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Re: Meals for camping - foil packs?

Originally Posted by 1boy1girl1kitty2 View Post
when i went to guide camp we did alot of the foil meals. one for breakfast was take a peice of bread cut a circular hole in the middle with a cookie cutter then crack an egg into the hole and wrap it up and toss it on a grate over the fire and in a few minutes you'll have egg in a toast hole


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Re: Meals for camping - foil packs?

Ok DH LOVES these when we go camping (mostly because I think he hates cast iron bits in his eggs)

Crack 1 or 2 eggs (scrambled) into a ziplock sandwich bag. Add, whatever you want, diced ham, cheese, bell peppers (cut up finely).

Boil these in a pot of water!


We made these ahead of time and had eggs 2 or 3 times over the week. If you use a black marker you can label them ahead of time (good not to mix up the kids!)
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Re: Meals for camping - foil packs?

Hmm I actually pre-cook most of my stuff as it is quicker to heat up than cook and keeps better over multiple days in the cooler. All these meals I pre cook and then dump into the foil unless otherwise noted...

Bfast meals

scrambled eggs with goodies- sausage bacon veggies etc we do different combo to make for different days and sometimes add a tortilla to it(tote tortilla seperate)
pancakes/waffles (syrup totes in a ziplock baggie)

not foil but good- I make some ezekiel 4:29 bread and/or banana veggie bread. will usually do it in muffins so that they are quick to grab these also make for good snacks


Stuft enchaladas precook everything place in tortillas and wrap with foil
Chicken/fish precooked with raw zuccini/yellow squash
chicken/fish precooked with precooked potatoes/carrots/onions
steak- braise the top and then he throws in the coals- make seperate side packet of precooked veggies

If there are left over of some of the meet and veggie stuff then a lot of times we will save that for the next night add it to water- throw in some boulion cubes and whalah- soup!

Corn wrapped in its husk with seasonings and then foil

There is more but I am busy....
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Re: Meals for camping - foil packs?

it's similar to what others have done but when we'd go camping, we always have "hobo meals" sorry for the name, it's just how my family called it. Basically we'd throw in whatever we wanted. This was my favorite camping meal.

Start off with a hamburger patty, put in potatoes, coleslaw, carrots, green beans, corn, onion, peanuts, etc etc whatever you want. I even put in trix cereal once as a kid. Salt and pepper if you like it, then soak it in tomato juice. As much or little as you want. Then cook over the fire.

I second the corn in foil, yummy...but even better is just soaking corn in water, still in the husk, then bake without foil. Then just pull away from husk.

At home, I've made single sized meatloaves and baked in foil. I bet those would work over the fire if you had the ingredients.
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Re: Meals for camping - foil packs?

We have a lake cabin and it is so fun to start a fire a cook as a family! I hate doing dishes there. No dishwasher!!
we have hobo burgers- pp have posted similar recipes- Hamburger patty w/sliced carrots and onions and potatoes wrapped in foil. Throw on coals for 20 minutes or oven 25 mins at 350
You can make hobo burgers so many ways! Patties w/ bbq sauce or patties w/tomatoe like a meatloaf.

I will core out apples (my son loves granny smith) and stuff w/brown sugar and butter wrap in foil. I think we leave alittle of the core in as a cork!
even cobbler can be made over a fire!
Just put what yyou like to eat in double foil. Throw on meduim coals. almost everything taste better over fire. imho!
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Re: Meals for camping - foil packs?

Originally Posted by mommy21princess View Post
Okay I LOVE Camping meals, Here goes:

First Hamburger Allafoilnot sure the spelling but that's how you say it.LOL)

When I was growing up we all got to make our very own so it was FUN!! Anyway you each make up a hamburger patty. Then peel and chunk up potatos, carrots (sometimes mom would use baby carrots), and an onion, I didn't like onions so my mom would eat mine, LOL
Then sprinkle on Lawrys seasoning salt and let it cook NEAR the fire until tender. It's soooo yummy my mouth is watering right now.
We had something similar to this called a boy scout special, the only difference is we would put cabbage on the bottom and then the hamburger patty with potatoes, carrots and onions(if you prefer) I don't eat onions. You can either eat the cabbage or no it just adds to flavor.
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Re: Meals for camping - foil packs?

This is similar to something I saw Paula Dean make on The Food Network. Its basically like a meatloaf with yummy stuff on top

Ground Beef
Green Peppers
Minced onion (I use dry)
Seasoning salt
garlic salt
1 egg

Mix all that together and make little meatloaf shapes (individual sized). Lay each one on a large piece of foil...

layer with thinly sliced onions, thinly sliced potatoes (a little salt on the potatoes) and top that with a couple slices of bacon. You can also add whatever other veggies (carrots, etc) you like to this! It is SOOOOO yummy!

I also make for a side dish potato bags...sliced potatoes, onion, a little water or butter, seasoning salt.

I haven't tried this, but a friend of mine takes an orange, cuts it in half and scoops out all of the pulp and juice (save and eat later or something). Then she takes a cupcake mix and fills each half orange with that and cooks it on the fire!
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Re: Meals for camping - foil packs?

Originally Posted by cameransmommy View Post
You could make breakfast packets with potatoes sliced really thin or even grated, onions and a few jones sausage links.

Maybe some ground beef, taco seasoning, corn, red peppers, onions for a southwestern packet.
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