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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

I'm not preggo again yet (hopefully soon), but was lurking and just have to say how awesome this thread is! Some of these stories had me ROFL I hope I can be busy with next labor so it goes by quickly. I didn't do anything too crazy when I was preggo with dd, except I was staying in a hotel waiting to go into labor (lived 2 hrs away, high risk, long story) but anyway I was TERRIFIED that my water would break in bed and I would completely ruin the mattress and the hotel would make us pay for it so I insisted on sleeping on dd's waterproof changing pad sure enough, I heard it break in bed the morning of my 23rd bday (day before induction), but didn't get a big gush until i went potty, came out of the bathroom, woke up hubby, then the floodgates opened- on the carpet needless to say we didn't have to pay extra...


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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

I was 17 and when my water broke I called my mom sobbing "I keep peeing down my leg...I don't know what's wrong." My mom said, "uh, I think your water broke..." oh, duh! Then I showered, packed and my husband and I drove to the hosp, my contractions weren't that bad and so I said, "women who complain about labor are wimps." Yah, 12 hours of excruciating back labor later I retracted that statement. - drug free...and to scared to make a peep during labor. I don't think I said anything or made any noise as soon as the contractions actually materialized.

With my daughter my water broke and we were sitting in the hosp and on a major cash delivery budget. So every time they use a sterile glove they put a sticker on the sheet and I litterally was more concerned about what it was adding up to than having a baby. She was back labor too and drug free (obviously, because meds are expensive), I kept screaming "I hate women who scream! I HATE women who scream!" Then there was the overwhelming "i'm going to puke" feeling, I told my doc and she didnt' believe that I actually would, I insisted I was going to hurl and she finally gave me a container --- just in time. I said "see, I told you I was going to puke." I blacked out right before I had to push and remembered not knowing htey were switching the bed around-when I was coherant again I was totally freaked out that hte bed was different than it was before that contraction. When she was finally born she wasn't crying but I was so euphoric I said "oh, don't worry, she'll be fine" Then I wanted pizza, we ordered, ate and left the hospital 20 minutes later. So I had her then left the hospital less than an hour and a half apparently because I checked into the hospital before 11:00 pm (it was like 10:45) I was charged for an entire day so I had to get out before htey charged me for another. that part sucked.
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

I really wasn't that exciting. Water broke at home in one of the recliners. I had only had a bit of after Christmas dinner snack it was approx 11:30pm. I kept gushing with any laugh, contraction, etc. I did change clothes and try a pad..haha not going to help. I took wheelchair up and it was wet..i felt bad kinda.
Yelled at Eeyore for smiling at me...stuffed animal that was my focus object.
Told my mom no more leaving ex(dh at time) alone with me as he fell asleep during contraction and I couldn't kick him.
But that is all pretty much normal laboring mama stuff I think.
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

With ym 1st hubby and I refused to stay in the hosp. I was only 4cm so we went to Subway to eat and then went and got his haircut, eventually making it back to the hospital, I had my daughter a few hours later!

My 2nd came fast and in a hurry, I started contracting a lot around 8pm after my moms spicy chicken enchiladas lol after a walk and and a shower hubby and I headed to the hospital by 11-12pm I was admitted and had him at 3. My mom said that I kept throwing my head side-to-side while I labored, I don't remember b/c I was in the zone, but I did have a crazy water rupture, it basically exploded, what a crazy feeling.
* I should mention that my son was born on my husband's birthday, to the mintue, talk about timing!!!
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

OP your story sounds like mine. My mare had gotten a bad laceration on her lower leg a week or two before my dd's delivery, which required her to have her legs wrapped and on stall rest. I wanted to make sure that she was well taken care of before I left my DH in charge of her care during my hospital stay. So with contractions at 4-5 min's apart I was lugging wheel barrows of manure and bedding and bent over changing bandages. Priorities right? lol
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

Originally Posted by Mom2Lucas View Post
Wow you even said please, I wasn't so gracious. At the point I figured out there wasn't any time to get one (yes after 44 hours of labor you can still manage to not get one) I yelled out "I'M NOT GETTING MY *BLEEPING* EPIDURAL?!?!?" That was the ONLY thing I planned on (no birthing plan or anything) and well I didn't get it!
I was polite during my labor too, which everyone thought was hilarious. I hardly said anything, but the MW was doing perineal massage to help avoid an episiotomy (thankfully I didn't end up with one). Well, that s*i* hurt and I asked "is it necessary you do that?" When she replied that it wasn't I said "okay, then can you please stop." It was pretty funny!
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

I woke up, went to the bathroom, and my water broke. I sat there thinking, didn't I stop peeing like 5 minutes ago? Then it hit me, my water, duh! I woke DH, who didn't believe me and told me to let him go back to sleep because he had to work in a few hours I told him no, really, my water broke, it's time. Still groggy, he said fine, then do the dishes so if people come over after the baby is here, the house won't be a mess. Sounded reasonable to me, so I did! Then I took a shower, got all ready to go, only one single lonely contraction until we got to the hospital 3 hours later. 6 hours after that, we had a baby!

Glad I'm not the only one who did chores while in labor, I feel less ridiculous after reading this thread LOL
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

i didnt do anything fun in labor
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Re: What is the craziest thing you did while in labor?

With my first ds, I was in the hospital laboring and I kept having the *overwhelming* urge to just get up and walk out of the hospital. I was in *pain* and I just wanted it to go away. After awhile, I came to my senses and realized the pain wouldn't go away even if I did leave the hospital lol.
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