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Re: What kind of vax reations have your kids had?

Fever after her 4 month shots but she had 1 more than usual because they were out of it at the 2 month appt. She hasn't had her 6 month ones yet and I'm thinking at her 9 month appt I'll have them start giving her one at a time.


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Laura Lou
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Re: What kind of vax reations have your kids had?

terrifying. i thought i gave my happy baby autism. Really it would have been the doctors who gave it, but I'm soooooooooo thankful that I got away with it and he seem 100% ok now. I was grieving for him, because he regressed so badly. I thought my baby was gone.
i had done research before, and was in my head convinced that the MMR doesn't cause autism, but planning to try to get separate M M and R when the time came. well, we didn't get that far yet. my son's almost 8 months now. at the 4 month visit he was a tiny bit sick. I let him get the vaccines anyway (the whole, excessive round= Pentacel (DTap IPV HIB), Prevnar (PCV13), and Rotateq. total? 2 shots, one oral = 5 + 13 + 1 = 19 illnesses at once. against a 4 month old. They ARE insane.
so, the symptoms: a terrible constant moaning cry that i had never heard before that went on for at least 6 days. Also for at least 6 days, i think 10 really: a constant frown, strange behavior, not making eye contact, unresponsive, in pain, unsocial, no playing, not using the toilet like he had fun doing before. At least 2 seizures with a little tremble and then staring off unresponsive for a little bit. He regressed to I don't know, 2 months? one? He had a fever, but i didn't add to his misery by taking his temperature. After a week and a half he improved each day and became normal again at some point before his six month visit. I haven't been back to the clinic. At 6 mos I took him to a real pediatrician where he went (twice?) before I lost my insurance I had from my job. They advised I check out free or reduced cost vaccinations through my town. A month later, I was advised by the free vaccination nurse that in 20 (30?) years of giving vaccines to kids, she's never had a reaccion like what my son had. And she wouldn't give him anything, much to my relief, until I report the reaccion to the doctor who gave the shots and get a note saying it's ok to give him more. And then she'd want to do it one shot a month.

(She did say that swollen testicles are pretty common with the mumps vaccine and she had one boy become sterile from it. he was older though, like 13 or 14, and she says you aren't supposed to give it to men(just boys) because they can become sterile. yeah. because that's one of the things mumps can do.) And she had one high fever.

I met a lady with her son who's almost 4 yesterday. He's got epilepsy and he's developmentally stuck at 2 or 4 months. He can't talk, walk, etc. She thinks it's from the 4 month vaccinations. They treated him in a hyperbaric chamber for a while and his seizures stopped for 6 months. Then they gave him another vaccination and it started again.

Hazy details on this. I will track him down and ask him the particulars. Around 2005 I met a young man who was physically stuck at 8 (maybe 12). He was 16 when I met him. He was undeveloped. He looked like a kid. But he thought and spoke like an adult. He had a massive open wound covering most of his chest. It won't heal. He has some horrible flesh-eating thing. He's also got arthritis. It's from a Merck recombinant vaccine that school required him to get for some reason. They can't sue because Merck wrote it into something that i guess they signed or initialed.

I read a VERY interesting book called Vaccination: one man's ?quest? to ... ? by Maurice Hilleman who invented some of the super-vaccines. measels, mumps, mareck's for chicken. He worked on Polio. He was employed by Merck at least some of the time.
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Re: What kind of vax reations have your kids had?

DD#1 was fully vaxed up to age 3. She had no vaccine reactions. She has sensory processing issues but I do not believe they are caused by the vaccines. My totally un-vaccinated three year old DD#2 also shows signs of sensory processing issues (just not quite to the same level as DD#1).
One of the children I babysat for did contract Rubella (German Measles) from the MMR vaccine. He shared rubella with two kids in our playgroup who had not yet received the vaccine. The little boys doctor refused to see him and said there was no way that the vaccine gave him Rubella. The kids who contacted Rubella both were diagnosed, by separate doctors, as having it. This made me start questioning vaccines, their effectiveness and how much we really know about what we are injecting into our infants tiny bodies.
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Ds vomited right after the Rotavirus vax so who knows if he got any of it. He vomited for a week straight after the Prevnar & was covered in hives after the Chicken Pox vax so those were his only 3 & last 3.

I don't see pushing the issue by trying more shots. Ds has allergies but also has some blood sugar issues so I don't need anything that could make him vomit since vomiting always = hospitalization.
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Re: What kind of vax reations have your kids had?

We selectively vaccinate and separate our vaccines so that DD only gets one at a time and she still has a reaction with every vaccine. Her reactions have varied from soreness at the injection site to pretty significant swelling. She always gets a fever as well, sometimes 101ish other times over 103. Her worst reaction was to DTaP. She got a rash, high fever and would not eat for several days. We don't love vaccines.
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Re: What kind of vax reations have your kids had?

None so far with ds. He didn't even cry at the 12 month because I gave him a sucker.

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Maybe a light fever but so far none of my kids (4 total) have had reactions.
I don't do the oral immunizations though.

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Re: What kind of vax reations have your kids had?

At 4 months, my oldest DD got the polio and hib vaccines and screamed for hours afterward. Technically, it was a "mild" reaction because she was right at that 3-hour threshold when she finally stopped shrieking -- but it sure didn't look mild to me. She'd always been a pretty placid baby up until that point.

She got the PCV vaccine (not Prevnar) right around her second birthday and developed excema near the site of the injection. She was under the care of an immunologist at the time, and he said it would be an unusual reaction, but not impossible.

Oddly, DTaP is supposed to be one of the most reactogenic vaccines, but that was the one that didn't seem to faze her at all. We waited until just past her first birthday to start the DTaP, though.
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Re: What kind of vax reations have your kids had?

101 fever. Nothing else. But we'll be delaying the MMR.
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