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Re: Daycare question, areall daycares like this??

I work at a daycare and we use cribs until around age 2. Some children are transitioned earlier depending on weight/height or if they sleep better on a cot. We also put kids to sleep when they need it. Some nap in early afternoon, all or most usually nap after lunch, and some even take a late nap.


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Re: Daycare question, areall daycares like this??

My two boys have been in daycare this winter a couple days a week. And they just transitioned ODS and YDS to the next room up. So this means ODS (2.5) doesn't get a nap at all and YDS gets 1 nap a day from 12-2 (which is the nap time, but his sheet usually says he naps from about 12:30-1:40.) They sleep on little cots like this.

I'm not happy that they do this and I've often thought of asking if ODS can nap with his brother but I figure it's 2 days a week. Any other day that their home I make them nap as usual. YDS transitioned himself to 1 nap a day though at about 10mo old anyway. I TRIED to get him to take two naps a day but he wasn't having it.
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Re: Daycare question, areall daycares like this??

My 1yo is in a home daycare so different than a center. They have 1 set nap time after lunch, but if my son falls asleep in the AM she let's him sleep, but doesn't make the other kids be quiet just for him. She has pack n plays for the LOs and I believe older kids have mats (older meaning 2yo).
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Re: Daycare question, areall daycares like this??

My DD is a center and this was actually the one thing I was really concerned about. In the infant room, they let her sleep when she needed to (which was two naps a day), in cribs. But they transition kids between 11-13 months to the toddler room with one nap a day, on mats. At first, I was really upset about the switch because my girl likes her beauty rest.

But she adjusted. They do one nap right after lunch until about 2 but they will kids sleep a little longer, if they need to. What happened is that she ends up in going to bed earlier during week and she tends to take longer naps on the weekend. With your hours, your LO might end up sleeping in a little longer.

I would definitely bring it up when check daycares, some places are more flexible than others. GL.
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Re: Daycare question, areall daycares like this??

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
But, in a center, it's one room. Lots of kids, and several adults. It's not like she can go lay down in the other room when she's tired. They have SOOO many rules they need to follow, and giving one child a special place to sleep away from all the others isn't possible.
Not all centers are like this. The center I use has the infant room but in the back of the infant room are are two more seperate rooms for playing and sleeping. The infants sleep in cribs until they move to the toddler room at 16 months. The toddlers sleep on cots for one 2 hour afternoon nap. The infants generally have a 2 nap schedule once they have normalized from the newborn catnaps. But whatever you child needs they do. But there is no napping in the actual play area. No way you child/crib is being bumped. The infant swings are in the main area outside of the play area so there are lights and noise, but doesn't usually bother them. The sleeping room(s) are darkened with music playing.

DD adjusted to her cot in the toddler room no problem. We used her crib at home until she was 22 months. Then moved her to a twin bed on the floor. No issues there either.

So not all centers are the same.
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Re: Daycare question, areall daycares like this??

Originally Posted by AngelicasMommy View Post
My best friend works in a daycare, and has worked in other ones before the one she is in now. DD is almost 10 months and when she turns 11 months, will be going into daycare (assuming I find one by far no luck)
But she told me that when they are a year old they only give them ONE nap at around noonish, and they sleep on MATS. Umm...ok one, my dd needs more than one nap. She only JUST transitioned to 2 from 3, and everything I have read says that they only go to 1 nap at 18 months.
And two, Mats?? REally?
Please tell me not all daycares are like this, how is the daycare your lo is in?
Every day care I have ever been to has children over 12 months old sleeping on mats (if they are in the 'toddler' room, infant room has cribs) And they all have just one nap time in the middle of the day. WHen I asked about multiple naps, the care provider told me that they had previously tried accommodating such things, but that other children in the room will usually pester whoever is sleeping, and most kids can't sleep if other kids are playing anyway.
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