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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

Being foster parents, we have a different number of kids practically every month! lol

Right now, we are at 7yo, 6yo (next Thursday), 4yo, 15mo, and 14mo. The two oldest are 14 months apart, and the two babies are 34 DAYS apart. Oh, and just to top it off - they are ALL boys, the oldest is ADHD, possible SID, 2nd is ODD, possible ARND/RAD, and the 4yo is not dx with anything yet but whew, he's a mean little thing sometimes... lol

The oldest and youngest are my bios, the 6yo we have had since he was 3 and we are waiting on the court decision whether we can adopt (any day now!).

The 4yo and 15mo we have had since May, and it WAS crazy for the first couple of weeks, but then you just get into a "groove", kwim? It doesn't matter HOW many kids you have, the first little while after you add more, it's hectic and stressful. You adapt, you grow, it becomes fun again!


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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

I can share my VBAC experience. I don't understand why some OB's won't let you try. It's pretty much documented that inducing can cause a rupture, but there's a lot of evidence that if labor starts on its own, you can VBAC. I had an emergency c/s with DS, then, 7 1/2 years later, had no problem with a VBAC. I hired a doula to help me hold my ground if people tried to push me into an unwanted c/s or other medication.

This time, I'm trying to VBAC again, but I'm getting more of a fight, because I usually go about a week past my EDD, and there are more risks of that due to my age, so they're threatening c/s. I've been advised that nobody can make you get a c/s; you have to sign the papers. I will refuse to sign them unless I am convinced that it is medically necessary.

Forgot to say, I tend to have long, slow labors. When I VBACed, I was in labor for about 17 hours, much of it with fairly strong contractions. Everything held just fine, and I was able to push the baby out very quickly in the end. I was home from the hospital the next day (my choice; I don't like being in the hospital), and was doing great. That's why I totally want to do it again. GO FOR IT! (Especially with young kids at home...)
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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

I only have one child so i cant give advice aobut 3. lol
As for the VBAC its totally doable! The rupture rate is so so so low, its alot lower than you think it is. You have higher chances for other things happening before a rupture. Yes, it is a possibility, but ruptures are used as scare tactics sometimes. Also, induction does increase your rupture rates. So its best to go on your own. Also, moms show signs of rupture before they tend to happen. Moms do certain things, or act a certain way, or are able to feel things happening. Midwives can pick upon them very fast because they know what to look for. When you have an epidural that takes away the moms ability to show those signs and to let the care provider know that something is happening, so they are caught alot later than if you dont have an epidural.
Lastly, you have every right in the world to try for a VBAC. Even if you had a classical cut a VBAC is still possible.
I suggest getting involved with ICAN, they are a great organization to learn from and to prepare yourself. they offer LOTS of great info and they can often lead you in the direction of a care provider who is known to support VBACs. I LOVE going to my meetings and hav learned SO much! Go to you can find a chapter in your area on the site.

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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

well I don't have 3 kids yet and I am not so lucky to be fertle mertle but I can say.....

My oldest was 8 when my youngest was born. My 1st born I had a c-section with a bikini cut my 2nd was a successful VBAC.

My doc was huge on vag births and because my csection was because of a breech baby I was a good canidate to have a vbac. I was scared to death about uterine rupture but they carefully monitored me during labor with both external and internal monitors.

Now my friend had a csection because her labor wasn't progressing and she had a 10 #'er...then 18 months later(2nd baby) she had an assisted home birth vbac.

I would get the opinion from another OB if I were you.....ok so they cut you bikini externally but did they do the same internally? That will actually make the difference to find out because if they cut you internally up/down then I don't think any doc would favor vbac???
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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

Mornings are completely crazy around here. I have twin 2 yr olds and a 12 yr old. I'm not sure if it gets much easier.

I had vaginal births with all of them.

I've heard about some Chinese chart or something that will predict what you're having based an the day you concieve but I haven't tried it and it wasn't right with my sister. I think the only way to know for sure is that new procedure where they select fertilized eggs but I think that's wrong so I don't know.
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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

I have two almost four year olds, an almost two year old, and a 9 month old. Sometimes things are insane - usually just the noise level - but it is a ton of fun, and sometimes a schedule works, and sometimes just going with the flow works.
VBAC- I have had two after an emergency c-section. I was actually induced with the first VBAC, pitocin was NO FUN but no problems. Second VBAC was completely natural. If you have a horizontal versus vertical incision in your uterus is a key consideration in allowing a VBAC. We are planning on VBACs for any subsequent babies.
As for boys vs girls, I know there are theories but for me it was just luck of the draw, the way the stars were aligned, what God chose that time - we weren't hoping for a boy (although DH's pretty darn happy to finally have one!). GOOD LUCK!!
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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

I've got three and I can say it's chaos sometimes. But what home isn't? I have a 6yr, an almost 4yr, and a 13 month old.

Mine were all vaginal births, so I can't tell you about VBAC.

We have three girls... we're trying for a boy next but will take whatever God gives us. Don't know what to tell you about techniques as I've heard way too much conflicting information to say anything. Not to mention, according to my last chart I had before getting pregnant with my DD3, I SWORE for 24 weeks she was a boy because the stars aligned for us to BD on my ovulation night. Well... it's a girl! So I don't know anymore. O'well...

good luck!!!!
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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

I have my smartie pants on today ~ watch out!!

I have an 11 1/2 year old, a nearly 4 year old and am 7 months pregnant with #3. I also watch a 2 year old and a nearly 8 year old full time with a 7 year old, 6 year old, nearly 5 year old and a 2 1/2 year old part time/here and there. My house is referred to as complete and total monitored chaos. Kids area always here!! I am a very organized and scheduled person so my home runs pretty smoothly most of the time. If you keep a routine it sure makes things go a lot more smoothly.

No help on the VBAC, all my kids come through "the canal".

As for the girl thing, there are a ton of tips I have heard from changing your diet to different positions. However if you sleep with my dh you will get a girl, his brother however all boys. The next one I'd really like a boy so I'm up for hearing tips but I think in the end you get what you were meant to have.

Good luck and happy baby dancing!!
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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

I've heard of the shettles method for 'choosing gender'....and although we weren't trying, I do have 2 boys and conditions around conceiving were those of the shettles method...coincedence or truth to the theory? I dunno

I don't know from *personal* experience on the VBAC situation...but my friend, her sister, and her SIL all have that experience and I've heard a lot about it. Her sister and SIL have both had I think 3 sections...and I *think* her sister had a VBAC. Both were advised to not have any more children because of the risk of uterine rupture. Her sis has 5 children and her SIL has 3. She's expecting her 3rd. First was c/s due to failure to progress....she was attempting VBAC w/ the 2nd, but also had failure to progress and when the doc did the c/s, they told her that it was a *good* thing they did the c/s because her uterus was REALLY thin. Now with the 3rd due 10 days after her 2nd's first birthday (follow? ), she desperately wants a VBAC...but everyone is against it. I think she's switched ob's to one who will attempt a VBA2C...but, i know her dh is against it. I just looked at the OP again and I have no idea what kind of cut she has....but I'll ask and edit my post
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Re: 3 questions in 1 post!

I have an 11 1/2-month old daughter and am expecting our next baby anyday. Two under one that cannot walk! Yikes.

What are the differences between bikini incisions and transverse incisions? What conditions would dictate which one you receive?

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