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A long way off, but I've got a question

With DD1 I had to start pumping IMMEDIATELY since I had to return to school when she was 2 weeks old. I managed to build up my stash and we were able to give her EBM with hardly any problems. The first day was very difficult as she had never taken a bottle before, but after day 1 it was a breeze.

I've since graduated and I work at home now. I'm not anticipating having to work, but I do plan on pumping to have some form of a freezer stash "just in case" for baby as well as to give my 3 year old the occasional cup of EBM.

Here's my question. For Christmas my aunt gave me a note saying she's buying tickets to see Beauty and the Beast live as well as taking us all (cousins and my sister) out to dinner before the show in late May. I'm excited to go, but baby will only be 2.5-3 months old and I really hadn't planned on introducing the bottle since we don't HAVE to, kwim? On one hand I think I may be ready for a night away from baby parents have offered to babysit both girls all evening. Should I start giving a bottle of EBM here and there (well...have daddy do it at least) after nursing is established? Should I say thank you, but I can't leave her that soon? I would be 30-45 min away.

I know I have a TON of time to think about it, but I'm really not sure what to do. Anyone want to weigh in?


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Re: A long way off, but I've got a question

i personally like having a "stash" for leaving my ds for a bit. i had dh give him a bottle about once a week from three weeks or so. We left him with his first sitter at 3 months for about 3 hours or so. I'm still pumping once a day to keep the stash up (I pump one side while he nurses one side each morning.) I'm not ready to leave him for a super long period of time but he will be with DH all day each Saturday while I serve at our church in January. I don't love that but it will be ok (and good for daddy!) If you really would like to see it, I'd work towards that, and maybe do an outing for a shorter time once or twice before just to try it?
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Re: A long way off, but I've got a question

That's a tough one you know how unpredictable LO's can be. My DS refused bottles so it was difficult for me to leave him for any longer than an hour or so voluntarily. We went through a period where we had to do childcare while I finished graduate school & it was really difficult. That being said, i think when the time comes you will know whether you can be separated from your LO for an extended period. I think that there is so much contradictory information out there on bf'ing. Some will tell you not to introduce a bottle too early due to preference & then others tell you they did it fine & baby did fine
as well. Trust your mama instincts...when the time comes you will know what to do
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Re: A long way off, but I've got a question

At that age I would just take baby with me to dinenr and the show, my lO's have been to lots of things like that. As a nursing mom, they just go with me everywhere. We don't do bottles.
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Re: A long way off, but I've got a question

I think it'll depend on what you're comfortable with. I gave DS a bottle at nine weeks and didn't give him another one until last week (a little over 4 months old), and he took the bottle fine and then nursed fine afterwards. I also pump every morning, just to have a stash should anything happen to me or my milk supply. If you decide to do it, maybe try a bottle once before to make sure the baby takes it okay and then nurses fine afterwards?
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Re: A long way off, but I've got a question

Either bring her along or wait until you're established and start having DH or G-ma offer bottles.
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Re: A long way off, but I've got a question

I had a concert that my mom wanted to take me to when my baby was about that age. My first didn't take bottles, so I didn't know if my second would. We agreed that we would get the tickets, but that if the time came and I didn't feel like I could leave her yet, that I would just eat the ticket cost and not go. It all worked out, and she did take a bottle, and I did go to the concert.
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