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Bristol Zhi is here!***added story

home birth story to come...

April 25th 7:43pm

8.2 lbs 21 inches

As it turns out my early labor had started late Thursday night into Friday. There wasn't much going on Saturday or Sunday other than crampy bloated period feelings until Monday morning...

I woke up at about 6:30am to babysit. For the early part of the morning I was having fairly strong contractions but nothing regular enough to time an hour apart, hour and half and some were even really close together like once it was ten minutes between two.

Because I got so excited Friday when things were feeling regular I was super unsure when to start taking contractions seriously. They were definitely stronger though, to where I would have to lean over the counter and breathe through them.

The midwife (Marlene) called me around 11-12 to tell me she was going to a visit where she would be out of signal until around 2:30 and she wanted to check on me to see if I had any signs I told her what was going on and that I still wasn't sure if it was anything to take serious.

I continued to take care of the 2 girls I babysit plus Paislee as a normal day...all the while trying to talk Zach into calling off because my back was just hurting so bad and I was thinking "it has to be soon!" ...well he went to work and I babysat until 2.

By 3 O'clock I finally decided to call the midwives and Zach. I also talked to my sister because she called me to see how things were going for the day (she has been checking in everyday getting excited). SO when she called and asked how I was feeling I finally was able to tell her...”well I'm in labor”.

When I talked to Kaiajade, our other midwife, I told her things were really picking up and I was pretty sure this is the real deal. She asked me to drink a few glasses of water and to try and rest. I told her I wanted to get a shower to cool off too. So we got off the phone deciding I would drink water, take a shower, then try to get some rest before labor really kicked in. I hadn't talked to Zach yet so called the prison only for no one to answer the phone which made me get a little worried.

I called our friend Jenny, who was going to be taking pictures for our photo diary, to let her know what was going on and to sort of vent in my panic of not getting a hold of Zach at the prison. After we had talked and messaged back and forth a couple times she would be on her way with camera and food in hand 

I got off the phone to find the dog had pooped on the floor which caused me to just about lose it...the house was a mess, the dishes weren't done, the dog pooped on the floor, the birth pool needed filled up and I was home alone with Paislee! I was really starting to panic that the house wasn't how it was supposed to be for labor and I just knew it was coming. I really started to panic when I wasn't able to get much done without stopping for contractions and it was just me and Paislee. So hormonal panic caused me to sob...then I called the prison again, got a hold of Zach and he said he'd be on his way.

So I set Paislee up in the pack n play with a snack and the upside down show so I could jump in the shower (after cleaning up after the dog). In the shower I got super relaxed and started to get excited it was really happening. Got out of the shower and tried to lie down on the couch to quickly find out my contractions hurt far too bad to be lying down. So I called the midwife to tell her things were yet again picking up and a nap wasn't going to happen. I talked to both midwives telling them things were definitely picking up so while we prolly still had time they could eat and finish whatever they had to do then come my way.

Not long after Zach got home at about quarter after 4pm, I started requesting him to put pressure on my back through contractions. Jenny showed up next (She later told me she was pretty surprised to see me that far along when she got there). Zach had already started filling up the birth pool in between helping me through contractions and tending to Paislee. When Jenny got there she jumped in and helped out with everything too including Paislee and started taking pictures.

Paislee was at home for a big part of my active labor. She did so awesome while she was here. She even was unprompted rubbing my back and trying to comfort me through contractions. If she were a little older I would have probably had her stay the entire time. Zach was going to take her to my sisters but since everything was happening so quickly my Dad came and took Paislee to my sister’s house at around 5:30p.m.

The midwives got here a little while later as I was leaned over the ball contracting and kaiajade ran over and hugged me and immediately they started taking over with rubbing my back through contractions. Julia the apprentice did an awesome job rubbing my back through contractions. This was my only “medicine” that got me through all the contractions. I wasn’t even sure who was rubbing when they were rubbing I just felt the contractions and started demanding where and how I wanted pressure and THEY ALL WERE AWESOME in helping me labor right through them. I labored for of my labor over the ball and recliner in a squatting position then transferred to the couch up on my knees leaned over the back. Zach stood behind the couch holding my hand and comforting me; the midwives were rubbing my back, supporting my perineum, and getting all else ready for baby to exit. Jenny was busy taking loads of pictures. Thanks so much Jenny, there is no way we would have been stopping to take any pictures!

I started pushing on my own without anyone demanding I do so at 7:20, her head came out at 7:42, and the rest of Bristol Zhi came out at 7:43pm weighing in at 8 lbs 2 oz. 21 inches long. It was super rewarding to reach down and feel her coming out.

I keep saying it just feels unfair that we were blessed with such an awesome experience and so many are miserable throughout their birthing experiences. No one could convince me that a hospital is better after this, it was just amazing.
Ashley ,, delayed vaxng SAHM to Paislee Elisabeth October 27, 2009
& had our 1st planned home birth baby Bristol Zhi April 25, 2011

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