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Do you ever have to adjust your child's bedtime?

DS was a super sleep through the nighter (except for few occasions when he wasn't feeling well) until a few weeks ago and then he was up 2-3 times a night). We've just started playing around with his bed time again and while I don't think a ton of change is the best, we have had to make a little adjustment just to see what works, kwim?

here's what I had to do...things change a bit as he gets older i've noticed because when he was younger he'd eat supper at 600 and go to bed by 7 or 7:30. Not the case anymore. we've changed his bedtime a few times between then and now. The past two nights around 9:15 we'd go ahead and dim the lights and turn the tv down and hold him in the rocker. BUt i'd let him face the tv instead of facing me on my chest. (that would be automatic him going to sleep). For 15 minutes I'd rock and he's almost at the point of being asleep and then I'd go lay him down in his bed while he was still awake but almost asleep. He didn't even cry when I left the room (past 2 nights), sometimes he whimpers or cries for just a few minutes. He went right on to sleep. Monday night he slept till 6:30 yesterday morning and last night he slept till 7:15 this morning and I woke him up then. He probably would have slept longer. I'm going to keep letting him stay up a little later and see if this helps for a while. Doesn't give me as much time to do what I need to do (dishes and whatever)


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Re: Do you ever have to adjust your child's bedtime?

Of course! Sometimes it's differs day to day. We don't have a set schedule in our house. Sometimes my kids get up at 8:00. Sometimes they don't get up until 10:00. The later they get up, the later it pushes back mealtimes, naptime for DD and bedtime. Plus, every kid is different. DS took 3 20 min.- 2 hr. naps for a long time, then 2, then 1 and now he doesn't take any (he's 3). DD has only taken 1 2-3 hr. nap a day since she was a few months old. That drastically changes bedtime. She's much more willing to go to bed at night than he was at her age.
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Re: Do you ever have to adjust your child's bedtime?

Yes, I do adjust my kids bedtimes. We are kind of the opposite, though. Dh, the girls, and I are night owls by nature. The boys need to go to bed earlier, but they were staying up late with the rest of the family. Our older boy loves staying up, but he needs to go to bed earlier. Staying up late doesn't make him sleep in, so he loses sleep, whereas the girls sleep in to make up for staying up late.

Anyway, we've recently begun putting the boys to bed between 8 and 8:30 and it's going very well. The girls go to bed at 9 on school nights and 10:30 on weekends. Once Alisa is homeschooled, their bedtime will be 10:00.
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Re: Do you ever have to adjust your child's bedtime?

Absolutely. Kids need less sleep as they get older. I have a neighbor who gives her 2 year old 2 naps AND has her sleep for 12 hours at night. Then wonder's why the 2 year old will never sleep much anymore. I've tried to tell her she doesn't need that much but who am I having the older kids. LOL! My dd is now 8 and stopped taking naps all together when she was 2. If she took a nap she wouldn't sleep at night. She'd go to bed at night at 11pm and would wake up at 8am. Not that long for a 2 year old to sleep. She had cuddle time and rest time but as far as actually sleeping, she just couldn't do it. My kids are not nappers hardly at all. My son is 15 months old and takes one nap a day. It may be 1/2 hour to 2 hours. But that's it. Then he goes to bed at 10pm or 11pm and is good till 8am. Why oh why don't my kids sleep. LOL!
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Re: Do you ever have to adjust your child's bedtime?

My 17 month old is on a pretty consistent sleep schedule. She's in bed around 9-10pm and wakes up about 9-9:30 in the morning. She takes a 2-3 hour nap around noon and another hour nap in the evening. I know she sleeps a lot but she obviously needs it
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