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going back to work PT - decisions

My maternity leave is up June 8 and my work has finally given me the ok to go down to part-time. I have some decisions to make, though.

One option is for me to continue full-time, but work 3 days at work (probably MWF) and 2 days at home. I can't imagine that I will really be able to get that much work done while at home, but do you think it's worth a shot working during naps and at night after DH gets home? Has anyone ever done something like this? It would be nice to have the $, but I don't want to compromise my time with my baby - it's going to be hard enough going back to work at all since I would really rather be a SAHM.

Another option is for me to work 2.5 days a week and job-share with someone. Until they found someone to job-share with me, they would ask me to work 3 days a week, then go down to 2.5 days once they had someone else on board . . . who knows how long that would be.

My regular hours are 8-4:30, but I could probably negotiate to work 9-5:30 instead. My commute is 30-40 minutes. If DH goes in to work early on the days I work, he could be home between 3:30 and 4. So I could drop DS off at the babysitter around 8:15, work 9-5:30, have DH pick DS up around 3:45, -then get home myself by 6:15. That way he would only be at the sitter 7-8 hours instead of 10 hours.

I'm just looking for opinions on my options and on this plan from WOHMs, since I don't know what to expect about returning to work and the logistics of managing everything. I am breastfeeding, so I'm trying to think about what's best for that, too.


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Re: going back to work PT - decisions

Since you have the option of basically either workind 2.5 days or 3 days at work (if you do full time), I'd go with the full time. That's only half a day extra "at work". And way more money!
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Re: going back to work PT - decisions

I would stay strictly at part time and not even try to work from home unless you absolutely have to financially. It can be really challenging to stay focused at home especially when you would rather be with baby. If you do work from home, you really need child care set up so people aren't interrupting you and you are not constantly checking on baby when you are supposed to be working. It is very difficult to count on naps and after bedtime to do work because those things really fluctuate especially if you are breastfeeding and co-sleeping. If you don't feel like you can devote yourself to your job during those hours and you don't really want to and don't really have to then you very likely will not have the motivation to say no to your baby to get your job done. Does this all make sense? Babies grow up SOOOO fast so if you can have the luxury to spend more time with them, do it.
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Re: going back to work PT - decisions

I would do the part time option. I work 2 shifts a week and love it. I really feel like im a sahm but im not. I can't imagine trying to work from home and tend to a baby. If you are part time you can enjoy your baby without the added stress of getting work done. I think it is worth cutting back on spending to enjoy your baby and breastfeeding. I would have a hard time pumping 5 days a week. I already have to pump extra at home to have enough milk when I work. Good luck mama. Let us know what you end up doing.
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Re: going back to work PT - decisions

In your position I would just do the job share and work part time rather than trying to work full time with only part time child care (since it sounds like that's your goal). If we could afford to have me working part time, I'd be doing it now. That's our long term goal but it likely won't be possible for another 5-7 years. I really feel that part time work would be ideal for many mothers in our society.

Trying to work from home while caring for a baby is next to impossible - the only moms who I know who've made it work still have child care arrangements. DH's cousin works from home full time and they have a sitter in their home - she has lunch with the kids and is available in a crisis but is able to devote most/all of her day to actually doing work (she doesn't breastfeed so feeding and pumping isn't an issue). I'm fortunate to have been able to work from home when DD is sick and honestly I don't get a lot done on those days. She needs something, or starts crying during a teleconference, and basically by the end of the day I've gotten about an hour's worth of work done if I'm lucky. I don't feel that I can adequately tend to either our child OR my job when I have to try to do both at the same time. Actually right now DH works 2nd shift so if DD can't go to daycare due to illness he'll take her to the ped and take care of her and then when he needs to leave for work I just leave the office a few hours early and flextime it later in the week or the next week, rather than trying to work from home or catch up after she's gone to bed. It's my personality; I'm a mom who does best when I can focus 100% on work at the office and 100% on family at home.

Our DD is breastfed, including being EBF for her first six months, and I went back to work when she was 10 weeks old. She's 9 months now and pumping is such a chore but I do it because I have to. It's not an awful thing and I've found that careful attention to my supply and ONLY nursing when we're together has helped keep my supply OK.
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Re: going back to work PT - decisions

I personally would get no work done working from home, so I'd have to be at work the whole time. When DH is home, I would be distracted, and want to spend time with him. DH tried working from home a few times, but always ended up working at the office because like me, he gets too distracted with kids in the house.
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