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Re: am I living in a dreamworld?

You can do it, mama!!! My DH was skeptical at first too, but he loves it as much as I do now. It really is just a couple of extra loads of laundry per week, and I imagine with two other kids, you have a bunch of loads already, so will you really notice 2-3 more? I sure didn't! Congrats on your baby!!!


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Re: am I living in a dreamworld?

Diaper laundry is the easiest out of all my laundry. It's already sorted, there's nothing to pre-treat, just throw it in and push some buttons, there's not anything to fold afterwards and it all goes back to the same place.

Also, I have almost-4 y.o. twins and my newborn is 3 weeks old. I don't remember what happened at this age the last time around, but I am getting more sleep now than when I was pg. At least I don't have to get up 7 times in one night to pee.
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Re: am I living in a dreamworld?

Awww, thanks mommas! You all are so great and encouraging! I have more than enough inserts to last several days and probably enough shells to last at least one day. I feel like maybe I should buy some more shells but should probably hold off for now. It's hard to resist that urge to buy more fluff!
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Re: am I living in a dreamworld?

you can totally do it. I agree though, I think the trick is having enough diapers. At the moment I have a load of dipes in the wash, a full basket of clean dipes, and probably another two days worth (at least) of diapers that are at the change station already...ok, now i sound like a crazy person. Honestly the only part that really starts dragging at me is folding the damn face cloths for wipes, lol. And when that happens I just grab a handful, get them wet and throw them into the wipes warmer unfolded, haha (yes, in a big messy bunch). Everything else is gravy. You can *totally* do it.
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Re: am I living in a dreamworld?

I'm in a similar spot, due in 5 weeks and CD my first. I was very nervous about it until we started with my 2 year old a few days ago. Seeing the instant change in his rash and how much he loves it has me convinced that it's not going to be as bad as I think it is. I'm so worn out, not sleeping well, and in a lot of pain, and diaper laundry is the one thing I want to do and can bring myself to do. My DH has been doing everything else. I think it's easy to make yourself think cloth is more difficult than it really is, especially with laundry.
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Re: am I living in a dreamworld?

I had a c-section and no help at all after two days home from the hospital, and almost instantly started having gallbladder attacks. I had my dipes ready (I only had 6 BG 3.0's and a Blueberry pocket at the time) and when I finally felt well enough to do the relatively little extra work that it took to do the diaper laundry (also around the time the newborn diapers that were given to us disappeared) I tried out my BG's and after a few days I went out and bought another 18. I haven't looked back... we bought one pack of diapers in the past 17 months and it was because we ended up staying overnight unexpectedly two hours away after an impromptu visit and only had a few hours worth of diapers with us. Once you get started and commit to it you will stick with it! I thought I would only stick with it just to prove to everyone that I would actually do it... I'm stubborn. But it was a nice break for me. DH would watch the baby... I would go to the laundry room... do the washing.. and take the time hanging it up or drying it and then stuffing all the diapers. I sorted them all and put them in a pretty basket in our living room. It made me feel good to do something that was good for DD and also made me happy. After a long pregnancy I also had these fears. There is nothing wrong with waiting until you are ready for it!
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Re: am I living in a dreamworld?

I think it's good be be thinking realistically! But let me tell ya...if I can do it you can do it! I'm in school full time and have a special needs 4 year old and a 1 year old. And I have to lug the diapers down the stairs and across a parking lot and across a building to clean them in the community washers almost every day since my stash is too small.
Worth it!!! I love my softbums and I love how happy my little guy is in them
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Re: am I living in a dreamworld?

Yeah, I didn't think it was a big deal at all. We have 4 other kids, one of which has therapy 4x a week, and it wasn't a problem. Diaper laundry is my favorite laundry because it's so freakin' cute and I love refilling my bins and just looking at the squishy goodness. I change her way more often than I need to just because I like how cute it all looks on her.
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