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Re: How well do 3 y/o color/draw?

Your DD sounds so much like my niece! Ever since she could pick up a crayon she just loved drawing. Her parents put her in a school with a Fine Arts emphasis (kindy - gr. 9) and she's graduating HS now and art is still her passion; she's hoping to study design or fashion now.

At 5 my boys are just finally maintaining an efficient grasp on pencils and scissors, but I think a lot of it has to do with interest level!


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Re: How well do 3 y/o color/draw?

thanks for the input.
I just wanted to see where she's at. she's in preschool but I honestly never paid attention to the other kids work. I guess cause I never compared my kid to anyone else.
Whether she's advanced or not, she loves to draw. I guess we should encourage that just cause she loves it
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Re: How well do 3 y/o color/draw?

My DS is 3.5 and will NOT color or draw on his own. He has no interest in sitting that long... He will copy his name if I write it for him or copy shapes if I draw them for him first. (on good days!)

Of course, he absolutely LOVES worksheets and will work on those almost any time of the day!

Each child develops differently and being that I taught 4K for 2 years, I really saw that in my students. Some still couldn't draw a person... at the end of the year and others I needed to cut them off time-wise because they would continue to draw details for hours if I let them!
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Re: How well do 3 y/o color/draw?

Your DD is probably above average. Sounds like she has good fine motor skills.

My DD was drawing faces and such probably around 2.5 and by a year later was drawing the whole body. Now at 4 she will draw accessories, clothes, and things other than people. She has no interested in coloring in the lines and actually prefers to draw over coloring in books. I told her just recently, "You know you can color just in the lines." Her response, "I don't want to, I like it better this way." OKAY then.
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Re: How well do 3 y/o color/draw?

I'd guess she is a bit above average. I taught in a 3's class for a few years and many could not draw a person. There were also those who couldn't do more than scribble. But then there were the few that could draw quite well!

My DD can draw pretty well, and likes to color in the lines. She can also write her name (Uppercase first letter, lowercase the rest) and can write most letters. But I think my DD falls more into the above average category. At 3.5, she has mastered scissors and is reading simple books as well.

Here are a few of her pictures:
Piglet and Pooh Bear ~ I love this one

Flower garden.

Slinky Dog ~ She saw Toy Story for the first time and did this one morning while I was up in bed nursing DS. She brought it up for DS. Told him she made him his own Slinky Dog. It was so cute!

Here is a random picture showing how she likes to color. I think she did this one pretty quick as she usually stays in the lines better.
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