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Re: How do you cope with your kids when you don't feel good? (Partial vent/pity party

Thanks. I'm puking my guts out, so now there's no choice. I'm laying in bed, no discussion.


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Re: How do you cope with your kids when you don't feel good? (Partial vent/pity party

Oh crud! you got that bug that was going around. Feel better soon!
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Re: How do you cope with your kids when you don't feel good? (Partial vent/pity party

I must say that I can relate. If DH is sick, he cancels his appointments, takes the day off and lies in bed all day resting. In March, DD put her thumb in my eye and she scratched my cornea very badly (almost down to the middle layer and I almost lost my vision). I am STILL healing and I don't know if my eye will ever be normal again. I had to go to the E.R. and I was in MASSIVE pain. I was given hydrocodone and it did nothing for the pain. I slept not at all and DH told me he couldn't cancel his appointments and stay with the kids. I was loopy, on pain medicine and I couldn't see out of my eye at all and he still went to work and left me with the kids. I had to call my bff and have her come over to help keep me awake and she brought her son and helped me with the kids.
When DH got home, I just burst out in tears and told him that even if he has a cold, he will take the day off, no questions asked. However, I couldn't even SEE my children (one only being two and she is wild) and he couldn't take the day off. I needed to be in bed that day b/c the pain was so intense but an appointment was too important for him to cancel, even though he would do it if it were him. Needless to say, the next day I got flowers and he let me lay in bed all weekend, but I am still angry. I don't think he realized how serious and how much pain it was until 3 weeks later and I still couldn't see. My vision is back now, but my eye still feels like it has glass in it.

I hope you feel better soon!
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Re: How do you cope with your kids when you don't feel good? (Partial vent/pity party

hope you feel better mama! Like PP said, childproof a space for LO and let him go to town. ANd tell your DH you need the break and dont feel good. You cant be on overdrive 24/7.
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Re: How do you cope with your kids when you don't feel good? (Partial vent/pity party

Oh man, can I relate. When I gave birth I was discharged the next day. I was healing from a second degree tear and my body was just alien to me. ENgorgement came in the next day and we were in the middle of blizzard season. My DH went back to work on my 5th day after birth. I was a first time mom still in a lot of discomfort and had no family or friends nearby to help out. I find out later he could've taken 2 weeks off for paternity leave but decided he didn't want to leave his co-workers without his help. (he thinks the hospital will collapse without him, it won't)

He had knee surgery over a week ago and he still not even able to get himself a glass of water. He complains constantly about pain (he has some serious meeds on board and I had none) and can't even hold DD for a few minutes while I prep our food. I am biting my tongue but fight the urge to tell him to suck it up because I did when I pushed our daughter into the world with no meeds thankyouverymuch.
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Re: How do you cope with your kids when you don't feel good? (Partial vent/pity party

Whenever I'm feeling sick of course DH has to take over. But if he's busy or at work, I usually ask one of my sisters come over. Or a baby sitter. There always has to be a back-up adult to take care of the kids. I can't afford to drain myself when I'm already sick or otherwise, the recovery will take longer.

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Re: How do you cope with your kids when you don't feel good? (Partial vent/pity party

Oh, so sorry you are feeling so awful! For me, I don't have babies anymore so it's pretty simple to get some rest when I need it. If it's just a headache/cold kind of thing and I feel miserable, but am not having anything come out one or both ends, then I lay on the couch while my 1 kid that's at home (others in school) plays or watches TV. He's very sensitive and empathetic so throughout the day he will also lay down with me. If I'm sick like you are, then my husband takes off of work and takes care of everything.
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Re: How do you cope with your kids when you don't feel good? (Partial vent/pity party

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
Stop entertaining the baby so much. Like some others said, child proof an area, put out his things and then let him go at it. Now is a good time to start insisting on small bouts of independent time. For my kids and daycare kids, starting as soon as they can sit up, I work up towards them being able to entertain themselves for up to 30 minutes (disclaimer: they are always supervised, needs met, etc. this is just for them to know how to do it not that they have to do it all the time). Besides that, just do what has to be done and leave the rest. No sense killing yourself over a few loads of laundry. Let your DH fend for himself, he's a big boy. hope you feel better!
This is an excellent idea! I seriously regret doing this with DSS when he was younger. He rarely plays on his own and is 5 now. I'm starting to make him go play in his room for 10-15 minutes at a time every day after his post-school snack, but he usually ends up cleaning it instead of playing, or he'll just sit on his bed asking if he can sweep or vacuum until I give up... . That kid is so strange sometimes.
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