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Re: How do I know if DS has milk/egg allergy? *pics added*

Originally Posted by jeebee View Post
I just want to add that tests are not always accurate! My DD1 had the skin tests done and came up positive to egg, milk (which were right) and pecans... however she had had all sorts of nuts with no problem. At that point I thought she wasn't allergic to eggs either, but later noticed she had a mild reaction... so the testing made me aware of it. However the allergist told me that with the eggs there can be up to 50% rate of false positive! I think if anything it excludes things... And then with the blood tests DD2 came up negative to everything, however clinically she clearly had a skin reaction and even the pediatrician said he would call it an allergic reaction. I never bothered to take her for the skin tests because we were in the middle of moving overseas etc and it was difficult to get in for a test, and i just didn't see it was necessary at that point, I kind of knew what it was and i didn't see any other reactions to any other foods other than milk.

Anyway so my point was just... maybe it's a good idea to get both tests done if you can? And then if you get a load of positives you may just have to take it with a pinch of salt, rather go by what you observe in your child than what the test says... kwim? They are useful diagnostic tools but can give false positives and false negatives.

I totally agree with this! We have things that DD tested for and were negative to but whenever she eats the thing like carrots she pukes horribly. Also she tested negative for avocados but when she eats them she breaks out and gets really cranky. So really the only way to know is watching how they react and to test. And tests are really a base to look at. I keep crossing my fingers that all these things she tests positive for last Sept. come back ok for her like eggs for instance and that she can eat them. I am 99% sure that milk is an allergy for her because she reacts when I eat anything with it and has had skin reactions when in contact with it. But we have never given her eggs so we really don't know. And she tested positive for soy too but when we did a food challenge with it and wheat she passed those. Good luck! I hope you can find some answers.


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Re: How do I know if DS has milk/egg allergy? *pics added*

The best way to check is to give him nothing with eggs or dairy for at least a week, let everything clear up. Then, try something that has one, but not the other. If he's gotten spots before, are you sure they are not from something else? You said you added fruit -- what kind? I ask because my oldest used to react to strawberries by getting spots, but not on her face. It was her trunk and legs mainly. We avoided strawberries for a couple years and she outgrew it. I don't know if it was an allergy or a sensitivity.
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