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Depression & Pregnancy

I am in my 13th week of my 3rd pregnancy...I have delt with depression with each pregnancy although this one seems to be the worse and my anger/depression is getting out of hand. I spoke to my doctor about this today at my regular OB appointment and she feels like it's best for me to start taking Lexapro...
I've been researching the effects of the medicine on my unborn child and I am REALLY SCARED to take this medication...
Does anyone have any experience with this medicaton...has anyone taken it and what was your experience?
Please help!!?! I am so scared to take this medication and what could happen to my sweet baby!


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Re: Depression & Pregnancy

Hugs mama. Do a lot of research about the medication.

I just want to clarify that I know nothing, and am no expert. I believe that some antidepressants can cause heart defects. I know nothing about lexapro. I believe heart defects occur within the very very beginning of pregnancy. I am NOT anti medication at all. If I ever became pregnant again I would never take an antidepressant again and I have some of the same issues, but that's just me.

I've been told that heart defects just happen to babies, and it's just congenital. You need to take care of yourself to be able to take care of your babies, and only you and your doctor know how bad off you are. It's a balance for you, baby, and your family.

So, in a nutshell, research, 2nd opinion from a high risk ob maybe, lots of thinking, and only you can decide.

Oh, and they might move this thread to mental health issues.
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Re: Depression & Pregnancy

Try reposting this in the mental health board (you can add the board by going to your user CP). I know the ladies there have dealt with similar issues. Hugs mama.
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Re: Depression & Pregnancy

I honestly don't know much about the medication, but I can offer some alternatives.

Omega fatty acids supplements-try to get one that is the complete omegas. This will naturally cause a rise in serotonin and will be great for your baby's brain and heart development too.

Exercise- try to get at least 30mins a day of some kind of activity. This will also naturally raise your serotonin levels too.

Eat a well balanced diet- this will keep your body healthy and that alone makes you feel a lot better.

These are all things that I have been trying to do with this pregnancy. I suffer from depression and anger issues as well and not just during pregnancy. I usually take 5-HTP as well when I'm not pregnant. Honestly I wouldn't trust taking ANY pharmaceutical anti-depressant while pregnant or breastfeeding either. I just don't trust the companies that make them and unfortunately docs are way too quick to prescribe them these days. When I try to stick to all of these I do feel much better, so it really is working for me.
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Re: Depression & Pregnancy

The effects of untreated depression on a fetus can be serious. The stress hormones cursing through the blood of an angry depressed mother can wire a babies brain for a stress-response. Stress in a pregnant mother can cause all sorts of issues for a developing fetus, including preterm labor. If you can deal with your stress in ways like rest, exercise, eating well, fish oil, vitamins - of course that is best. But for some of us, that is not enough. In that case, I do feel it is better to treat the depression/anxiety with medication than to suffer through pregnancy untreated. I am more afraid of what uncontrolled depression and rage could do to the developing baby's brain, as well as the effects on the whole family, than the low risk of side effects of a low-dose antidepressant.
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Re: Depression & Pregnancy

I am taking Zoloft right now for the same reason and am 13 weeks myself. I know there are several Moms who are taking zoloft while pregnant/nursing. My CNM recommended it because it has a shown little side effects. Remember that when you read the side effects for anything, they logged every possible symptom or problem that occurred while the people participated in the trials (if someone came down with the flu, the drug suddenly has a possible side effect of nausea/vomiting).

As pp has said, the effects of depression can outweigh any possible side effect of the antidepressant. Mama
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Re: Depression & Pregnancy

I am also 13wks pregnant and taking Zoloft. I took it throughout my entire first pregnancy and DD is a fine. A smart and sassy little thing! Anyway, I get terrible anxiety that eventually leads to depression. I lost 25lbs in 4wks last time because I couldn't eat due to panic attacks. That is not healthy at all. Definitely do the research, but don't discount all meds entirely. If you are not comfortable with the one prescribed, ask your doctor about a different one. Stress/depression/anxiety are not good for your unborn baby. I also tried many natural remedies and they did not help. Depression is a DISEASE and should be treated as such. I have put my trust in my healthcare professional and truly believe she wants the best for my baby and myself. The internet can be a dangerous things in these situations, so be prepared for the worst case scenerios to be presented. Everything has a risk, so you need to weigh those against the benefits. For me, taking the meds have many more benefits to suffering through the depression.
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