said...when there's a fight to sit..."this is what we do. Mommy does it, Daddy does it, (your friend) does it."

Those are things to try but I've had bad days and great days. It's a process. An annoying one but she'll get it eventually.

Check out Diaper Free before 3. This helped give me somethings to shoot for.
Good luck!
Married to a great man, Momma to Z (10/07) and L (8/08) We adopted both the day they were born domestically. We are potty learned!!!
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Re: Not totally sure if she's ready???

All of the signs she is showing are the same ones that our ped told us to look for. It sounds to me like she is ready to go. With my DD, she was reluctant at first to sit on the potty, so I would sit on the floor beside her and hold her hand to reassure her that it was ok. After a few tries and lots and lots of praise, she was going by herself. Good luck!
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Re: Not totally sure if she's ready???

Going bare has to be accompanied with FULL attention on cues... which isn't happening with us. Now I wish the weather stays warmer because my son could just be in undies in the backyard! It seems to help him learn to associate the feeling of 'going'. It's tricky to decide whether to pause or press on. You need to be comfortable too, don't get burned out =)
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