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Re: 4 week old slow to gain...

Originally Posted by Leininger27 View Post
I would not supplement either. I am not against giving a baby a bottle, but I would not supplement with formula. I think your dr expectations of her eating are absurb. They want you to nurse her and then her eat 4oz on top of that? My ds is 1 yr and only takes 6 oz out of a bottle ever!!!

If you start to supplement your supply is going to decrease. Doesn't sound like your dr is pro BFing. My ds3 as well was only at his birth weight at 1 month. He has always been small.

I think I would give it another month. I assume you will be going back for your 2 month check up. If at 2 months she still isn't gaining there might be a reason to worry. But if your baby isn't acting like it is starved and is producing enough wet/poopy diapers than you really shouldn't worry. Your LO probably will follow their own growth curve.
I don't think I explained it fully--to my Dr's credit, he is definitely pro b******, and knows that it is really important to me, and supportive, he just wants me to experiment . He might be a bit more concerned about the "numbers", but he said as long as she's gaining, that;s good, and wants me not to worry and stay relaxed. He said offer her formula OR breastmilk, to see if she'll take any more, just so we can know if Im having a prob. producing enough. and he didnt expect me to do all of that pumping and feeding all at once, just suggesting different options to see if how much more she;d eat if I had it to offer.

So! After her last feeding just an hour or so ago, where she was fully satisfied and in her vibrator chair, looking around and being all cute, I pumped 1.5 oz total (I was happy to see that!). It reassured me that I DO have enough! And at this early stage, Im way more into pumping my own, to at least build up a stash, than to introduce formula, Im already too worried about not having enough, so why make it worse by adding competition? And then eventually my husband can participate later, if it turns out that she gets more efficient and what she is getting at each feeding is indeed enough.

Thanks all, for your support. IT's nice to be reminded to stay calm and trust your body and your baby, rather than get caught up with numbers and what's "normal".


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Re: 4 week old slow to gain...

My youngest dd was 6lbs 5oz at birth. At 1 week she was back to her birth weight and the dr's were happy, however it was also a different scale from what she was weighed on at birth and it was the ONLY good weight gain she has ever had & she's 5. It was also the only time she was ever on their charts until she was 2 or 3 years old. She gained 2oz on a good week. At 12months she was 16lbs. She was then sent to a pediatrician to get his opinion(which was horrible and wrong on many levels and I never went back to him). She is 5 now & 35lbs. Yes she's small but she's healthy and when she wants to eat sour cream by the spoonful, as disgusting as it sounds, we let

For every child at the top of the chart & who's gaining the recommended 1-2oz per day there is a child is doing twice as little and another one doing twice as much.
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