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useful parenting stuff

Top Ten Reasons I'm Glad We Family Bed
1.No getting out of bed to get a crying hungry baby to feed.
2.Soothing your toddler when he has a nightmare, before he even wakes up crying.
3.No crying it out.
4.Babies sharing sleep have a natural sleep pattern that means less deep sleep, and more arousals. This may help lower the incidence of SIDS. Even better, babies in the family bed share moms sleep cycle twice as often as babies in solitary. That means, baby's more likely to want to nurse when you are in lighter sleep.
5.No getting out of bed to get a crying hungry baby to feed.
6.Family bedded babies nurse longer and more often. This results in a slower return of fertility for mother, and better health for baby.
7.Can you say fire safety? Most newborns can't, nor can they escape without a quick witted adult nearby.
8.One set of sheets to change. Don't forget a waterproof pad for your mattress! Some family bedders who have a crib find it makes an excellent toy chest or place to fold and put away laundry.
9.Morning yawns & smiling sweet faces. There's nothing finer to wake up to than your own sweet child. And how happy they are to have you right there where they don't have to wait for you to take them out of their crib, nor do you have to worry about them climbing out and risking their neck.
10.And our top reason: No getting out of bed to get a crying hungry baby to feed.


Hundreds of babies and young children die and/or are permanently brain
damaged each year here in the United States following "routine" vaccinations !

As many as 1 out of 9 babies and children are negatively affected after they are injected with these man-made, laboratory, chemical diseases. Most young parents, nor their doctors, know what to look for as far as adverse reactions
are concerned. Doctors are given a 15 minute class on vaccinations, and most of those minutes are given to how they are to 'push' parents into having their children vaccinated. Doctors are NOT ALLOWED to tell parents not to
get their children vaccinated under threat of loosing their medical license - you didn't know that did you ! [The government controls doctors in this country].
They can tell you to do it, and are ordered to do so, but they are NOT
ALLOWED to tell you not to do it !

Why, you ask ? It's simple: drug companies make their billions of dollars
every year by selling drugs and vaccines -- if they don't push their drugs, they go broke. The medical schools the doctors are educated in, are sponsored by the drug companies. So this makes the drug companies the controlling force of the education and practices that these doctors are taught. The drug companies are in control of our entire medical profession and the government is the direct controlling power over the drug companies - sort of a partnership.
They scratch each others' backs. They make big money together !
The government's FDA and World Health Organization are also a part of this
"circle of friends" out to control your health from the cradle to the grave.
Weak, sickly people are easier to control, and intimidate.

The sad part is, most young parents are pawns used by "authorities" to control the health of the American children, the future generation.
Parents are told that there's a law that says children and babies must have these vaccinations. Up until June 20, 1997, there was no law - the parents were lied to !

In June 1997, the government passed (illegally, since it was not voted on by the people !) , a law that makes it so that any child (not baby) that goes to any
(gov't controlled) public school, now must have the government vaccinations.
This takes away all parental rights, and personal freedom of choice, and goes
against our American Constitution !! [Yet young parents have no idea that this
is exactly what this means. They have been brainwashed from young on to accept anything the government orders !]
Young , unknowledgeable parents are easily intimidated by the "authorities" that
take away their parental rights, without even realizing it. This action by the
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT fully removes parents' rights. This goes against the Bill of Rights, which most young parents today don't even know we
Americans have ! The government wants to keep it this way, for these young new parents ARE the government generation, that will help them to obtain
full control of all aspects of life on everyone in the country ! They are almost there now. This is the One World Order that has been planned since the 1700's and has even been on our dollar bills all these years !! That's how confident they have been all these years in their plan of manipulating the American people into their One World System. Vaccinations (control of public health), is only one part of it.

[See book- The Planned Destruction of America, on the book list on my home page- 'Book Corner'] It is a must read for every American !

Also, the young parents of today have been raised in a chemical society, where
drugs, chemicals, medicines, food colorings and additives are a 'normal' and 'natural' way of life to them; they don't' know any other way, or that this is wrong and against Nature and very harmful to them and their children.
These chemicals have been a part of their lives since birth, hence, they are raising their children this same chemical, government-controlled way. This has been the aim of the government elite. [Note- this is NOT the same government that was formed in 1776 with the signing of the Constitution of the United States of America ! That government has been slowly taken over by
this elite group, which uses the same title and form, in order to deceive the
American people.]

This is the third generation of chemical vaccinations - and then you wonder why we have Aids? That's right ! We have so destroyed our immune systems over the past 3 generations via vaccinations and other chemicals, that we as a society, have little, if any, immune systems left ! Each generation is born weaker than the one before it, and have a shorter (yes - shorter !) life span, not longer, as we have been brainwashed into believing by the main stream media. Remember, before the great flood, there was no meat eating and people lived up to 900 years old ! That says a lot for the natural vegetarian diet that we were created to have. That was God's 'perfect' will. We were created as plant eaters, not meat eaters. Since meat was introduced into the human diet, the life span has continually declined. Now with all the pollutants and chemicals besides, we are lucky to see 65 years old today ! And they are not usually 'healthy' years; as compared to men back then, who began their families at ages of 500 years old and were working hard all day long until the day God called them to their rest. We today, are mere shadows of what we were created to be, and our diets and habits and chemicals are to blame !!

You see, vaccinations in babies and children DO NOT BUILD UP
the immune system - it destroys it ! This may sound strange to you if you are
of this chemical generation, but the facts are:

A. We are born with a pure, UNtainted, UNcontaminated, and
UNdeveloped immune system; but at birth it's still a "perfect"
immune system, even if it's not yet developed. God knew what He
was doing when He made us this way.
The blood stream is UNtainted at birth, and when we take our first breath,
ENVIRONMENT -- that's the NATURAL way our immune system
begins to BUILD UP and develop. That's how God intended it
to be; God created in us the perfect immune system and how it should
That is why when we get the REAL childhood diseases, the natural way, (and at the right age), we obtain LIFETIME IMMUNITY not only to those diseases, but also to the 'cousin' strains of those diseases. The disease MUST enter the body in the NATURAL way (not injected) for this to occur. That is why they are called "childhood " diseases, for this is the way the immune system is built up (not torn down as in the chemical, artificial way). Also, in childhood, the diseases are mild and easily treated naturally (homeopathically).
God knew what He was doing when He created us, and it is HIS way
that is the best way. He did not create us to be sickly, or worn out before
our time -- our 'modern' society has done that to us, and we have allowed it
to do so, without much protest. So we are getting what we deserve !

B. A baby's immune system is not fully developed or stable until about the
age of 4 years old. If that baby's immune system has been assaulted
by medicines, antibiotics, and vaccinations since it was born, by age
four, that poor child will have a very damaged, unbalanced, and weak
immune system, instead of a stable one, and consequently,
compromised health for their entire lifetime ! Well-meaning, yet
unknowledgeable young parents, have allowed their child's health
and longevity to be forever compromised ! They just don't seem to
realize the seriousness of all this; they never question what they are
TOLD to do and believe by authorities, and are so use to the term
'routine' that they just go along with the flow. They have been trained
to believe and trust doctors, as if they were God Himself. Young
parents today either don't have any instincts left, or didn't have any to
begin with. They have never been taught to trust in their own inner
voice, because they have been trained to listen to what the government
wants them to believe, and not to listen to their own 'gut' feelings at all.
They have been taught to believe that the government will always
have their best interests at heart, when in reality, the government we
have today, doesn't even have a heart to begin with.

Straight Talk :

You do NOT have to have your baby or child vaccinated ! There are forms you can get and filled out by a minister or doctor, that releases your child, and you, from being under the thumb (control) of Big Brother. You do NOT
have to use the public (gov't controlled) schools. You can home school or
use other schools that are not controlled by the government. You do have choices. Parents who REALLY CARE about the welfare and safety of their children will not cower in fear, but stand up strong for their child's life !
This control thing will get worse, not better, so if YOU are ever going to stand up for your rights, you had better do it now !

It's too late once the dirty deed (vaccinations) is done - your child's immune system and ultimate health are compromised forever ! You can never get
these poisons out of the blood stream once they are in , nor can you ever get the
system back in full balance again. So think about this BEFORE you allow it to be done.

Parents - stop allowing yourselves to be brainwashed by "the powers that be"
and start looking into what is being poured into your child's bloodstream !!
Your doctor won't tell you the truth - he's not allowed to, so you are on your own to find out the truth. It's out there - you're reading some of it here right now! Don't believe what you hear on the Agenda (main-stream) media. They
are in the same boat as the doctors are -- they have to tell the people what the
government tells them to, even if it's a full blown lie ! Care enough about
your child to do some real digging; it's not that hard. Read the books that the
government tries to stop from getting into the hands of the public - there are MANY ! [see my Book Corner on my home page]

But be ready to find out some pretty amazing stuff, such as :

Some of the vaccinations have been and still are deliberately tainted with the Aids virus, as a part of population control, and experimentation.
Your child is an experiment - a lab rat- (and so are you), and nothing more, to
Big Brother.

Some of the vaccinations are made with horse urine and pig blood !
The chemical vaccines (these are all the children's' vaccines ) are made with aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury ! WOULD YOU FEED THIS TO YOUR CHILD IN THEIR FORMULA ?! Yet YOU are allowing the government to inject it directly into your child's body !!!!
Both the pertussis and Hepatitis B vaccines contain these deadly poisons !!!

You cannot mess with Nature and expect no consequences.
We Americans are the UNhealthiest people of any civilized nation in the world !
Yet we are told every night on the nightly news to believe the opposite.
But it was the government's own World Health Organization that made this statement ! But they don't want YOU to know it; instead they feed you lies
via their Agenda Media on how 'we are so advanced' in these matters, over
the other countries, and the biggest lie of all, that 'we are living longer today than ever before.' Just so you know, other countries outlawed child vaccinations years ago, after they saw the results !

Wake up !! Open your eyes and ears !!

Get in touch with REALITY !!

Why the Aids deaths alone have dropped our average life span down to 45 !
This is not to mention all the Cancers, heart failures, and biological diseases we now have in outrageous numbers. We have never had 17 years olds drop dead on the basketball court from heart failure like they are doing now !
We have Cancers showing up in horrendous numbers in all age levels, as never before ! Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is in higher numbers now than ever in history !
Heart attacks were virtually unheard of 100 years ago !

Why is this?
D i e t !!

Our processed foods are loaded with FDA (gov't agency) approved poisons !
And ALL our processed foods are loaded with them !

MSG (causes brain tumors and permanent brain damage);

Aspertame .. Nutra Sweet (causes brain seizures, tumors, etc.);

Red, Yellow (etc.) food dyes, colors ( ALL cause Cancer);

Cottonseed oil .. Canola oil (causes stroke, heart attacks);

and all these substances are also listed under other names, to hide them from identification. These are just a few - but you get the point.


[See also on the topic list on my home page - ' This Chemical Generation']

Did you know that in the West Indies.. Jamaica, that Mc Donald's is banned !?
Fast foods are killers and these health minded people are very aware of this.
They have people in their 90's who are still working and having healthy
active lives. Yet, Bill Clinton was said to have McDonald's as his favorite
place to eat with the Big Mac as his favorite 'food' - a real plug (and push)
for this unhealthy place and fast foods. Was there an 'agenda' here ?
I've never actually seen a picture or evidence that he really ate these Big Macs,
as was claimed. If he did, he would have had a heart attack for sure by now.
But the government wants YOU to eat this stuff ! I even saw a piece on the media on how 'healthy' fast foods were ! Talk about pushing the stuff on the public ! Brainwashing and propaganda would be the honest way to put it.

With all the poisons (that we are TOLD are good for us and will not hurt us)
that we have pumped into us from birth, it's no wonder we have such long lines at the pharmacy -- to get even more drugs to put into our systems !

We Americans are drugged to death !

Do you realize that American beef is not allowed in Europe and some other
countries ? It's so loaded with harmful growth hormones, pesticides, drugs, antibiotics, and other chemicals that you ingest with every bite, and with every swallow of cows' milk, that other countries have outlawed our meats !
[See also on topic list on home page : Cows' milk - Toxic Drink?]

Finally, here is a list of the adverse reactions that are seen from the child
vaccinations (that parents are told are 'normal') :

1. Extended sleep after vaccinations.
My grandson slept for 16 hours straight after his mother insisted on getting him his shots at 3 months old! This is way too long ! This is your typical
chemical generation mother, reared by the government and " programmed
properly" by government standards. This is the kind of mother they want.

2. Night screams during sleep.
This is frightening ! The baby suddenly screams, sometimes waking himself up. It sounds like he's in great pain. It's a pain cry. This indicates neurological
damage (brain damage!).

3. Greenish very loose bowel movements. Diarrhea.

4. Vomiting.

5. Cough (The 'P' in the D-P-T causes this.) It's man-made whooping cough
and you can catch it yourself ! This is not like the real, natural disease,
this is much more severe and can take months to get rid of. No medicines can treat this one. This Pertusis vaccine can also cause brain damage and
death ! Even the new one that is now being used (tested) on your baby, is not to be trusted. No man-made vaccine can be.

6. Runny nose.

7. Ear infections and Rashes.
Get ready for a lot of ear infections once you mess with vaccinations !
Then the doctor will give the baby even more chemicals - drugs - to
treat this chemical induced problem ! Oh, what money they will make on
you from now on ! Cow milk also will cause ear infections. It too, is
loaded with chemicals. [See topic list on home page - Cows' Milk-Toxic

8. Persistent Crying and general change in behavior.
[There's a great book - " Vaccinations, Social Violence, and Criminology"
by Harris Coulter. Order it from Crimson Moon Books at
1-813-725-9977 What an eye opener ! ]
These vaccinations are responsible for more than you could ever realize !

9. Collapse .. Shock-like episodes .. Shakes .. Convulsions .. unconsciousness

10. Hyperactivity
Much of the hyperness in todays children can be directly linked to the
vaccinations ! Also learning problems and behavioral problems !

11. Dazed .. dullness (like the baby was heavily drugged).

12. Epileptic seizures
Many of the cases of Epilepsy is due to these vaccinations !

13. Excessive fever.
Some fever is expected because the baby's body is reacting to the foreign
substances invading the body.

One or more of these signs, shows adverse problems in your child - never get any vaccinations ever again ! Next time , it may mean death or a permanently
damaged child for life (a vegetable) ! Any of these signs already show that some damage has already occurred.

Symptoms may show up with the first series of shots, or may show up at later vaccinations, so don't think that your child is fine to get more vaccinations just because they made it through the first time. The series is a lot of dangerous
(and money making) nonsense anyway.

Sometimes, the reactions will not show up for months down the road, so don't think that just because your child did not show any signs right away during that first week following the shots, that everything is fine.

Never, under any circumstances, vaccinate a child under two years of age -
no matter what your doctor says !! Better yet, never get those poisons in
your child at all, ever ! God never intended for humans to put chemicals into
their bodies. In fact, the Bible is dead set against it ! ( I Cor. 6:19 ; and the
the old testament is loaded with what is acceptable to eat and not to eat before the flood, which was God's perfect will for man. The Bible is very cautious
on what is allowed into the human body.)

Most doctors and nurses do not know that these are adverse reactions
and signs of damage. They are not taught about the reactions -- only to push
the vaccination program. If they don't, they will lose their medical license !!

They are only covering their own butts with that statement !

Remember, some reactions will show up months later ! So don't keep getting
the shots just because you think your child is getting through it okay, or
because you are told the lie that the series is necessary for any of them to do any good ! I've been told that one myself. What a sales pitch !!

The series of vaccinations are totally unnecessary, and just puts the child at further risk. Several documented cases showed several babies managed to survive their first and second series of shots, but had such devistating reactions after the third series (this stuff builds up in your system remember),
that all of those who did live, had permanent brain damage; several went into convulsions, coma and died. Each time you go for the shots, that is a series.

Hyperactive children (now being drugged with Ridlin in schools), are at epidemic proportions. This is neurological (brain) damage from vaccinations that no one
is admitting to. We have so many learning problems in our kids today, yet parents are not making the connection; they have long stopped thinking for themselves or questioning government orders.

Eye sight is also impaired due to the vaccinations. They have now even connected criminal behavior to vaccinations. (Research done on this). [See Book List].

Many families find they all suddenly are coughing their heads off following
a baby of the household getting vaccinated. They have the man-made whooping Cough disease, and it is almost impossible to treat. I got this myself from my baby grandson and it took 7 months of coughing my guts out, before it began to
let up ! Your only hope is to find a good homeopathic doctor to help you.

[In the Tampa Bay area, DR. GREGORY HEIGH of East, West Natural
Associates, a clinic in Tampa. He is an excellent doctor for all these problems.]
Virtually, the only polio, Whooping Cough,etc. that we have today and for many years past now, are from the vaccinations. They are keeping these diseases
alive and kicking (more money in it for them, you know).

The only sure and safe way to protect your child is , first of all - BE INFORMED.
Secondly, don't allow ANY man-made , foreign substances in your child's body, or your own for that matter. IT's not Natural. It's not normal.



Here's a doctor's web site that will shock your eyes open ! Visit this eye opener :

Also see my Health Book List on my Home Page


Wife of dh, Philip04/02 Mama of [Austin (01/00) Xavier(10/02) Xandria(01/05) Angel Baby(20 weeks gest[02/06]) and Maverik(12/06) and Step-Daughter Merissa (10/02)
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