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Feeling lost - 5 week old barely gaining weight

My daughter was born January 4th. She nurses every 2 hours during the day and 2-3 times at night (between 10pm & 6am) and has plenty of wet/poopy diapers. She's a little fussy in the evenings but other than that she's quite content in between feedings. I thought everything was going great based on the above and also because her weight gain at her last checkup was perfect. I found out yesterday that I was wrong
I have no idea what is going on and no idea how to fix it. She does show signs of silent reflux so she was put on Zantac on 1/31. The doctor switched her to Prevacid yesterday to see if that will help & make her want to eat more. He said that if she's not gaining by her next checkup (2/21) then we'll have to look into adding calories to my EBM.
I need to put together a game plan now in an attempt to get her to gain weight. I started Fenugreek yesterday and have pumped after feeds & fed her what I got out in a bottle if she doesn't nurse well. I know that's a big no no but I don't know what else to do. I'm seriously lost
I plan on making an appointment w/ a LC first thing tomorrow morning but right now I'm having a hard time seeing how I can continue BF'ing. I just want her to grow and thrive, whatever that takes.

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Re: Feeling lost - 5 week old barely gaining weight

On phone sorry for shortness. Contact an ibclc and see about doing weighted feds. You'll be able to see how much she is getting. I'm sure you'll get more replies soon. Keep your chin up mama
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Re: Feeling lost - 5 week old barely gaining weight

Mama that gain actually looks good to me. You go by the lowest weight so she has gained over a pound. def call and ibclc though. My yds was on prev for a while with severe reflux. Have you also thought about a food allergy?
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Re: Feeling lost - 5 week old barely gaining weight

watch the baby, not the scale. You said she's peeing/pooping, she's content, she's a normal 5 week old. Normal 5 week old babies gain from 4-8oz per week. It looks like she did that for a few weeks, and then stopped. Maybe the scale was different. Maybe it was miscalibrated. Focus on your baby. Feed every hour during the day. Baby wear as much as possible and keep her close to your breast. Respond to all her cues with the breast. Spend time topless with her. Take some baths with her. Make sure you are resting when she rests as much as possible. Drink lots of fluids. Don't let her sleep for more than 3 hours during the day with out feeding. Lay her in bed with you and let her have unlimited access to the milk bar. At night, set an alarm. Do not go more than 3 hours without feeding. THis may be exhausting at first, but after a few days, your body will respond, make more milk and she will pick back up. Are you on any meds?
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Re: Feeling lost - 5 week old barely gaining weight

How much per week is she gaining? How are her diapers?

Some babies are slow gainers... I have one myself... He gains 2-2.5 oz a week. He's fine... Just small. So it may just be her...

I would nurse her ALL the time. No paci and no bottle for sure. If you need to supplement, do it AT the breast with a lact-aid or medela SNS.

Pumping after feeds is great but getting her to nurse more is even better. Have her checked for tongue tie. Do compressions while you nurse to get her more hindmilk. If she acts done, always offer the other breast again just in case.

Hugs! You can get through this! It may be too that she's growing elsewhere and not in weight. This happens to us too... A month will go by with barely a gain but he grew an inch in length... It does happen.
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Re: Feeling lost - 5 week old barely gaining weight

Please don't "fail" yourself just yet! You're just at the beginning. Join the LLL league and go to see the LC. They will hopefully be able to tell you if she's latched properly, sucking properly, etc.

Also...have you tried block feeding? (starting on the same side 2x in a row so that she gets all the hindmilk) What about waking her when you go to bed to eat. I always made a TON more milk in the night than during the day.

And take a ton of fenugreek. It will help!

Good luck and keep asking questions. Everyone is so helpful in here.
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Re: Feeling lost - 5 week old barely gaining weight

(((Laurie))) I know how you feel! I thought my little guy was doing wonderfully--happy, lots of diapers, eating until he fell asleep, very healthy, etc. Then we found out he wasn't gaining enough by "standards." We went to a LC who helped tons. He's gaining weight more steadily now, but he's still a slow gainer. That's just the way he is.
Stick with it--it will get better.
Did your sons have similar issues?
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