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Re: **UPDATED #319**Requesting ONLY CDing at home daycare.

Originally Posted by lrgs View Post
Can you please clarify this statement? It seems to me you are insinuating OP is in need of mental help? If so.......I really don't think that is called for.
I LOLed @ the post you're responding to. I think she meant everyone involved, (maybe even in the thread, too) not just the OP....just because of the 3-ring dramam circus this thread has become.


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Re: **UPDATED #319**Requesting ONLY CDing at home daycare.

Originally Posted by aidensmom325 View Post
Hi mamas, I need your thoughts on something. A friend of mine just had a baby and she has asked me to watch him when she goes back to work in a month. I would love to, but my only stipulation is that she has to use cloth diapers, at least when he is with me. Basically im refusing to use sposies.

I will provide the diapers to use here with me as well as washing them. She can bring 1 sposie to take him home in, but while he is here he is gonna be using cloth.

Do you ladies think that this is a reasonable request? My husband agrees with me and has offered to help purchase some NB stuff since not all of our diapers will fit him yet. But my mom thinks that I have no right to ask this of her, even though IMO im not really asking her to do anything and saving her $$ on the sposies she wont need to waste while he is here.

I watch kids from home, CD's have never been an issue. I tend to use them if a parent forgets to bring dipes or just because they're cute! I never had a parent care. I don't put stipulations or ask for permission. They know I use cloth and figure if I don't mind they don't care. I do change them into a sposie when they leave and I have had a parent say don't worry about and bring it back washed(even though I still have to wash it anyway). I have given cloth to parents who say they get frustrated when they run out of diapers and then have to rush to go get them, they are able to keep them for back up to hold them over till they get to the store.
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I CD all the babies I nanny for. I nicely ask for permission, not demand, but in truth it's not really negotiable. I won't use a spouse, I'd rather find a new job. No one has ever said "no" though!
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Re: **UPDATED #319**Requesting ONLY CDing at home daycare.

Here's my opinion, if she doesn't want to do it, she can find another sitter willing to sit for $80 a week. The same way that other daycare providers don't want to cd, you don't want sposies... I really don't see this as a complicated issue. Yes, you may lose a client, as long as you don't see that as an issue then I wouldn't worry about it.

It really is just as simple as that. I've been told no sposies by family members so I just tell them that they can't watch him, all of a sudden its fine. If they won't let it go then I will just stay there with him and change his diaper or ask someone else... whatever.

There's a nice way to ask and then there's a mean way to ask, I say as long as your nice about it, I'm sure you two will either come to an agreement about it or she will find someone else. I don't think that the friendship will be in jeopardy. I've been in the opposite situation with asking a friend to watch him and her wanting sposies, I had to make a decision of whether I wanted to put him in sposies or find another friend to watch him.... Thats the same as her decision, does she want to keep him in sposies or use cloth part time.

Only issue I could see is if he gets a rash from the detergent or whatever. Then, she'd want sposies back... maybe a compromise on sposies if they are a specific brand that do discenigrate? Either way, your house, your way.
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Re: **UPDATED #319**Requesting ONLY CDing at home daycare.

That breaks my heart. That poor baby.

My grandfather was a heavy smoker, and my mom, now in her 60s, still has health problems from it. Her doctor said her longs are so bad that he would have thought she either had severe whooping cough as a kid (she didn't) or was a smoker herself (she is not).

Also, I'm late to the thread, but I didn't think requesting CD was over the top, especially since you were offering to supply them. I do think $80 a week for child care is unbelievably low, but maybe that's normal in your area.
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Re: **UPDATED #319**Requesting ONLY CDing at home daycare.

Never mind. As I read back , I see there is a lot more to the story than what I thought.

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