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Mine have the Ipad, that is it... Game wise, they don't have "games" they have educational ones only....

An actual game console like a Wii, we have but no one ever plays, we mostly use it for Netflix, and I sometimes use it to work out with.. That is about it!


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Yes my kids have gaming systems and also play on the computer. I think Kearnan was on a computer before he was 18months old, he has always known his way around a computer, it is just one of his things. I can remember picking him up from speech therapy and finding him helping his speech therapist hook up her printer or reformat her hard drive before he was even 5 years old. He just always knew how to do these things, which is good for him. He can do things with a computer that I can't, and my brother helps him a good deal. When he was tiny and we still lived with my parents he would sneak off to my brothers room to watch him play video games. I can't remember when dh bought the Playstation 2, but Kearnan wasn't very old. We bought a few games he could play as well and he was always quite good at it. When we were potty training him and he had a hard time with learning to use the big toilet to poop (he was afraid to sit on it because of his ASD) we bought a game boy advanced used and he was only allowed to play it sitting on the toilet. It worked like magic and after a week he was allowed to use his gameboy for car trips too. Now the Playstation 2 is his game system in his bedroom. He also has a Wii in the living room but everyone can use that one (I think dh uses it the most when our friends come over I hate it). We also have a Playstation 3 now. Kearnan moved up to a DS a few years ago and Tharen has a Gameboy advanced that he has had since he was 4. But even at almost 10 and with all of those systems and with one in his room he knows he can't play unless he asks first. I would say he plays a few hours a week and sometimes not at all. He does spend a good bit of time on the computer but I wouldn't count that as gaming time since he is doing his school work (his home school curriculum is computer based). I do use some educational games and videos to teach him online as well but I wouldn't even count that as video game time, timez attacks and dance mat typing probably isn't what most kids would call video gaming. It is all about learning to type and memorizing the multiplication tables. When all of his school work is done, plus his chores, if he has been good and he has time he can request gaming or TV time. It just happens that he often requests more time on cosmeo or plays with toys instead. Then he is busy with Taekwondo or something else. Though some nights we do play Street Fighter or Tekken together. I don't play a lot of video games but I like fighter games.

My brother and I had video game systems as kids. We probably had far more access than a lot of kids our age to computers and video games because my father was in the tech industry and encouraged us to be interested. I know my brother always had a greater interest than I did and he encourages my children to be interested as well. Kearnan is definitely right there and I don't mind, he could do worse than to turn out like his uncle.
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My DD got a V-Smile at like I think 3 or 4 years old. She was on it maybe 3hrs a week, more like 2 or less usually I think. It was no more than 30 min a day. She has a very short attention span anyway and she didn't play it every day.
At age 5 we let her play an online game her father and I play called World of Warcraft. But even then it was maybe a half hour a day and not daily. We used it for the educational stuff like learning to read, money etc.
She hasn't played it much in awhile because she has to earn time for it and she just doesn't care to as much.
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We have a PS2 and a Wii and we limit the time that DS1 is allowed to play. We only started letting him play them around 5 years old, when he was old enough to use the controllers well. He also has a Leapster2, which we let him play as much as he wants since it's been great at improving his reading skills. He's not the kind of kid who plays video games for long periods though since he's way too active to sit still that long. He mostly plays the Lego Star Wars (and other Lego games) and the sports game that came with the Wii (and he's enthusiastic about playing and jumps and swings all around when he plays).
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