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Re: How do you night-wean w/o CIO??

Night weaning was harder on me than the baby. I did it with my daughter at about 12 months old too. The way I did it was I just moved slower. Instead of rushing into her room and scooping her up and nursing, I walked in, patted/rubbed her back, picked her up, petted her hair, gave a hug,strolled over to the chair and sat down. Then I would take my time adjusting myself, then slowly get her into position. Let her nurse for a minute or so to get her 'fix' then see if I could remove her. If so she would get another hug, some cuddles, more nursing, more cuddles, then slowly back to bed, lay her down, rub her back. Repeat as needed. I lost a ton of sleep for a few nights, but after about 2 nights, I didn't have to give her more than a minute of actual nursing. Then I made the time in the chair shorter, with less cuddles, until we were pretty much just walking over to it and back without actually sitting down. To get to that point took about a week or 10 days., and nursing was done by then, it was just holding and a minute of cuddles.

Then I shortened the time I held her until I was simply picking her up, hugging her and putting her down. Then just leaning over and giving a hug, then patting her back and laying her down.

I just moved one small step at a time, and it took a bit over a month before she stopped waking at all, but it was only the first couple of nights that were really hard. She didn't cry, but she kept pushing to nurse, I would let her, but then unlatch after a minute and cuddle/hug instead. She got the idea that nursing wasn't the thing to do at night, and I think it was gentle on her. Sure, I lost a bit more sleep for a few nights, but nobody cried, there were no tears, and now we all sleep mostly every night.


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Re: How do you night-wean w/o CIO??

Last night DS2 only woke once to nurse!

I put him to bed around 8 pm or so, and then woke him to nurse at 10:30 pm or so, and he slept until 3:30 am, and then again until 7:30 am! Oh I hope this lasts!

Thanks for all your support everyone.... today is a much better day!
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Re: How do you night-wean w/o CIO??

Great news to hear
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Re: How do you night-wean w/o CIO??

Try to push breastmilk & food right before bed. That is one thing that helps us a lot. If no 9-10 am snack, we get the AM wake up snuggle/sippy. (that and partially Pting him and getting him to pee in the potty before bedtime - huge help - I wasn't sure what to think of the early PT/EC ideas, but some work - could that be an issue with a wet diaper - my son would just scream as he'd wake up, flood the diaper and be pissed). If you are breastfeeding/no bottle, don't start a bottle now. Switch to a sippy with the soft tip as its going to be harder in the long run to get rid of them.

If he goes to bed just fine there is no need to CIO. We don't mind if our son fusses a little (you can tell from his cry vs. disagreeing) but if he's hungry, we always pull him out of the crib/snuggle/sippy (we don't give bottles/sippys in the crib as we are concerned about the teeth issue). We found he goes in growth spurts where for weeks he'd get up 1-3 times a night and it sucked. Then, when we hit exhaustion, he goes back to sleeping through the night (but still sometimes gets up at 6 for a sippy and goes back down). Its a long time for a little one not to eat/drink and I'm not comfortable with saying just water for that stretch of time. (but every 3 hours is hard).

When the teething is that bad, we give tyn. or motrin. Otherwise he gets one/several tethers and I keep the ring style/favorite right now in the crib, in the car and one floats as an extra.
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Re: How do you night-wean w/o CIO??

Originally Posted by Qbit View Post
Similar situation in our house. DS co-sleeps and was 22 months when I decided to night wean. We started a couple days before hand just telling him that soon there would be no more mama milk at night. We also talked about the sun and moon, light and dark, noisy and quiet and so on. Then when we put our plan into action those were the things we talked about when he woke and was asking to nurse. He was bummed but he understood when we looked outside and saw the moon and talked about how dark and quiet it was because everybody is sleeping. He eventually went back to sleep to. And it just got easier and easier from that first wakeup, on. I feel really good about waiting until DS was older to night wean because it felt good knowing that he had some understanding of what was going on.
This exactly. I was really ready to be done night nursing a long time ago, but DD just couldn't handle it. This week we tried again - she's 25 months - and it was a BREEZE. We talked about it, she's get a bit upset when she woke up at night, and then she'd lie down and go back to sleep. All of a sudden she's sleeping 6-8 hours straight. We do co-sleep. Good luck, Mama!
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