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Re: WWYD - nurse issue

This is the hardest part of being a NICU parent, having to give up control and have someone else take care of your baby. It sucks not to have the control to be there ALL of the time (which is impossible for so many reasons) to take care of you little one and do things the way to you think they should be done.
The reality is that most NICU nurses are wonderful people who are truely trying to help our little ones. Just try to be understanding and just talk to them and ask questions. I hope your LO gets home soon


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Re: WWYD - nurse issue

Originally Posted by Mirasmom View Post
Wow. Just wow. As a pediatric ICU and neonatal ICU We work REALLY hard and we work for 12 1/2 hours at a time. Wow. Your baby is safe, alive, and sounds like doing REALLY well. Wow. It's really hard to take care of kids whose parents think they can be a better nurse than you can.

Flame away, but that's how it is. ONE FEED??? And if you really want to know how things are at night- then be there. I know you have other kids, but if you arent' there, there has to be SOME element of trust. It's also your perrogative to ask for a different nurse. I'm sure if you are THAT upset at her over one feed, she won't mind. I'm sorry things aren't perfect, but you have a wonderful blessing that'll be home soon.
As an NICU nurse, too, I can totally understand this response. The bedside nurse is the only one who can make the decision to nipple a baby or put the feed down the tube. Sometimes, kids get tired, get cold, get out of breath, etc and need a feed to rest. Any good NICU nurse will feel horrible about having to set a kid back, but sometimes the baby's condition changes and it is necessary. Rarely, do lay persons understand this.

, I can totally understand the OPs feeling! One feed does matter, especially if your LO is close to going home and that ONE FEED sets you back 24 or 48 hours. I got soooooooo frustrated during the last few days of one of my twin's stay, that I stayed at the hossy for 36 hours straight to do all of his feeds. I knew he could eat and was sick of nurses unfamiliar with his tricks gavaging him because they couldn't get him to finish. Sometimes drastic measures are necessary.

Try try try for patience. When you can't try any more, you have every right to do something about it. Speak with the docs, speak with nurse management, and please speak with the hossy's social work/parent support/march of dimes rep who can help you navigate the NICU experience. They can be lifesavers for parents. Lots of hugs mamma and prayers for you and your LO. NICU life sucks but it is only temporary!
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Re: WWYD - nurse issue

When I finally got a chance to talk to the nurse - she said " well she was sleeping and even though her previous feed was great I thought it best to let her sleep." That one feed DID indeed push us back a full 24 hours , the issue I had was she couldnt even write it down on the chart WHY she had the ng for that one but its all worked out now
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Re: WWYD - nurse issue

I understand how you feel, mama, and glad it all got worked out. My daughter was in the NICU for a month and had several different nurses taking care of her. We loved most of the nurses, but towards the end there was one who was just so, inexplainably rude to us. Also, when we were there at the end hoping that the baby woudl be released soon, this nurse did some things like....when my mom took too long to feed her, grabbed the bottle away when it had been an hour and said that it was "too late", the formula had gone bad, etc. and threw it away. Bottle was half full and she woudln't let Annie have another one. I took my concerns to the charge nurse.....told her basically that Annie was denied half of a bottle and if she woke up early from her next nap or was extra fussy because her little tummy was empty, I didn't want that counted against her. We also requested that that one nurse not take care of Annie anymore. It's always the parent's right to request that, but honestly it's an extreme measure (the nurse will get written up, for one thing) and I would only do it in an extreme case.
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Re: WWYD - nurse issue

Once Violet started nippling her feeds, I made sure I was there for all of them. I slept in the hospital and would wake up for her feeds. She came home 3 days after starting to nipple and she was 4#'s. It's quite possible that they trusted me because I'm a nurse, or because I was there every feed. I made sure she was awake and at her best. If she was awake for 3 hours in the middle of the night and finally went to sleep at feeding time, it may have been for the best that she let her sleep. Babies grow when they sleep and that is just as important as learning to feed.

I hope she comes home soon
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Re: WWYD - nurse issue

I remember having a nurse like this- we eventually asked that she not care for our twins. I think they may have come home a week earlier had she not been on their case in their last few weeks in the NICU. With that said, just remember that things are often one step forward, 2 steps back- so even if she had been doing great with feeds, it's not competely unlikely that she was overtired, overstimulated, and really needed the tube feeds. Hugs!

Oh, GEEZ! Just realized the OP was from 2010! Anyways...

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