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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

My first was a mid-summer baby. It was hard because I wanted to take her outside, but she was too young for sun screen. But I also didn't want to have her in pants, long sleeves, and a sun hat when it was 90 degrees out. It didn't help that she also has very fair skin. It was nice not having to carry around extra things like I would in the winter though (heavy blankets, coats, etc).

I think I'd like an early spring baby. So I could keep them cuddled and warm on cool days, but by the time it was got enough to be wearing less clothes, the baby would be old enough for sun screen.

I wouldn't mind a winter baby either. You could just keep him/her all cuddled up all the time. But I'd never thought about the co-sleeping aspect like you said. That makes me second guess. lol

Suppose I'm glad we don't "really" get to decide when they're born.


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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

I wanted a Winter/Spring baby (didn't get that though!). I HATED being big and pg all summer. The heat was horrid, etc. I had an early loss b4 DS and that baby would have been due at the end of April. I think that would have been perfect though. August/September/October is the worst b/c you're BIG through the WHOLE summer.
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

Well.. I had a summer-ish baby, (september 3rd, but in a indian summer where it was 80 till halloween. lol) I didn't breastfeed or cosleep with her long enough to remember if it bothered me because of the weather though. lol the pregnancy was horrible towards the end. I remember sitting infront of my little window air conditioner on the floor and sweating like a pig. lol I was SO SWOLLEN everywhere!! my hands and feet looked like sasuages!

Jake was a December baby. It was fine. He breastfed and Coslept. Cosleeping was done with blankets though, so I guess I broke the rules. lol Breastfeeding with cold little hands on your stomach (he'd stick them in his mouth, then wave them around, etc) wasn't pleasant, but I don't think that had to do anything with the weather so much.

I took him out on day 3.. and we had 500 ft of snow. so i didn't keep him in because it was winter. I like to joke that I had one kid when it was 90 out and the other when it was 90 BELOW. lol we all got the flu when he was about 2 months old, and I laid in bed with the massive chills and felt like near death while he nursed all the time, (mind you the BF was probably warmed up extra because of the fever, lol) and laid in bed with me, and never caught a thing. so I didn't worry about bringing my kids around people. lol

This one will be born in august.. and I'm looking forward to another "FUN" pregancy.. much like the first one, but a little shorter. lol

Welcome to sausage land. lol
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

My first was born late July and that was kind of awful. We live in Central TX and it was too hot to get outside late in pregnancy or after he was born. But, you just don't get outside much in Central TX in July pregnant or not, so I was able to enjoy some AC. I also ran cold that pregnancy, so the heat didn't bother me much, though it did make me swell horribly.

My 2nd was born 2 weeks ago and I loved everything about the timing! I wasn't super huge in winter, so I could still wear regular winter clothes (who wants to have to buy pregnancy sweaters? seems like winter maternity wear could be horribly expensive and down here we just don't have a long winter anyway). I didn't really ever feel uncomfortable this pregnancy and the weather was always agreeable. Since I have a toddler, I'm very appreciative of being able to get outside and play in the water with him while the baby naps on the porch (or in the Moby Wrap).
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

The good thing about an October baby - when he was tiny, tiny and very portable (always sleeping) and dad had paternity leave we had a few Indian summer days and took him out. For the most part, though, he and I hibernated for several months - it worked for me as a first time mom figuring it all out. It was nice for wearing him inside and outside - now he is 8 months old and wanting to wiggle and crawl and it is getting hot so I think we are both a little less into the wearing now. He coslept with us in our bed - under the covers - until he was about 5 months old. I don't think any of us would have been comfortable with no blankets, but I know that is not something that *should* be done. I can see advantages to a warmer weather newborn, too, but I did really like wearing him (pretty much had to with only convertible car seats) which I cannot do comfortably on an 85 degree day.

That said, I wouldn't really plan around any particular month or season - just how the baby fits into your family overall in terms of your other children, your finances, etc. You never know if it will take one month or three or six or more to get pregnant, and then all that planning is out the window.
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

I had my babies in the mid to late September and early October. In Alaska our summers are not hot so it wasn't a big deal being pregnant at that time. I liked having them right before the winter but after the nice weather so I don't feel bad about being indoors more. The baby was older in the summer when we want to get outside a lot. It isn't a big deal to be indoors with a newborn and they don't complain about the cold and you just stick them in a carrier in your jacket when you get outside and it keeps them toasty. I don't have to worry about the sunscreen on a baby that is technically to young for it.

The car seat thing wasn't a big deal and I had convertible car seats or an infant seat without a base. I just got a fleece bunting for the baby and used a baby carrier. The older kids wear fleeces in the car. I do have a heated garage though and that certainly helped.

The biggest downside is the school cutoff is in September. I don't like that my kids miss the cut off and they will be the oldest kids in school. If the cutoff was in late October they would be the youngest. I wouldn't mind being in a state with a December cut off and we could be if we sell our place in time and end up in New York.

Another downside was that they got colds pretty early because of the season. The baby ended up with a fever and had to be hospitalized at 3 weeks.

I didn't really plan the months my kids were born in. It took me a while to get pregnant with my first and the other two came when my fertility returned. I wanted them closer in age and so I started trying once I had my cycles back. they are all born in the same time of year around 2 years apart.

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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

Originally Posted by CountryChicMama View Post
I've had a Feb and a March baby and I loved the timing; particularly the March baby. It's closing on the end of winter, so by the time me and the newbie hibernate for a few weeks, it's becoming nice out. We get to enjoy the great outdoors all Spring, SUmmer and Fall and let them grow and mature a little b/f exposing their little bodies to the germs that winter brings. Also it's a nice time to cd; not a lot of clothing and lots of coverless belly time.
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

winter is not so great because of illness (always worried about baby getting sick) and weather (hard taking baby in and out of freezing car). i had 1 summer baby & loved being able to take him out for walks right away.
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Re: Best Month/Season to give birth?

I can tell you September was not great because it is the cutoff date for which grade the child should be in at school (although if you are homeschooling there is more flexibility). Deciding whether to push my daughter forward or keep her with her age was a ridiculously difficult parenting decision....
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