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Having a really hard time with pregnancy

This is like one big complaint, I apologize but I need to get it out. Sorry for being so negative....

Pg is always hard on me. I'm not one of those happy, energetic pg ladies who is glowing the whole time...I look like crap and I have NO energy. My main concern about having one more kid was that I would have to be pg again. The first few months weren't really all that bad, I had very little nausea, and while I was exhausted (to be expected) it seemed to fly by since I have a 2yo to keep me busy. Now since x-mas it has been dragging on. The weeks seem to take forever and I am feeling like I don't know if I can make it through....and I'm only 23 weeks!

My back: This is my main issue. It has been hurting pretty much since I found out I was pg. My sacrum feels like it is splitting apart, it hurts a lot. My hips hurt, my butt, everything that's attached to my pelvis.Walking makes it worse, vacuuming ruins me for the whole day, bending over, and picking up DS are all painful. I can wake up in the AM and it's pretty much okay, but 2 hours later all I can do is sit. It really really sucks to have it hurting all the time. It makes me crabby too, I think. I've been going to a great chiro since x-mas and I think I would seriously be unable to walk if not for her, but it doesn't help as much as I need it to.

GD: I've been diagnosed with GD which is turning out to be a big PITA. I have to eat so frequently, and since I have a wheat allergy it gets kinda hard to make up stuff to eat and fulfill my carb requirements. I have to remember to take my blood sugar 1 hour after I eat and when I wake up (4x a day). I HAVE to get exercise every single day, or else my sugar goes up. I can't walk so we bought an elliptical machine which is great, but since my back hurts I have to talk myself into using it every day and work through the pain. It's okay while I'm doing it but I guess my back gets tired and after exercise it hurts even more. I'm so early on that I worry it will get harder and harder to control as I get bigger...already my sugar is getting a little higher than it was even a week ago.

Tired: I am so freakin tired all the time. I am trying to get more sleep, which seems to help for the first part of the morning, but here I am at 11am just wiped out from breakfast, a shower, getting DD ready and taking her to school, and a quick trip to the store. I gravitate toward the couch because I just feel like I need to sink into something cozy all the time. I feel on the verge of tears all day and I don't know if it's because I'm tired, pg, both or what. DH forgot to buy eggs at the store the other night and yesterday morning I almost cried because we didn't have any eggs. I feel the most awful after breakfast, like I can barely do anything. After I eat I have to migrate to the couch again for a little while because I can't function. Same as the shower, it takes every ounce of energy from me, I feel like crap after taking one (I've started only showering a few times a week because of this).

Dizzy: I don't know if that's what I would call it, but it started a few days ago. I feel like I'm on a boat, just kind of off. It's weird, it makes me nervous too.

Depressed?: Again, not sure if this is what I would call it, but I think this combo of feeling like crap all the time makes me really bummed out. I am never much of a friend gal (have friends and see them not that often) but lately I just don't have any motivation to be around people. I'm always a homebody but it's gotten worse. In general I feel better if I do nothing, worse if I do anything. So I gravitate toward the nothing side of things to preserve what little energy I have. I can barely keep up with the kids and all of MY stuff that is mandatory (exercise and frequent, planned meals) and on top of that I have a household to keep livable at least.

I'm just having a hard time. I hate to be a complainer so I really haven't mentioned much of this to anyone but DH. He is being really great and taking over a lot of house stuff, but he's also in a grad program and working so I don't think it's fair to expect him to do that much.

Thanks for listening if you've gotten this far...
Rachel, SAHM to a 9yo teenager , a 4yo charmer , and a toddling koala bear , and wife to my hard-working hubs. Mostly AP, co-sleeping (with all 3!), BFing, quite crunchy, thrifty, curly-haired mama. Loving my life.
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